Roblox Direct Forums: Coming Soon!

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Today, I started the creation of a Forum for the website. You will be able to ask for interviews, ask for place reviews, show off some stuff, chat with friends, help others, tell a suggestion, etc…

I will post a new blog post when it’s completly finished.


New Hats!

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Great! More hats! If you remember, there was a load of new hats. Thoses hats are on ROBLOX’s Account, but made by clockwork. It’s clockwork that’s deciding the price of theses hats, so don’t complain! 😉 Here is the list of the new hats:

-Cake Hat
Description: Is that a reward for your birthday??? O_o Not yet on sale…

-Light Bulb
Description: I HAZ AN IDEA!!!

That is really all. Thank you clockwork for all theses hats! =D

(>’.’)> —Sonic Boy— <(‘.'<)

Vote the future of Builderman’s places!!!

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Why, hello there!
The Voting Site was made!
Look at ROBLOX Events to vote for the best place ideas!!!

P.S: If you want to vote for me, go here: My Entry to the contest
RATE 6!!! =D

(>’.’)> —Sonic Boy— <(‘.'<)

BuilderMan’s Place Design Closed

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At this moment, the Idea part is closed…
They will soon be a Site to vote. That’s up to you guys to vote so that we get the best places! Happy voting! (When the site opens… T_T)
If you would be soooo kind to vote for me, I’ll be smiling all day! =D

New Roblox Hats Alert!

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Today, a huge amount of Robloxian hats have arrived into the Roblox Catalog! We found lots of hats, so here they are:

-Robux Hat
This hat must be for ROBUX. Will it be like the “1 ROBUK SHIRT”???

Possibly the prize for Builderman’s Place Design Contest, this bandana looks cool on Robloxian heads. Currently sold for 600Tix.

Not another TEAPAWT! Anyway, it’s not pink. Not on sale yet.

-Kitty Ears
Reminds you of thoses anime cats, this hat could be another Girl hat. Not on sale yet.

-Valkyrie Helm
Probably the winner’s hat of Builderman’s Place Idea Contest, and also the current hat that clockwork is wearing, it looks AWESOME! If you’re gonna lose and want this, be prepared to pay BIG money………………………. 30,000 Tix!  —Interesting Fact— Before, the catalog image was smaller, and the hat was hiding your eyes.

-Bucket Hat
Bucket? Nope. Will it have the price of 7,331 Tix?

Seams like an spelling mistake… You’re dream of being an alien is realized!!! Not on sale for the moment…

-Chef Hat
Sirloin’s Cooking Shirt is gonna go great with this new hat! Not on sale for the moment…

Well, it’s a big new hat update, so just wait till the items go on sale. I just want the Valkyrie Helm! >=D
(>’.’)> —Sonic Boy— <(‘.'<)

Builderman’s Place Design Contest

January 20, 2008 at 1:11 pm | Posted in Contests | 1 Comment
That’s another ROBLOX contest!!!
Yes, another contest! This time, it’s based on Builderman!
Basically, since BuilderMan is doing lots of work on the game, we have to make place ideas for more places on his account.
The prizes are very special, since:
– You get a special prize if your idea is in the top 10. (Builders Club????????)
– If your idea is in the top 10, you can get your place realized by the “PRO” builders, then it will appear on builderman’s account! Now that’s a prize!
– If you participate, you get a small prize.
More info on the official blog.

— Welcome —

January 19, 2008 at 6:09 pm | Posted in Roblox Direct News | 1 Comment
Welcome to Roblox Direct!! This is your Roblox Nexs directly from your reporter, SonicBoy! Currently, the blog is new. This blog only concerns a game called ROBLOX.
Pirate Ship Model above water.
Basically, ROBLOX is a free game for kids (also adults), where you build places, make new friends, blox peoples, etc… ( ROBLOX Official Website ) The ROBLOX admins are doing very hard work, since it’s in Alpha Devellopement. By the way, the admins have made a Blog to give you all the official news. Check it out here.
Now, this is an fan-Made blog. I am NOT a Roblox Admin, or a moderator. I am a simple user. I play ROBLOX alot, because to me it’s one of the best FREE ONLINE PC Game. And it’s only in alpha, so it’s gonna be a HIT when it’s in Beta.
Roblox Direct will provide you with:
– Interviews from Robloxians.
– Solving mysterys on Roblox.
– Do place reviews.
– Tell you about all the latests ROBLOX Contests.
– Tell you all the Roblox news.
Hope you enjoy this new Blog.
(>’.’)>—Sonic Boy —<(‘.'<)

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