The Nethack Man pages will NOT be given out.

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Nethack picture

It’s amazing how alot of players got fooled by some trick. I’ll simply say it: This hat is NOT for anyone. This hat was created by Telamon for DocStrange. Missed the craziness? Read on:

A user was pretending to give the hat if you visited his lace, favorited him and sended him a Friend Request. Of course, at a certain moment, he demanded you to wear a certain color code, to look like teh hacker. Then, a guy called H4xx3r came to the place saying that you solved the mystery, and you will claim the prize if you visit HIS place.

Of course, after, we discovered that H4xx3r was a fake. Then, the other user was going into different places! Untill… We met him at Matt.Dusek’s Balance. His account gets deleted. That proves he was a fake too.

So there you go, the story of how alot of us robloxians got fooled by this user. But he really planned well, we should be careful, this person MIGHT attack again… Let’s hope not…

If you wanna know what’s the image on this post, it’s the image of Nethack, the game.

-Sonic Boy

Just to let everyone know… [on Place Reviews]

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I’ve been changing, revising, etc. some recent place reviews. Often there are second thoughts, input from the creator of the place, etc. that change the marks I assigned and/or how I look at the place. Mostly that includes Briguy9876’s place review, but I also changed Sweezy’s a bit as well.

This is just to let you know of these changes, and a reminder that I will occasionally do this without warning 🙂

Also, I wish to explain my marking scheme concept. Generally, I am trying to aim to arrive at a reasonable rating based on various aspects that most places have. The ratings are based on how well scripts are made and implemented, how well the building of the place has been done, how creative and original the place is, how much “fun” the place is or can be, and how well problems have been dealt with (usually hard to tell unless I’ve already reviewed a place or see things in the description or comments). I also look for how one could exploit bugs to ruin the game for others.

Here is what I think of a place with an overall rating as follows…:
-0.1 or less: This place is an insult to Roblox (or to individual people) and likely should be removed immediately. This place would have to be very stupid and then do something bad enough to achieve a penalty.
0-0.9: A very bad place. It has had little or no effort put into it and is not really fun to be in. Pointless to go into.
1-1.9: Basic effort, but still unoriginal with little creativity or thought in the creation of the game. Rarely any fun to go to.
2-2.9: Still not a good place. Whether it’s lack of theme, too much lag, and/or a boring or pointless place, it needs a lot of improvement to be good. However, some places with ratings 2-4.9 have potential to be higher. You might want to check it out for the concept that was intended, but not for enjoyment so much.
3-3.9: Not a horrible place, just isn’t very good, either. It likely needs a fair amount of work done on it to make it better.
4-4.9: An acceptable place. It might not be the greatest in Roblox, but it’s OK.
5-5.9: A good place [it passes]! There’s likely a lot of work to be done before it’s really good, but it’s respectable as is. However, such places may have a few problems (like those exploits that can ruin the fun of the game).
6-6.9: A good place with the proper features. The average place should achieve a rating of 5-6.9. Few do, though.
7-7.9: An excellent place! Such a place has all the proper features (except maybe a few), has a good theme and a good objective (ie. something to do that is challenging), often has good, original scripting and/or building. There are usually many creative aspects to the place, and lag tends not to be a problem with such places.
8-8.9: Such a mark (that I have not yet given) would be for an outstanding place! Almost everything is perfect, original, and creative.
9-9.9: Incredible! Almost impossible to achieve, since there would need to be practically no problems with the place, it’d need to be very fun or useful.
10: I doubt anyone will ever get a 10, unless the place demonstrates a concept that is so simple that all the bugs have been taken into account and fixed. If it was a full place, however, it’d have to be perfect, or have a lot of cool effects to get bonuses 🙂
10.1 or higher: Not only is this a perfect place to go to, it includes features that go far beyond what one would expect from Roblox. It should be showcased on the front page as “The Best Roblox Place Ever”!

Of course, you can’t say that a place with a rating of 9 is necessarily more fun than a place with a rating of 7. It is very possible for a person to have more fun with a 5.5 rated place compared to even a place with a rating of 10, depending on what type of places interest you. I attempt to make the rating reflect what the place could or should be, not so much compared to others. Since few people have actually “finished” their places (and those that have didn’t do much and so get a very low rating), the ratings are not as high as they could be. Other places have great features, but no theme and/or no objective, so may only get around 3-6.

Also note that I am willing to re-review a place if enough work has been done on it. I am still taking review requests, although if I don’t think the place is good enough I won’t waste my time rating down a bad place (unless it’s really popular).

I hope this explains why a lot of places that are thought “good” may be getting such low marks. Every problem I see, everything that looks like it could be better, it all goes into the mark.

