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Roblox just got updated. players had to wait 2 hours for this. but the update isnt so… great but lets go thru the list of new updates.

More Ads And New Link

These is a link to the Terms and Rules. plus theres an ad on anyones ROBLOX profile. kinda a pain to deal with… but lets move on.


So now everytime you get a message and read it or go to any item in the Catalog, you’ll see that the image of a player is bigger then before. the comment image of a player is HUGE. which means you’ll see less spam on a page. the mail image of the robloxian who sent you the message is bigger. as you can see its alittle bigger. i think its kinda cool. lets move on.

 ITS SUPER PRIVACY MAN! (New Privacy Mode)

In this update we now have the SuperSafe Privacy Mode. Its where it doesnt show any text, forum posts, personal blurbs and place desc. this mode is for kids under the age of 13. or atleast kids around 8 and under. ok lets move on.

CANZ I HAZ AN ACONUT? (Updates On Making A New Account)

Ok in this update there are some new stuff when you make a new account. like the “how old are you” step. roblox doesnt ask for an age age. it just asks if your under 13 or not. if you pick “Under 13” when you pick out a name and password it will take you to the email step where it says “Your Parents Email”. if you pick 13 after you pick out a name and password… it will say “Your Email”. and you can pick the “Enter Email Later” or the “Ok, Done”. so basicly you can enter your email later or now. kinda neat.


Well thats all of the new updates. well thats it. we should thank the admins for working hard for this update. sure its like they were lazy and went off line for 2 hours just for this. but hey. they work hard every day. soon that face changer, new way of trading  and all that other stuff will come. 😉



The Krazy Plan

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Hey, it’s jediknightkrazy, I’m back from the dead 😉

Today, I put my thoughts onto paper (err, a webpage) to rescue ROBLOX from the clutches of noobishness. My plan is on the wiki under my name, here.

Please post suggestions, and let’s get the final version to the staff. I won’t give up until ROBLOX is fun again!

The Great Game Page Rescue!

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Searching on the Forums, I found out this awesome project that SilentSwords was making this project. This project, is to save the Game Page from the Bad Games. (Noob Games, games that use Free Models only, etc…)

The basics is simple: make a great, original, and creative place. The date limit to submit one of your great places is on 30/11/08/ (11/30/08 for Americain Day Format).

On that same day, SilentSwords will attack the Game Page with all thoses good places, and the creators of thoses places will try to invite the most players possible, so that it goes up the Game Page! The goal is to restore the Game Page back to it’s normal state, as of, good games.

What’s the prize? Nothing! But, you can help rescue the game page, and your reward shall be seeing great games on the Game Page. Also, if your place gets alot of visits, thanks to the 1 Visit = 1 tix obtained, you get tixs! You can consider that like a prize, if you want.

But before you rush up to sign up to help, you should get some advices from this awesome post chess123mate made. Trust me, it’s gonna help you alot. And also think that when you help this association, chess123mate is gonna have less stupid and boring places to review! He’ll have more awesome places to review, and he might even give one a 10.

To sign up your place, go here.

Can’t wait to see this event!


Some New Hats!

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There are some new hats in town! some of them are weird. some are pure pwnage!

This is the Hockey Mask! this was inside the gift of HAALLLOOOOWWWWEEEEN!! most of the time these hats that are in the gift hats are not for sale… but its up for 40,000 tickets.

This is the Happy Time Magic Flower Hat! (sorry for the small image. it didnt show up when i clicked on it.) alot of people are saying this is for christmas. it cant be for the halloween contest. its not… halloweenish. but anyways its like a tophat only with a flower on it. abit silly but funny. looks cool to wear.

This is the Darkseed the Fallen! this is for halloween contest. well atleast thats what i think… its like the Eerie Pumpkin Head hat… only with the purple color inside. its a cool pumpkin color… hat thing.


So anyways these hats are pretty awesome. halloween and christmas is gonna be great.


Grimm114 Interview

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You might not know who he is, Or maybe you do. He really isn’t famous.. But he sure can kick butt!  With a whopping 32,499 KO’s,  Here it is!

What drove you to play roblox?

Grimm114:  Well,  My brother actually

Did you ever expect to be a fighter like you are now?

Grimm114:  No, Lol.

What is your WO rate?

Grimm114:  17,763

How does it feel to be in the top 10 best fighters on ROBLOX?

Grimm114:  It feels amazing!

Do you think you will ever be #1 fighter?

Grimm114:  Not at all,  Did you even see the other players?

What Motivated you to fight?

Grimm114:  I was at Telamon SFOTH’s place.  And I saw everyone fighting really cool.  I decided to give it a shot.


Free Games at ROBLOX. Check out what I have been building lately!

KelloKilla, our new interviewer!

October 28, 2008 at 8:59 am | Posted in Roblox Direct News | 1 Comment

We got a new interviewer! His name, it’s KelloKilla! He’ll make our interviews, that was our weak point, here at Roblox Direct. -_-‘ (zap123 didn’t do much posts lately…)

Oh well. He is also an interviewer at Roblox Survival (Link in the Blogroll), so you can see an example of his work there. Now that’s done, I am gonna add some more downloads, and finnaly do the staff page that everyone been waiting for.


