TylerMcBride’s “■ Roblox Adventure II ■ Four worlds, 21 missions!” Place Review

January 7, 2009 at 8:55 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 2 Comments

By: chess123mate

Link to Place
■ Roblox Adventure II ■ Four worlds, 21 missions!

I don’t believe I’d ever find a place like this. A place with ingenuity, original design, tons of creativity, and amazing features. Wow…

You begin the place, and everything is self explanatory. Figures are included that tell you what to do, who they are, and what you’re supposed to do in a very amazing fashion. Your adventure begins! Find tokens and coins (which give you tokens), or even objects that a character “Mr. Loseit” has lost (to get more tokens). Finding tokens unlocks more worlds.

There is a delicate balance between mild thinking and ‘obstacle course’ design, but

Only drawbacks I see is that


Scripting: 10/10. The evidence of outstanding scripting is obvious. Congratulations! Although I’m sure some could be improved, ex. some are bugged, it is still amazing.
Tools: 3/3. There is a “Reset” and a “Give Up” tool. The reset is normal, and the Give Up tool does the same thing. However, dying on a world does not send you back to the main town (you respawn on the same level!); the Give Up tool does.
Building: 10/10. There is detail everywhere. The town looks like a good town, and yet nothing uses too many bricks.
General Enjoyment: 10/10. Who can’t enjoy this place?
Originality: 10/10. Unless you count his former place which this is based on, I know of no other places like this. Yes there are adventures, but none like this. I am not penalizing the fact that many ideas are indirectly linked to other video games, since they are so general.
Creativity: 10/10. Ingenius creativity is seen everywhere.
Ease of Use: 2/2. Not much to use, but it’s all very simple.
Easy to Learn: 5/5. A “tutorial”, which should take about a minute or less to go through, is in one of the first buildings in the central ‘town’. /2. A very simple dial use.
Deals with Problems: 4/5. There are a few glitches, but they are being dealth with according to the description. You can’t even jump off the main platform to get to the other worlds…
Deals with Lag: 5/5. There are very few snaps compared to the number of bricks, and considering the number of existing bricks, I am led to believe that a de-snap script is used. For the magnitude of the scripting that was involved, there is practically no lag to be seen!

Overall: 9.9/10. Consider it a 10/10 place since there is only one bug that I could find! (Occasional Mr. Loseit not responding bug). Give the place a visit!!!


Ganondude’s “Θ Stargate Galaxy Θ” Place Review

December 19, 2008 at 5:12 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 1 Comment

By: chess123mate

Link to Place

Wow, I think I’ve found a place worthy of a high mark this time…
I came across this place on the Roblox Home Page. I went in, and was surprised at what I found.

Although this place has no actual objective, it has been set up as an exploration area. Although this may seem boring (and it would be if you tried to stay there for several hours), it has enough features that it is amazing as you try and explore everything. This place features a “Stargate”, allowing you to visit any planet you choose. Some planets have a few surprises, while all have a hidden story to tell. The creativity is outstanding!

The only problems I found is that there is a bit of lag (no snaps remover) and some bricks are not anchored, breaking up some of the planets over time (I hope this wasn’t done on purpose, it wouldn’t be a good effect).

Ways to Improve:
1. Fix up lag and unanchored bricks
2. Add an objective (even if it’s just collecting something on different planets, or rescuing something, or solving a small puzzle) — there could be one that everyone is supposed to race to get done first, or individually assigned.


Scripting: 9/10. I think there could be more scripting done on the planets themselves. Otherwise, it’s amazing.
Tools: 5/5. Instead of a “Reset” tool, there is a very unique “Return” tool. I’ve always tired of reset tools, and here’s something that’s better! There are no other tools.
Building: 10/10. There is detail on every planet.
General Enjoyment: 8/10. More events required on planets; a storyline, random objectives, or something to keep you interested.
Originality: 5/10. I’ve heard of this idea before.
Creativity: 10/10. There is a story to be told on each planet.
Ease of Use: 5/5. I didn’t think you could use click-detectors so effectively… it’s quite well done!
Easy to Learn: 2/2. A very simple dial use.
Deals with Problems: 2/5. One major problem is that if you hang around a dial, you can mess up what someone else is trying to type in. However, I don’t know how this could be fixed, since it’s click detectors that are being used.
Deals with Lag: 2/5. No de-snap script, and 4500 bricks. There isn’t a ton of detail in any one object, but they do add up.

Bonus: Added secrets in some planets, + 0.5.

