This is me, NoobName

Roblox movie maker and recent manager of Roblox Direct.
I have been part of Sapphire Ice productions and a friend of SonicBoy for quite a while
when he gave me the blog.
I used to be the manager of Roblox Juice for 11 months.
As I enjoy managing stuff around, I became manager of Roblox Direct.

This is Legocat5 news and place reviewer.
Legocat5 was a friend/rival of me.
He made some impressive movies about roblox,
and also is a part of Sapphire Ice productions.
He was part of Roblox Direct before I was manager,
and he was the only old staff member that wanted to continue with the blog when Sonicboy quit.

This is Arrowbic, news reviewer.
Arrowbic was the last member that joined the team of Roblox Juice before I left,
I’ve always been impressed by the way he wrote intresting blog posts.
He always knows all the news, including the news that is not posted on the official roblox blog.
Assoon I became manager of Roblox Direct, I knew Arrowbic was a great addition to the team.



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  1. can i join?

  2. You guys look epic!

  3. i wish we all was a staff and have robux

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