One Robux for Six Tickets – End of a Crisis?

May 27, 2009 at 3:38 pm | Posted in Charts / Buisness News, Quick News | 8 Comments

Today, a slight change in the marketplace makes that for one robux you get six tickets, just yesterday and the past week we were at one robux for seven tickets. Is this the announcement of the end of the Trade Currency crisis?

On other news, still writing that review. You know, the one I promised. Oh, and my.. tummy… hurts badly… Urgh… (off-topic…)

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Uberubert returns, showcases his next work.

May 22, 2009 at 4:35 pm | Posted in Quick News | 4 Comments

Just two days ago, scripting legend uberubert came back from the dead. (Litterally). The reason, was to update quickly his Grow-A-Brick place, with a very minor update. However, what we are going to talk about, is the blog where he showcases his next major(?) work:

However, it’s interresting to know what will “uber do next”. For information, uberubert was the original creator of all theses tycoons games. If he never made thoses and never let it un-copy-locked, then there wouldn’t be so many spammy tycoon games. Playing the original games are way more fun than playing games copied from the original author, and not giving a credit to the original author. Anyway, that concludes on this.

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The Twin Updates

May 7, 2009 at 6:12 am | Posted in News | 5 Comments

There have been a total of TWO major updates. And you know what’s the best part? 3/4 of them are dedicated to builders. =) (Even the Slate and Truss update was mostly for builders!).

Now, I did not have the time to “try it out”. However, the Roblox Direct will post shortly (MAXIMUM one day…) a review of the updates. Expect a few more posts.

Avoiding the Horrible Games: Preview Pictures

May 2, 2009 at 10:10 am | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 6 Comments


Hello, and welcome to the first of a serie of mini guides of “Avoiding the Horrible Games”. Theses guides will be used to make you know what you should visit, and what you should not visit. In this first part, we tell you all about the Preview Pictures of the places, how to know what’s good, what’s not good, and how to learn to immediatly reconize the worse of the bunch. Are you guys ready? If so, read on!


This is a very tricky part. When browsing the Games page, you will most likely see previews with images that come straight from… something else.

Take for example the game “Second Life”, I saw recently on the Games page, made by the Guy-Everyone-Hates-Even-Though-The-Haters-Are-Stupid-Enought-To-Still-Visit-His-Places-And-They-Hate-Him-OMG-LOL. We have a picture that’s comes straight from the game called Second Life.

It might look like an actual screenshot, but its not! Look at the fuzzyness of the picture!

It might look like an actual screenshot, but it's not! Look at the fuzzyness of the picture!

Now, the game’s image promises you with a game that’s almost like Second Life. Now, this is where you use your Brain. If you think a bit more, you would say either:

  • This game would have been featured moons ago if it was good.
  • Roblox removed meshes. Besides, there are no meshes that are ANYTHING related to this.
  • It is impossible to build all this. The computer would go in flames.

Reading the description might also help you uncover if the game is bad, or not. Let’s check out the description of the place:

Welcome Build a House a store or Go shoping for Swords to kill people with Shop Trees Buy homes Buildings etc like Office buildings drive a car go to Prison Buy the vip to get more wepons and Guns And even Free money Vip at [Hidden Content to Avoid Profit. =) ] This is not bad game just build a house and go and shop or Drive Around or get money to buy Swords!

  • General Spelling: Normally, even if you can’t spell correctly, you can still build good stuff. (Are92…) However, it’s mostly the case that a bad speller also can’t build correctly. It’s logic: when your dumb, your dumb for mostly everything (most of the time…).
  • Go shoping for Swords to kill people with Shop Trees: Look at Wikipedia, do some research! If you search enough, you’ll find out that you don’t go shopping for swords to kill people with SHOP TREES. I really laughed hard at that. SHOP TREES.
  • the vip to get more wepons and Guns And even Free money Vip at [Hidden Content to Avoid Profit. =) ]: Okay… Free Money if you buy VIP? You really supposed to earn it, in Second Life, you don’t get free virtual money by buying something in real life. Wikipedia again for confirmation…….. Unless he’s talking by “Hacking”.
  • is not bad game: When they say that, they are lying 99% of the time. Add one percent because of the spelling and grammar. Now your at 100. Yay.

HARDER: Roblox Acting

Use your brains. This is toughther than you think.

Use your brains. This is toughther than you think.

This just had to come. Roblox Acting. Roblox Acting is a technique used to place Robloxians in a pose to be on the Preview Picture. The hardest thing is to uncover without visiting.

Northern Robloxian Speedway *FINISHED* V1.1.0.3 is a game by Cessnaporsche01 and has a cool looking pose picture. However, deepending of the situation of the pose, you can know immeadiatly if good or no good:

  • Is the pose related to the place? (Yes in this case, because it’s a racing game.)
  • Is the scenery detailed? (Yes in this case.)
  • Does it situate in the real place? (Yes here.)
  • Can you perform this in the game? Almost. But never yes. (Almost here, fully minus the smoke.)

And there. With answering thoses questions, you will know that this game is a good one.


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