Thanks for reading,


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Nethack Man Pages

I recently found this in the Catalog (about time something new comes…). Uploaded by Telamon, this is called the Nethack Man Pages. What actually very weird (from Wikipedia), is that Nethack is a video game! No joke! Here’s the article in Wikipedia!

Anyway. I have a bad feeling this needs a certain requirement in order to get it. And the description is also weird:

Printed out in easy-to-read 4 point font. 1200 pages.

Man, all this thinking is driving me crazy! D: Well, maybe time will tell…


Action Adventure Movie Contest Update

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Robloxian Award Hat

The ROBLOXian Award Hat!

Man, I log in into ROBLOX, check out the Roblog, and what do I find? This cool looking hat that just looks like a real award in the real movie festivals. Anyway, not about that…

After re-showing this hat (lemme guess, it’s still will show our bold heads. D:), I am now going to show you my video contest entry! Behold!

This video is about 4 minutes long, so don’t leave right away after 3 minutes! 😉

Again, I am sorry for not posting alot theses days, there’s not alot going on ROBLOX, and I can only use the computer for 1 hour in the Week-Days. Don’t worry, everything will go back to normal in 2 weeks! =D


briguy9876’s “Escape the Room: Point-and-Click!” Place Review

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By: chess123mate

Link to Place (Below — place screenshot)

Briguy has done a good job on this place. The concept is simple: get out of the rooms. There are only 2 of them, but it can be a challenge.

You start with two basic tools: “Look” and “Grab/Use”. Technically, you don’t need the “Look”, but there are some very funny comments on some of the objects. Like the spawn point 🙂 The place is practically finished, but there are updates planned (so I hear). A really cool thing about this place is that once you’re finished, you can watch everyone else! It’s like a 1-way window; you can’t see out, but everyone else can see in.

Unfortunately, this is a one-time place (as of now). There is no randomization, so the puzzle is the same every time. And it is mostly a guessing game, since there is very little that is actually logical (like why would a remote be used to something other than a TV?)

Overall, though, it’s a good place. You should check it out.


Scripting: 2/3. It’s mostly “Tools” that run this place. However, there are a few, such as the Regen and leaderboard, which are used reasonably well. Unfortunately, the timer starts “ticking” before you even get into the place (ie. while you are loading), so it could have some improvement. On the other hand, it uses a more advanced method of keeping track of how long you’ve been in the place, which I wonder if that is creating more lag.
Tools: 8/10. The tools are great, but the place doesn’t thoroughly work with them as well as it could, and some do not make sense.
Building: n/a. It’s not the building, it’s the concept. Besides, it’s from All Models 🙂
General Enjoyment: 5/10. There’s too much lag, and it is frustrating for most people without the walkthrough. However, you get to destroy stuff, so that makes up for it a little by giving a moment of fun 🙂
Originality: n/a. It’s like saying putting “Monopoly” in Roblox is original/unoriginal. This idea has been around for a long time on other websites. However, there are original aspects to it: those marks, however, are put in creativity. I decided not to mark down because of using All Models because this place focuses on the game play concepts — it doesn’t need fancy new structures.
Creativity: 9/10. Very good creativity. It could’ve been better, but there are a lot of things you wouldn’t expect that make the place challenging.
Ease of Use: 7/10. It is mostly easy to use, however a low ceiling makes it more difficult, and a cramped area, although in proportion to life, makes it difficult to see things (which is probably done on purpose to avoid being able to see some of the secrets).
Easy to Learn: 3/4. An easy concept, however many people encounter the problem of not being able to touch objects to get them: you have to use tools. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a fact of how it is. Perhaps including something to signify they should use tools…
Deals with Problems: 4/5. There have been a few updates responding to bugs, however not all of them are out yet. Also, the scripting errors are, of course, still a problem.
Deals with Lag: 3/5. This place has a big issue when it comes to lag. I’m sure if you played it in solo mode, it wouldn’t be quite so laggy. For sure, though, it also wouldn’t be laggy if there was only 1 set of rooms — unfortunately, that’d change the gameplay since you wouldn’t be able to destroy the stuff as you take it apart XD. However, I’ve been told that not all the servers are laggy. Interesting… I guess it just depends on what server you get 🙂
Bonus: +0.2 There is a mystery that is put into the place. I don’t know if it’s fully developed yet, but I see that it is at least in progress.
Bonus: +0.1 For the fact that you can see what other people are doing after you win; very cool

Overall: 7.5/10. Mostly, the main issue is the lag and the current system. However, the place itself is brilliantly done!