Overall: 8.6/10. Highest mark yet. For an adventure place, this is amazing. Still, it would be better if it had an objective, since it does get boring once you’ve explored everything…

Put simply, this place is of very good quality, but needs more features. Good job Ganondude!

kinglime’s “WPBC [Ice Rafting] {500,000 ft. Drop Now Easier!}” Place Review

December 14, 2008 at 5:23 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 1 Comment

By: chess123mate

An interesting rafting place, there are a few bonuses to explore in this place. Unfortunately, little scenery and little activity to keep interest high in this place for very long.

Ways to improve, other than fixing the bugs:
-Allow choosing different paths for the rafts
-Add more bonuses to be explored and found
-Add a plane (why is there a plane tool giver if you don’t have a plane?)


Scripting: 5/10. The scripting in this place is unsatisfactory, although there is enough of it. Although it is used to reduce lags by deleting rafts every so often, it will also delete rafts that are in use. Ex. I entered the place, went on River 1, and got my raft deleted half way through. Then I died (through a river glitch) and went to River 2, where half way through the raft was deleted! This should be fixed. There are other flaws as well (see tools).
Tools: 4/10. Many tools, but only as a bonus on a specific platform. Unfortunately, you can receive some tools multiple times (they are tool givers), and on top of this, there are 2 health givers — one is infinite health (or health removed), the other is a forcefield. At least there is a reset tool for when you go flying into the base…
Building: 6/10. Acceptable building quality. It looks okay, although there isn’t much there.
General Enjoyment: 3/10. The flaws make this place difficult to enjoy. The rafting idea itself is fine, and could potentially be fun.
Originality: 5/10. It has some originality in it.
Creativity: 6/10. There is some creativity in this place.
Ease of Use: 0/5. Not easy to use. The rafts often stop working.
Easy to Learn: n/a.
Deals with Problems: 0/10. List of problems: Raft deleting, tool givers, “noobs” with tools can shoot everyone coming up the river to prevent them from getting tools, rafts get stuck.
Deals with Lag: 1/2. Once again, few bricks, no anti-lag script. None needed, either.

Bonus: +1 for theme and effort.

Overall: 4.9/10. This place needs a lot of work to make it more interesting. There isn’t much to remark on it. Unlike the Power Plant Tycoon and despite the low mark, I would suggest giving this place a visit. As for kinglime, I suggest fixing it up, rethinking some of it, and adding a few features.

You have a place you think is really good? PM me and I’ll see if I can review it. I’m still hoping to come across a place worthy of a 10 (or at least a high 9)…

kinglime’s “Power Plant Tycoon! *New: Lounge*” Place Review

December 14, 2008 at 4:34 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | Leave a comment

By: chess123mate

Kinglime has requested that I review a couple of his places, telling me to feel free to criticize them or praise them. Unfortunately, I will be criticizing this first one, for it is pretty simple and boring.

Power Plant Tycoon sounds very interesting, but it is of the most basic tycoons. This includes the standard “everyone gets access to a property with all the same things”, in other words, anything you do can never influence what anyone else does (except for lag or donating).

There are no upgrades.

The costs are large, meaning you have to stay in the place for a very long time before you can buy everything.

To improve upon this place, I would suggest adding any of these things:
-Add quality to the “power blocks”, which costs some money (but not thousands) to upgrade, possibly in different ways (ie. can choose quantity or quality)
-Add the ability to sell to a city. The more power that they have, the less power they want, slightly devaluing power. Anything like this would enhance it…
-Add the necessity to buy property, but also add the ability to build any type of power plant anywhere. This would be a true tycoon.
-Add workers. It shouldn’t be 100% automated… they could come from the city, for example.


Scripting: 9/10. The scripting that exists is well done, just it doesn’t do much. Well, the doors are good (you must buy them), but otherwise…
Tools: 1/2. Only a donate tool is used. Handy, but I can’t comment on it since I don’t know if it works, but regardless of its functionality the tools are unimportant. It would have been nice to use more tools to enhance the functionality of your plants, etc (see ideas above).
Building: 8/10. Very nice building on the power plant structures.
General Enjoyment: 1/10. This is a boring place. Cool to see how the “power bricks” come down, but once you’ve looked at them for about 5 seconds each, it’s boring.
Originality: 1/10. Originality? Not in the idea itself.
Creativity: 6/10. Creativity is minimal in this place. However, the fact that there are dif. power plants that you can build gives this a 6. Ah yes, there is a house, too.
Ease of Use: 4/5. Pretty simple to use. Not much to use, either.
Easy to Learn: n/a. This isn’t a place where you’re going to learn anything.
Deals with Problems: 8/10. Lag does not appear to be dealt with, however the power bricks which give you money have been designed so that no matter what you do to them, they will always hit the strip that deletes them (and gives you money). You cannot steal anyone else’s “tycoon” area, or own multiple ones.
Deals with Lag: 3/5. Few bricks exist at the beginning, however, once you get more players in there the bricks will add up. I see no reason for there to be more than about 50 joints.

