Stealth Pilot’s “Bloxopoly!” Place Review

May 14, 2008 at 11:31 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 3 Comments

By: chess123mate

Note: Version includes “*8 player cap added*” in the title.
(Below) Screenshot of Place
Bloxopoly! *8 player cap added*

This place is a traditional Monopoly board with a Robloxian theme! Stealth Pilot has done a very good job in the transition. However, there are problems.

The good thing about this place is that it uses real places that various people have made, and incorporates real Robloxian events into the chance cards, even if some of them don’t make perfect sense if they were to actually happen 😉 Stealth Pilot has even made a reasonable clone of your figure to be the piece that moves around in the board game! With houses and trading features, this place is very nice.

Unfortunately, there are problems; mostly bugs and features-not-added. Bugs include the pieces flying to the wrong square for a turn; a trading glitch; not exiting jail on the jail square; a glitch in accepting properties (rarely comes up, but does occur) and not going to jail if you land on the corner opposite the jail (Go To Jail square). Features-not-added include not allowing another turn when there are double; you don’t get a chance to mortgage if you don’t have enough money to pay for something; and you can’t set any “defaults” such as if you wanted to ‘always buy if I have the money’, which would be useful if you weren’t going to be there all the time. Other problems are basically speed: it literally takes hours for a proper game to be played, and it isn’t practical to win if you have just joined a game that’s been going on for an hour or two already unless lots of people quit. It takes about 1 second to travel 1 square; this should be .1 or no bigger than .2. You can’t say “/roll” even if it says [in my case] “chess123mate’s Turn!” and such messages prolong the game immensely.


Scripting: 9/10. The scripting is great, but there are the bugs and the problems I mentioned above.
Tools: 8/10. More could have been added, say for defaults. However, the camera tool was very useful, although there could’ve been more added to that as well (ex. saying what you are clicking on; who owns it, costs, etc.)
Building: n/a. The building that IS done is great, but that isn’t the focus of the place. Adding more structures doesn’t really do much, because the focus of the place is the game.
General Enjoyment: 4/10. It’d be better if it was easier to use and much faster.
Originality: n/a. It’s a take on an already existing game.
Creativity: 3/4. Some creativity, but it wasn’t really a major factor in the game.
Ease of Use: 6/10. Trading was a bit difficult, although there were several good things about it; it could’ve incorporated trading money, though…
Easy to Learn: 4/5. Instructions provided for the game (or a link to them), but the tools take a little bit of getting used to.
Deals with Problems: 5/10. The scripting takes care of most of the problems, but the scripting was also the problems as well.
Deals with Lag: n/a. Not enough in there to create lag, to my knowledge.

Overall: 6.6/10. Mostly there just needs to be a few fixes on speed, and then the place would improve greatly in many aspects.



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  1. This is a very fun game and could be very popular!

  2. Stealth did great!

    (P.S. Can you visit MY place and post a review about it HERE? Thanks. It’s called MarioPal32’s Arena.)

    The Dragbloxers Leader

  3. I think in the creativity is all them decals, well done Steath! 😀

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