Roblox Direct is a fansite that was created by SonicBoy, the purpose of this site was to give info on ROBLOX, with news, tips, guides, mysterys, interviews, place reviews, and much more. We thank all our team for all the effort they did to make Roblox Direct get better. (See the Staff Page for the members of the team.)

Major Events:

  • January 19th 2008: Roblox Direct opened it’s doors. We would get some casual visits, like 20 a month. Our first real article was the Builderman’s Design His Place Contest announcement.
  • March 24th 2008: The day that Roblox Direct came out of the shadows, the site was announced on the Roblox Develloper’s Journal. We were even added to their BlogRoll. On that day, we recorded more than 1000 visits in 1 day.
  • September 3rd 2009: Sonicboy decided that it would be useless to continue, and searched for a new leader of Roblox Direct. Yet he would only give Roblox Direct to a friend or someone with experience running a blog.
  • September 6th 2009: Roblox Direct new owner was found, NoobName would run the blog from now on.


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  1. I wish my site ROBLOX site was features D=

  2. Hey helperihelpany1 you should really stop using IMPROPER GRAMMER!

  3. Omg, something just popped in my head that went kaplooie

  4. If you’re gonna use improper grammar, DON’T POST.

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