Test Site Preview: Twitterblox!

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TestServer1Alright, this update seems to be all about refurbishing the “My ROBLOX” page. Allow me to explain.

Home Page

(See image on the top) This will show you your avatar, your money, a little bar where you can say what you are doing right now, receive news of your best friends (look further for details), and if your best friends are online or not. The ? is a bug in the test server, it shouldn’t happend on the real game, well, I hope. The bottom image displays it when there is best friends selected.

TestServer5Account is the standard “edit profile” from the original site. No changes.


Displays the original “My ROBLOX” page. It will this time, however, show your current activity AND what groups you are in. > Also note that the player’s name is outside the blue box. <


Oh boy. In this part, they added “Best Friends”. Basically, you can nominate up to ten best friends (Ten? I SMELL MONEY IN THIS.), and also, once you’ve done that, you receive on your Home Page all their updates, if they are online or not.

TestServer3Characters, Money, Abassador and Advertizing remain the same. However, Non-BC go to your ranting tanks…


That’s right, groups. Not much can be explained, since it’s BC Only. Oh wait, I AM in BC. However, Test Server dosn’t allow to create for now. I guess it will have a similar thing with Best Friends.

This seems good. However, why don’t they focus on some gameplay, like the physics that badly need it, for example? 😉



1 ROBUX for 6 Tickets, WE ARE SAVED.

July 23, 2009 at 12:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

…Well, this was unexpected.
Non-BC, rejoice: go change thoses tixs you’ve been saving.
TBC/BC, don’t rejoice: your robux is worth less.

Roblox brings back user-made books.

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With this new book being based on the famous Mr. Tentacles hat.
If they continue, then it would brake the chain. It seems like it will be on thurdays/wednesdays, the release of a new Book.

Also, finnegan’s wake seems discontinued. Well, it did get an update. What? I don’t know…
However, if you want to see better news, go a bit up the page…

Bad Strategy from Roblox News.

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During thoses eight months, the daily viewers got eventually tired and though the site was dead 6 months ago.
Now, not only you CANNOT post off-site links on the Roblox Site, but you also return when the daily visitors gave up long ago.
The rest had no logic behind. For me, I was lazy, but I had machinimas. About that very long break you had, I haven’t see much explanation.

In conclusion, the joining back to the blog at such time was really badly planned. ’nuff said.
P.S: I, however, praise the new site theme.

The Teddy is a Reference to the Tails Doll.

July 10, 2009 at 6:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

This doll is the most scariest thing if you search it on Youtube. (Or any sort of Sonic Fanfic)

This "doll" is the most scariest thing if you search it on Youtube. (Or any sort of Sonic Fanfic)

Don’t ask me why. The Teddy in roblox oddly enought classifies itself in the SCIENCE-FICTION category AND the HORROR Category. This teddy bear, is absolutly an abomination. For paying the exact amount of one hundred robux (it’s quite expensive in a time like this), you can get a bear that tells you a few of the following:

  • I wuw yu.
  • I wanna bee yur fwiend.

Now there, the doll, in a second though, might ressemble to Pedobear. Pedobear acts as a Pedophile, saying “HI KIDS.”. You know what comes next, the stealing.

Or, if you like such stuff, you will still hate it. As ridiculous as the Sparkler. However, there’s still spamming options with this. The sparkler is absolutly useless, but at LEAST it was 100 Tixs.

The Pheed Network

July 9, 2009 at 11:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments


The Pheed Network is an awesome website/ROBLOX fan-site. Check it out.


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