Sweezy’s “☠Volcano Village☠ (Grand Opening!)” Place Review

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By: chess123mate

Link to place

This was another one done on request.

The main attraction is the volcano, which has extra weapons inside. However, there are ships, a ghost ship that moves around on its own, a village, and a forest. All these features are in great detail, and so as you can guess, there is a lot of lag. There are no regens, but there are bombs…. [not a good mix]

You basically will want to go into the volcano and keep trying different weapons until you find the teleport, at which point you can go anywhere in the place you like without having to walk or climb there. Where you find the teleport, I will let you explore to find that out 🙂 

Otherwise, you can have fun exploring the various features. Unfortunately, the only objective other than exploring is fighting, which you can’t really do because there is a lot of lag.


Scripting: 0/2. No scripts implemented, but a regen and possibly a leaderboard should’ve been.
Tools: 8/10. Many many tools are implemented; none custom made, but all to an interesting effect. However, there is a bomb and other tools that destruct various parts of the place — yet no regens.
Building: 5/10. Everything’s from All Models, but it’s put together OK.
General Enjoyment: 2/10. Most people aren’t going to have fun here, unless they take pleasure in blowing things up — which you can only do once.
Originality: 4/10. The place might be fairly original, but everything else isn’t.
Creativity: 5/10. Not bad creativity in the way it’s all put together.
Ease of Use: 1/3. The ships are nearly impossible to use; they have very little controllability. Of course, I’m basically rating the ships rather than Sweezy’s creation, but he put it in there. 🙂
Easy to Learn: n/a. Nothing to learn.
Deals with Problems: 1/5. There is a teleport at the very bottom of the volcano, so you can get out… otherwise, there are various problems as mentioned. Mostly for lack of scripting. Also, one of the ships doesn’t work.
Deals with Lag: 1/5. Apparently some measures were put into effect to reduce lag (I don’t know what or if it worked). It’s quite laggy as it is.
Penalty: -0.5 for using All/Free Models for all the models.

Overall: 3.6/10. There is a lot effort put into this place, it’s just that it’s simply not yet as “good” as it could be. The main issue is that there are too many features that don’t all fit into one place (in my opinion). It has good potential, though, and hopefully more will be done to reduce lag and perhaps map size.

Action Adventure Movie Contest…

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Yup, another contest! This time, the ROBLOX Admins don’t want to make them laught, but this time, they want an action movie! That’s right, no things to make you laugh, just pure ACTION.

Of course, for more information, please check out the official blog post.

Now, I did this post not to announce the Contest, but to tell something important about a good movie.

A movie is basically devided in 3 parts: The Beginning, the interruption, and the happy end. So, we’re gonna focus on the 3 parts:

  • Beginning: This part is the part where the characters (most of them) get knowed. You also get to know what’s basically going on.
  • Interruption: The key-scene that changes the story. This could be like someone’s attacking your HQ, and you gotta stop him. So, you battle him. Or, it could just be a Bolder chasing scene.
  • End: You beat the baddy, you save the world, you get famous, you discover a Jewel, etc… This part i where you end the movie in a good way.

That’s it for now. By the way, jediknightkrazy and Inzuki are having alot of things to do, so they can’t do alot on the site. The rest of the team is OK, chess is almost here all summer, and zap will have some vacations.

-Sonic Boy

zoydude’s “Ultimate Snipers!” Place Review

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By: chess123mate

Link to place

This place was reviewed as a request by zoydude. I was not very sure that it’d be very good, since it only had 9 views, but upon going in I was surprised. It looked like zoydude actually worked hard on it!

The building is all there is to it. It’s awesome. There are even secrets and traps.

Unfortunately, the sniper turns some things blue… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.


Scripting: 1/3. A leaderboard should be added. Otherwise, no real scripting is needed. However, there was an OnEntered script that gave you an interesting hat.
Tools: 8/10. I already mentioned the sniper effect; otherwise the tools are good. They aren’t anything special; they get the job done. More tools might be something to consider.
Building: 8/10. It’s amazing! However, it is sometimes difficult to get to the mountainous area, though there are areas designed to accomodate for this. Some of it was a little bit “off”; it wasn’t very detailed or its detail could’ve been better made.
General Enjoyment: 6/10. Without a leaderboard, it’s a lot less fun. However, if you like sniping people, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this place!
Originality: 3/10. It isn’t very original, however there are some ideas in the place that are.
Creativity: 9/10. I have not seen such creativity before! The effort, the differences everywhere, it’s amazing!
Ease of Use: 2/4. The tools are easy, but navigating around isn’t.
Easy to Learn: n/a. Nothing to learn
Deals with Problems: 2/2. All bricks were anchored, except one (that I found) in a secret area, and an explodable wall. Nothing major, and not worth penalizing for.
Deals with Lag: 8/8. Most bricks were very large, reducing brick count. The map was very large, yet not laggy at all! It p

Overall: 7/10. A very good rating, especially for a place that doesn’t have any scripting! Of course, that’s the point of my rating system: you can still get a good rating if you’ve “fulfilled” your place’s needs. Overall, I bet this place could be really fun. The only thing it needs is a leaderboard.

