Ambassador Program: Paradox of Fail

April 23, 2009 at 7:16 am | Posted in Thought | 10 Comments

Hi again.
The ambassador program, I was studiying this for a good amount of time. However, I can tell that the program is an absolute fail.

First of all, this encourages spam. Real, Bad, and Horrible. That’s the spam. You might think this can’t be so bad. It IS.
– Popular blogs get hit hard… with Spam comments. Even Askimet Spam Protect reconizes the spam!
– Some popular forums (most of them, actually), do not tolerate Advertising, even in the signatures. The player of Roblox will advertize for that badge. He will get banned and his sig deleted.

2nd, there is no way an intelligent person would click that link. No way. What does this give? More noobs.
If they wanted to attract more, THIS is what they should say:
“ROBLOX: A Free Building Game with Physics. Create your world. Create your Blox.”
I mean. That is SO more attractive than that cheesy line they put. But you know what’s the worse? If you click the “check out what I have been building lately!” part (I saw the Destination link.), the user will get nothing. Nothing. Yes, NOTHING. Also, more people want to check the player’s creation first before playing the game. Everyone knows that. And the user won’t get the 2 tixs they wanted.

This part, concerns more the Fansite Kit. You remember the blogroll? You remember when they deleted it? It was for this “COPPA” thing. So it was, blogs weren’t appreciated by Roblox anymore…
…but now? THEY ARE ENCOURAGING BLOGS! And they still have this thing with COPPA. Eventually, they’ll go feature more blogs and leave the blogs that started it all, into dust. At least, take our site as examples for the Kit. (Odd, you guys don’t recommend WordPress in your Fansite Kit…).

Last thing, the present. Look in the recently updated hats. In order to get it, you gotta “POST AS MANY LINKS BY FRIDAY!!!!!!!”.

…No way. I am disgusted. This… is EXACTLY this in “another” way:
” POST THIS ON 83 HATS, 2 DECALS, AND 7 SHIRTS TO GET 999999999999 TIXS AND 777777777 ROBUX! TELAMON TOULD ME IT’S TRUE!!!!!!!;;;;!!!! ”


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