Penalty: -1 for lack of game features.

Overall: 4.7/10. This isn’t a bad place, it just needs more features added. It’s boring because it doesn’t have much thought put into it; yes, the building took though, however the idea itself has little effort put into it.

Ningamer’s “Pokemon – The Gameboy & Gameboy Colour era – obby” Place Review

December 9, 2008 at 9:27 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | Leave a comment

By: chess123mate

First, I congratulate dragonflame900’s (first?) reviews. I’d also like to point out the major difference between our reviews that should be considered when comparing place marks — mine are very harsh, and dragonflame900’s are much more generous. I believe mine are reasonable when compared to “excellent” places. Still, I don’t dispute that I’m usually very harsh. I bet if we both reviewed the same place, we’d come up with a mark about 5/10 different 🙂

Anyway, back to the review at hand, this is an obstacle course, with a theme. The only problem here is that I dislike both obstacle courses and the theme, pokemon. The reason for disliking obstacle courses is simple: I’m horrible at them, and can rarely get past the first few checkpoints (if that). Anyway, I will not mark biased, so here are my remarks:

1. It still uses the standard “death on touch” instead of a more intelligent “teleport on touch”, therefore the scripts are standard (and below my expectation of “excellence”)

2. Everything else is reasonable; good. Apparently a good theme, checkpoints are not labelled “Checkpoint 1”, etc, but are themed, and many decals also display this theme.


Scripting: 2/5. No real scripting used, except for the copied scripts, which are bad.
Tools: n/a. No tools needed or used.
Building: 8/10. I hope Free Models weren’t used, but if they were, I wouldn’t be surprised… however, they are very good. More detail could’ve helped, but the effort is there.
General Enjoyment: n/a. Sorry, I’m not commenting on this one 😉
Originality: 1/10. Originality? Not really…
Creativity: 7/10. Other than being an obstacle course, there are many unique elements in this place.
Ease of Use: n/a. It’s an obstacle course…
Easy to Learn: n/a
Deals with Problems: n/a. I am unaware of problems that would be of influence here.
Deals with Lag: 2/5. No lag detected (less than 1500 bricks), but no anti-lag script in place.

Bonus: +0.5 for excellently themed

Overall: 7.6/10. There’s nothing really wrong with this place, just isn’t very unique. Further improvements could be made in more variety, I suppose, however more would contribute to lag.

Dragonflame900’s Zomblox review

December 6, 2008 at 8:34 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 2 Comments

Link to Place

I would give this a rating of 8/10. There IS wuite a bit of lag, but there aren’t any glitches and the gameplay is fun. The object is to get through the zombie-infested mall to admin. There are lots of zombies so be sure to shoot with a friend! I would definitely recomend this place. Come and check it out!

gold2’s Rock place review.

December 5, 2008 at 4:14 am | Posted in Place Reviews | Leave a comment

Link to place

I would give this place a rating of 9/10. There aren’t many glitches, and there isn’t really that much lag, except when there are lots of people there. There are seats, a stage, a dance floor, and guitar giver so you can rock your way to the top at this rocking place. It does need to be added to, but currently it’s fun enough if there are pleanty of people there. So come visit the Rock place with some friends!

blaytn’s “Gold Tycoon **ANTI-LAG** *BUGS*” Place Review

December 4, 2008 at 8:28 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | Leave a comment

By: chess123mate

Link to Place

This place was done on request by blaytn. If you have a place you want reviewed, feel free to PM me. I do not guarentee a raving review, nor do I promise one that makes your place sound horrible. I try and make it sound the way your place deserves (which is not necessarily the same as what you, the creator deserves) — you might have tried hard, I’m not going to say you didn’t, but if the place doesn’t show what I’m looking for, the mark will be down regardless of how many hours you spent on it.

This place is another tycoon. I’m not saying tycoons are bad, but they can get pretty dull when they all look almost EXACTLY the same… therefore I challenge anyone to make a tycoon game where you do not use conveyor belts that you upgrade, where you compete for land, customers, and profits, and you have high control over the game — creativity helps the player. Also, it would be a bonus if the tycoon enabled newcomers a chance at winning, or have 5 or 10 minute rounds.

This place is a gold tycoon. The gold is “made” and put on a conveyor belt, which is then transported across the belt, and it disappears on the other end. You can upgrade the quality of the gold, make more “producers”, and a few other things. It’s not a bad attempt.

