Roblox players love Nintendo Stuff

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Sure, you know thoses come from the Roblog. But if you look closely, and I mean really closely, hey! Nintendo stuff in masses! Ok, so it may NOT be in masses, but there’s alot in the feature. I’d list all of them I can see!

  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
  • Wiimote (Wii)
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)
  • Mario 8-Bit Lego Assembling (Dedicated to Nintendo’s mascot, Mario)
  • Nintendo DS (Original Grey)
  • Black Nintendo DS Lite
  • Another Nintendo DS (Original Grey)
  • ANOTHER Black Nintendo DS Lite
  • Nintendo Wii

Wow, that’s alot. Actually, most of this are related to Video Games. There’s the PSP, the Xbox 360 Controller, the game Rock band for PS2…

So, what did I submit? Hmmm. Willing to see it? I can’t, because… I don’t want to! xD But I just took Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii, so it’s ANOTHER Nintendo Related Thing. W00T, Nintendo sure did hit the Roblox Players.



I Love Roblox Contest

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GENIUS TEH HAT IDEA!!!1!!111!one!

It’s another contest. W00T! It’s even a new type of contest! Well, you should better do this, or you’ll never ever get to do a contest like this ever. Why? It’s that type of contest that for like doing “suggestions”. Or you can think of somerthing like, this.

Too lazy to write some stuff today, I’ll just give you a link to the original source: Link.


Winter Playland Building Contest!

November 15, 2008 at 4:03 pm | Posted in Contests, News | 7 Comments


Hey! a new roblox building contest is up! its called the Winter Playland Building Contest! its where you have to make a winter place with snow and fun and more! ok heres some more info about the contest!

What is a Winter Playland?

First off it’s a place on your account with “WPBC” in the title.
Example: WPBC Snow Park and Slolam!

It could include some of the following possibilities…

  • A Turkey Dinner at Home
  • Skating pond
  • A snow fort
  • Ski lift
  • Ice sculptures
  • Sleds
  • A snowball fight
  • Gifts under trees
  • … and more! Be creative.

Use existing models and anything published to the Toolbox in your creation. Or, make new models and creations. Entries will be judged according to:

  • Originality (show us something new and exciting)
  • Winteryness (it is a Winter Playland, you know)
  • Fun (is your level fun?)
  • Awesomeness (The “Wow! How did he do that?!” effect)

Ways to win?

1. Win the COOL Hat (not yet created) – This way is easy. Build your WPBC place on your account. Be sure “WPBC” is in the place title because we will be searching by that. Make sure your place is Wintery. Then just wait. Twice during the contest we will deliver a COOL hat to everyone with a Winter Playland place on their account. Once you have the hat, you can change your place.

2. Win The Ice Crown and 200 R$ – This way is harder! To enter to win the Ice Crown you must build an awesome Winter Playland until it is completely finished. Then you can be nominated to be judged. You can nominate other users and ask them to nominate you.

How to nominate? Go to this form and enter the username of your friend with the awesome Winter Playland place. THEIR PLACE MUST BE FINISHED BEFORE YOU ENTER. Tell us why their place is so great. Then the staff will visit the nominated places and judge them.

The staff will visit nominated places every couple days and give out hats ONLY to the best places they see. Once a place has been visited a comment will be left on the event site explaining the result. You can search the site to see if you have been nominated.

How long will this go on?

The contest starts now and goes until the end of December. It’s a really long contest! The first round of COOL hats won’t be delivered until 3 weeks from now. The second round a few weeks after that. So if you only have one place to build on you may want to wait to change it. Don’t get bored of your place! We will announce when the time is coming.

The judging of the nominated places will start on Monday Nov 17, but you do not have to rush. Please take your time to make awesome places for the staff to visit.”

Well this is gonna be epic! ill be entering the contest as well. ill name it “WPBC: Ice Kingdom”. wish me luck and i wish all of you luck for the contest. good luck!


Some New Hats!

October 28, 2008 at 11:49 pm | Posted in Contests, Mysterys, News | 1 Comment

There are some new hats in town! some of them are weird. some are pure pwnage!

This is the Hockey Mask! this was inside the gift of HAALLLOOOOWWWWEEEEN!! most of the time these hats that are in the gift hats are not for sale… but its up for 40,000 tickets.