Wirodeu’s “[Wiro’s Minigames] – Mountain Climbing! [7]” Place Review

June 10, 2008 at 10:27 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 1 Comment

By: chess123mate

This review was done as a request. Also, this place is not done. You’ll see that heavily on my marks 🙂

This place is simply another minigames place. What I like about it, is that most of the games are original. The only problem is that the place is still under construction. I won’t go into detail; check it out yourself! Here’s the mark breakdown:


Scripting: 5/10. Average scripting? Not at all, it’s much better than that. However, there still needs to be more. How so? Simply finishing the point system; perhaps improving the “Round” system (which is currently automatically set to the game # you last played, or -1 if you stopped playing — an awesome feature). Another problem is teleporting doesn’t seem to work too well… sometimes spawning in the minigame doesn’t work out well. Also, death is common, even if you are waiting for the next game. Death routines could be removed in many locations. The point system, where in place, doesn’t always make sense compared to other games, or according to your success.
Tools: 1/2. There is one tool you can buy, and a few are occasionally given to you in the minigames. However, you can’t keep the tool you buy, so it’s kind of a waste of points. It is taken away because otherwise you can “keep killing people”, but it’s still annoying.
Building: 3/10. There is a nice little secret; lolz… otherwise, there isn’t much detail. Needs more, basically.
General Enjoyment: n/a. Not enough done to tell. It looks promising, though…
Originality: 7/10. Many original mini-games! However, simply the word “minigames” decreases an originality mark, and some of the ideas are based on some already done.
Creativity: 5/10. It’s acceptable. More interesting concepts would be cool.
Ease of Use: 5/6. It’s pretty easy to use all features so far.
Easy to Learn: 3/4. It only takes a minute to understad, and then it’s standard.
Deals with Problems: n/a. Problems haven’t come yet…
Deals with Lag: n/a. Not enough to see lag yet.
Bonus: +0.5 for the waiting room; it’s got some interestingly scripted bricks to play with.
Penalty: -2 for not being done and not having the proper features yet. Harsh? Yes, but at the moment, the rating system gets kind of weird because what has been done is fine. Unfortunately, overall the place still needs work.

Overall: 4.1/10. Overall, this is a place that still needs work. When it’s done, it should be getting over 7/10. 🙂 Thus, in conclusion, this place shows promise, but isn’t near there yet.

The forum is updated!

June 10, 2008 at 7:51 pm | Posted in News | 5 Comments

The ROBLOX forums are very viewed, many players get fame with the Forum by being helpful. Others just are spammers, they get banned, and it’s normal again. The cycle continues.

As of today, the forum has bring us an update! I’ll list a short list, and explain further.

  • Implementation of BBCode (Links for now).
  • New forum: ROBLOXiwood.
  • Post Moderation.
  • New Forum rule.


The fans asked it, they got it! You can now write in BBCode! As of today, the only BBCode you can use is the link. You wanna make a link? Let me explain:

  • If you write [url]YOURLINKHERE[/url] (replace the YOURLINKHERE by the link.), the link will be cliquable.
  • If you write [url=YOURLINKHERE]YOURTEXTHERE[/url] (Replace YOURLINKHERE by a link, and YOURTEXTHERE by some text, like “My contest entry” or “Look! It’s my website!”), a text will replace the link, and clicking that word or text will make you go to the link!

This is gonna be quite useful, so make good use of it.


A new forum category appeared! It’s ROBLOXiwood, with a simple copy of Holliwood, but anyway. As the title explains, you can post here your Movie Actor Requitement, or just show-off your amazing videos. I may post some things there, so have a look!

Post Moderation

I don’t know why, but when I was posting a message in the ROBLOX Forums, there was a message saying something like you’re message needs to be moderated. This is implemented for some security.

New forum rule.

A new rule? For the forum only. If you’re familliar with Youtube, you may know the video called Rick’Rolled? This may sound stupid, but it’s true! ANY link leading to that gets an automatic 3-Day ban. No, moderators are serious, there not joking.

That’s all for now, also, the funny video contest has just finished. Who’s gonna win? We shall know soon…

-Sonic Boy

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