Robloxian Madness Episode 3

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Heres episode 3! 😀

Enjoy and subscribe to me for more.



PS: if it doesnt load or show up… click here!

Scammers Are Going Down!

October 26, 2008 at 9:41 pm | Posted in News | 2 Comments

Telamon posted on the forums saying any one who starts scamming people will be deleted. but is that a good thing? well… i think the deleting the user is kinda going over the top. i think the user should get atleast a 14 day ban. but hey. thats my thoughts about it. anyways it looks like telamon had it with the scamming thing. plus if you try to scam on any alts… he might delete them all. the good thing about this is that noone will scam or atleast try to. i think roblox is slowly geting better. soon no noobs will be left. sure it might not look like we are heading to the age of no noobs. but youll see 😉



The Ideal Robloxian Place (by chess123mate)

October 25, 2008 at 7:23 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 10 Comments

I just want to point out what an ideal place might be. If someone met all of these ideas, I would congratulate them. Roblox should be filled with places with these qualifications (in my opinion).

1. The place shouldn’t have anything you didn’t make. Stay away from Free Models in most cases! Obviously if you can’t script and you want to make a certain place with teleporters, you might need a teleport script. But the majority of your place should be your own.

2. The place must be either original or creative. Maybe you are doing a ‘better version’ of a different place. In that case, be creative. If you aren’t doing a ‘better version’ of a place, or if there are already a few ‘verisons’ out there, maybe it’s time to be original! Come up with your own ideas! Don’t just add a few helicopters, planes, jeeps, and weapons of mass destruction and call it good, do something original!

The only exception to #2 is if it’s a concept from real life that nobody else has done before.

3. Work hard at your place. If it took you 10 seconds to put your place together, it’s a bad place. Good places usually take hours of work. Laziness makes a place boring!

4. Theme it. Places without a theme conflict with numbers 2 and 3. Good places should have a theme. Maybe it’s a seasonal theme, maybe it’s a dif. one. Colour, ideas, etc. But make sure it’s original!

5. Make it fair! Unfair places, usually ones with advantages to admins, etc, make the entire place unenjoyable for everybody else. Also, weapons that blox people when you click on them (such as super-fast rockets, etc.) might feel powerful, but they too ruin a place.

6. Make it interesting! This means make several features, goals, objectives, anything like that.

7. Add scripts and original ones. Not admin doors, I mean make things move, fly, etc.! Learn how to script and edit rocket scripts. Make new inventions, etc.! Also, standard ones are important too.

8. Build properly and with attention to detail. This includes making studs on the appropriate bricks, and/or making them smooth. Welds or no welds, glue or no glue, etc. Make it interesting and pay attention to detail, but don’t forget to be careful of your brick count!

9. Beware of lag! The toughest part is getting as much detail as you can while still making the place enjoyable. Too much detail, too many scripts, or too many moving things will lag the place. Although decreasing the # of players helps, this may make the place less fun, so beware!

10. Upgrade! Never stop fixing your place until it is finished and there is nothing more you can do with it. Also, never give up!

If everyone on Roblox followed these 10 guidelines when making places, imagine what Roblox could be… I guarentee that it’d be better than the Roblox we have now. Most places ignore most of these ideal guidelines and result in poor places, often nicknamed “noobish places” (etc.), or simply “bad” places. 

Sometimes to achieve the ultimate place, you may need to work with friends or others. The best places would take a few people (or several) working together.

Do not be satisfied with small places that do nothing or are meaningless; strive for awesome places with new ideas and new inventions. I think that if we all did a little more work on this, we could really go places… 😉

DrewsomeB’s “Heli-Wars: Desert Attack (Read desc about VIP)”

October 25, 2008 at 6:32 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 2 Comments

By: chess123mate

Link to Place
Desert Attack (Read desc about VIP)

This place is pretty good. It’s a helicopter/jeep CTF game.

It has super-fast weapons, and minor VIP advantages (or I didn’t experience them if they existed).

It has good building, and acceptable design.

Overall, it’s pretty good. It’s an average place. Deserves a visit, since most places are below average (lol).


Scripting: 4/10. Standard scripting. Not great, but standard for a bloxxing arena. Nothing special was added, just a regen system for the regens (which was needed due to bad regen buttons, which most places have anyway).
Tools: 5/10. Tools could kill you too fast. I hate those types of places, it’s a “I’ll kill you before you can kill me.” However, there was a variety of tools that were useful.
Building: 6/10. Nice, simple border and buildings.
General Enjoyment: 7/10. I think it’d be enjoyable for most 🙂
Originality: 1/10. I don’t see anything original.
Creativity: 5/10. Not bad creativity; could’ve been better, of course, but it wasn’t too bad…
Ease of Use: n/a
Easy to Learn: n/a
Deals with Problems: 3/5. Problems appear to be fixed through the regen system. Better possibilities should be considered, though.
Deals with Lag: 4/5. Minimal bricks, and regens work nicely.
Penalty: -0.5 due to the ability to spawn kill, use bombs on robloxians without there being any defense, etc.
Bonus: +1 Has the potential for strategy and teamwork. If only people would work together ;). Also, this place has had an acceptable amount of work.

Overall: 5.5/10. It’s not a bad place. Check it out if you like; it needs work, but it’s enjoyable.

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