Roblox finally saves the whales.

September 10, 2009 at 6:06 am | Posted in Robloxian News | 1 Comment

Roblox recently released a couple of new hats from the circus, however the Phantasmagorical Band Hat doesn’t seem that populair the Happy Monkey Friend is really worth your robux. (If you could afford it.)

Roblox also brought us a new red top hat with bunny ears. Or “The Red Bunny”  as Roblox calls it.

It look completely awesome.

However, to bad for 95% of the population of Roblox, the hat costs you 4500 R$. (Thats 40500 tix for you.)
So you can’t get this hat from just your daily login reward, and it will only appeal the rich.

The save the whales sign also looks completely epic.
However.. do NOT buy it.

It will cost you 150 R$ (1350 tix) but all it does is make a sound.
So its a complete waste of your money.
Unless you got a addiction to whales, you love the sound of people yelling out of protest or got to mutch money, this is gear to say “No!” to.

In local news…

In order to reanimate Roblox Direct, I am picking up the team together again.
Give a nice welcome to Arrowbic and Legocat5!

This means the team page would be restored again soon.


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