In the server I was in, I did not detect any lag what-so-ever. I did not find any major bugs. However, it takes a long time to upgrade after you spend your few thousand, and so there is little you can do but write reviews in the mean time 😉


Scripting: 6/10. Acceptable level of scripting. I would mark higher except: more could’ve been done to make more effects or features.
Tools: n/a. No tools needed or used.
Building: 0/1. It’s not about the building, but there are also no special structures to admire.
General Enjoyment: 2/10. It’s really rather boring, because of the wait time. Otherwise it’s fine.
Originality: 0/10.
Creativity: 0/10.
Ease of Use: 9/10. It’s easy enough to use the buttons on the floor. The space is a bit cramped, but on the other hand, it reduces the time it takes to walk from one button to another.
Easy to Learn: n/a
Deals with Problems: 4/5. Appears to have had bugs (see title) and fixed them… however, there was the bug that if someone left, their door would remain as “person’s Factory” instead of the original state, “Touch to own factory”.
Deals with Lag: 10/10. No lag detected, yet a number of moving parts.
Penalty: -1 No goal or objective, and so is pointless.

Overall: 5.2/10. Not a bad score at all. In other words, this place is really good, but it has few features in which to go wrong in. To improve, I’d suggest more features, perhaps a mini-game that everyone can fiddle around with while they wait for money to “pour” in.

New Advertising may result in bad places still getting popular…

November 20, 2008 at 9:55 pm | Posted in News, Place Reviews | Leave a comment

I know this is off topic to writing place reviews, and I’m sure one of our news reporters will elaborate.

I just wonder, will this let the “rich get richer”? It wouldn’t be easy to get your place popular if you are new, and this advertising system won’t help. People with thousands of tickets will be able to afford heavy advertising, while people who just joined will never be able to compete unless they are amazing.

Anyway, if anyone sees a good place (I mean, really good), feel free to PM me and I’ll give it a review. It’s been awhile, I know; I’ve been busy lately (like everyone else). Hopefully we’ll find a place worthy of a 9 or the never-yet-awarded 10…


The Ideal Robloxian Place (by chess123mate)

October 25, 2008 at 7:23 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 10 Comments

I just want to point out what an ideal place might be. If someone met all of these ideas, I would congratulate them. Roblox should be filled with places with these qualifications (in my opinion).

1. The place shouldn’t have anything you didn’t make. Stay away from Free Models in most cases! Obviously if you can’t script and you want to make a certain place with teleporters, you might need a teleport script. But the majority of your place should be your own.

2. The place must be either original or creative. Maybe you are doing a ‘better version’ of a different place. In that case, be creative. If you aren’t doing a ‘better version’ of a place, or if there are already a few ‘verisons’ out there, maybe it’s time to be original! Come up with your own ideas! Don’t just add a few helicopters, planes, jeeps, and weapons of mass destruction and call it good, do something original!

The only exception to #2 is if it’s a concept from real life that nobody else has done before.

3. Work hard at your place. If it took you 10 seconds to put your place together, it’s a bad place. Good places usually take hours of work. Laziness makes a place boring!

4. Theme it. Places without a theme conflict with numbers 2 and 3. Good places should have a theme. Maybe it’s a seasonal theme, maybe it’s a dif. one. Colour, ideas, etc. But make sure it’s original!

5. Make it fair! Unfair places, usually ones with advantages to admins, etc, make the entire place unenjoyable for everybody else. Also, weapons that blox people when you click on them (such as super-fast rockets, etc.) might feel powerful, but they too ruin a place.

6. Make it interesting! This means make several features, goals, objectives, anything like that.

7. Add scripts and original ones. Not admin doors, I mean make things move, fly, etc.! Learn how to script and edit rocket scripts. Make new inventions, etc.! Also, standard ones are important too.

8. Build properly and with attention to detail. This includes making studs on the appropriate bricks, and/or making them smooth. Welds or no welds, glue or no glue, etc. Make it interesting and pay attention to detail, but don’t forget to be careful of your brick count!

9. Beware of lag! The toughest part is getting as much detail as you can while still making the place enjoyable. Too much detail, too many scripts, or too many moving things will lag the place. Although decreasing the # of players helps, this may make the place less fun, so beware!

10. Upgrade! Never stop fixing your place until it is finished and there is nothing more you can do with it. Also, never give up!

If everyone on Roblox followed these 10 guidelines when making places, imagine what Roblox could be… I guarentee that it’d be better than the Roblox we have now. Most places ignore most of these ideal guidelines and result in poor places, often nicknamed “noobish places” (etc.), or simply “bad” places. 

Sometimes to achieve the ultimate place, you may need to work with friends or others. The best places would take a few people (or several) working together.

Do not be satisfied with small places that do nothing or are meaningless; strive for awesome places with new ideas and new inventions. I think that if we all did a little more work on this, we could really go places… 😉

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