This is the Happy Time Magic Flower Hat! (sorry for the small image. it didnt show up when i clicked on it.) alot of people are saying this is for christmas. it cant be for the halloween contest. its not… halloweenish. but anyways its like a tophat only with a flower on it. abit silly but funny. looks cool to wear.

This is the Darkseed the Fallen! this is for halloween contest. well atleast thats what i think… its like the Eerie Pumpkin Head hat… only with the purple color inside. its a cool pumpkin color… hat thing.


So anyways these hats are pretty awesome. halloween and christmas is gonna be great.


Action Adventure Movie Contest Update

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Robloxian Award Hat

The ROBLOXian Award Hat!

Man, I log in into ROBLOX, check out the Roblog, and what do I find? This cool looking hat that just looks like a real award in the real movie festivals. Anyway, not about that…

After re-showing this hat (lemme guess, it’s still will show our bold heads. D:), I am now going to show you my video contest entry! Behold!

This video is about 4 minutes long, so don’t leave right away after 3 minutes! 😉

Again, I am sorry for not posting alot theses days, there’s not alot going on ROBLOX, and I can only use the computer for 1 hour in the Week-Days. Don’t worry, everything will go back to normal in 2 weeks! =D


Funny Video Contest – Parade 2

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Sorry guys for being late. I’ll post the videos for the two parades, since the contest is closing tomorrow.

Top 10 ways to die in ROBLOX.
Authors: Are92, Are14, minilandstan.

Roblox Randomness 2
Author: NintendoBoy

ZoaZao’s Roblox may-funny entry
Author: ZoaZao

Roblox May Funny Contest Entry (Lamer names by the minute. >_>)
Author: Battery

That’s all for these two parades. No more parades, since the contest is now over. Of course, the winners will be announced soon (like in a day…), and only five winners will win the camera.

If you were wondering why this was really short, it’s just because I conden’t find awesome videos in the Youtube Browser. T_T (Don’t throw your Telanades at me, please!)

-Sonic Boy

Funny Video Contest: Parade 1

May 31, 2008 at 9:31 am | Posted in Contests | 2 Comments

Welcome to our first Funny Video Contest parade! Sorry if this is a bit late, but I was finnaly on the Computer!
Look at theses awesome entrys, they’re good!

Roblox Bloopers Advance 2 – Funny Video Contest Entry
Author: SonicBoy

Roblox Stupidity Contest Entry
Author: lemurboy07

ROBLOX May Funny — Killertom3
Author: killertom3

NoobName show – May Funny Movie Contest
Authors: NoobName, Wirodeu, hugeflare

Roblox Humorous Colab
Author: dude195

That’s all for the first parade! Keep an eye out for more! There shall be 2 more parades left! And of course, theses parades are fan-made. (So no prize for being in a parade… OK, maybe the prize of getting a bit more viewers. >_>

-Sonic Boy

SonicBoy’s Funny Video Contest Entry

May 26, 2008 at 8:16 pm | Posted in Contests | Leave a comment

Hello, this is my entry for the video contest. I simply posted this to grab more attention, and (as of now), it seems most people like it. Of course, I did not do teams (Only noobish requests… X_X). I’m also going to do 3 parades with some funny videos that users made.

So stay tune, we shall put on our first parade, around this week-end… (If I get on the Computer. X_X)

Spring Block Party – Reminder

April 26, 2008 at 11:57 am | Posted in Contests | 1 Comment

Did you forget to vote the Sping Block Entries? There is still time, but not alot of time! You better vote the good entrys first, then interrest yourself in the other entrys. Don’t forget you can vote for my entry here: SonicBoy’s Entry.

But here is some great news about the gallery: the order of entrys in now randomized. So, if your entry was in the first published, you may get a bit more votes! 😉

-Sonic Boy

Spring Block Party: Parade Results

April 23, 2008 at 7:20 am | Posted in Contests | 1 Comment

The first two parades have already passed. Looking at theses parades at 100% is annoying, and the first thing you actually think is: “Where’s my entry???” I’m gonna do a list here of all the entrys who appeared in a parade. When the 3rd one appears, I will modify it.

Blogs Mentioned:

  • ROBLOX News
  • ROBLOX Juice

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