ROBLOX Direct Downloads – Top 5 Downloaded – 31/03/08

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I hope you guys remember the download section, right? (If not, take a look here.) Downloads are getting downloaded alot, and some curious fans (Yes, you heard me, I have Fans, let’s hope I don’t get 20000 Fans…) asked me:

“Can you please put on the Blog what are the best 3 places?”

Well, after I got that PM (No telling who it is), I decided to get a new thing: Charts! Of course, they will be real ROBLOX Charts, as of for example, the Top 10 of Custom Made Shirts (ROBLOX Shirts not included). This post will show you the Top 5 of the places downloaded. Here it is:


SSBB Quiz.


ROBLOX Bowling


Coaster of -NO RETURN-


Rock Mountain


SSBB Stage Builder

Seems like you guys love Building places… But I can understand with games like Resident Evil: Build to survive by Servano (Andhere is an Place Review about it: Link.) and other places…

-Sonic Boy

Interview with AgentBloxxer – by zap123

March 30, 2008 at 9:51 am | Posted in Interviews | 1 Comment
zap123, our interviewer, has made yet again another interview! This time it’s with AgentBloxxer, the ROBLOXian who is the Real Creator of the popular game: “Destroy the wall to be admin!”. Hope you enjoy this interview!
Q: What is your fav. hat or shirt?
A: I like the muscle shirt that I’m wearing.
Q:What is your fav. person on roblox?
A: Probably klikafizzy (aka are5) but I have a few more like haloguy, rebreb, and KingApple. I do have many other true friends (like not just on the friends list) on ROBLOX but I’m not going to name them all.
Q: Do you think roblox has too many obby courses and other pointless stuff? If so, Do you plan to do anything about it and what?
A: I think ROBLOX has a little high amount of ob courses but it’s not really a critical situation.
Q: Do you have any new, good modles that you will come out with soon?
A: I’m working on two new tools one with friends and one by myself. I have no idea what they will be though.
Q: Do you think that some of the rules of roblox don’t make much sence?
A: I think they all make sense. Without them ROBLOX would be a terrible site.
Q: Have you ever done anything on roblox that you’ve regretted later?
A: Yes. I swore on another account (when I was stupid) because I was really mad at the admins knocking down the stairs on Fireguy650’s ob course. I’m not that stupid anymore so don’t worry about me swearing.
-Sonic Boy

The Studios are now opened!

March 29, 2008 at 10:21 am | Posted in News | Leave a comment
The studios are now opened! For all thoses who are on the ROBLOXian moon, let me explain: The Jobs page is gone, the Studios are now opened! This is basically the Filming CO of the ROBLOX Direct staff, so you can see great movies! The first project is gonna appear on the site very soon… In the mean time, you can watch some great videos on the Video Page of ROBLOX Direct!!
-Sonic Boy

^— O NOES!

March 27, 2008 at 8:22 pm | Posted in Roblox Direct News | 2 Comments
Note: This is a random image.
I had to close the Jobs section. Why? Here is 3 reasons:
  1. [77% of my PMs is in this category] Most of them where noobs who were begging, or it was noobs who badly filled/understanded the form. Also noobs had HORRIBLE spelling.
  2. I’m fine with my team for now. They are doing great work, so they should be no problem…
  3. Some just didn’t do a good recrutement form.
Unless someone leaves, or if I feel like it, the page will reopen. Sorry for the incovenient.
Oh, by the way, a blog called ROBLOX Direct Studios is on the makings. It will be the Movie HQ, and there will be jobs for each movie!
-Sonic Boy

Interview with pixelpenguin – by zap123

March 27, 2008 at 8:09 pm | Posted in Interviews | 4 Comments
Ahh, finnaly a day where I can get some peace… No ROBLOX News… No ROBLOX Place Review… No ROBLOX Mystery… Ahh, finally a day of break! =P Oh wait, got PM. O_o Great, an interview! =D
Ok, so, today, zap123 is gonna interview pixelpenguin, who has made some great places, like the Aircraft Carrier, or even the ROBLOX Speedboat Racing. Enjoy this interview!
Q: So pixelpenguin, what is your favorite modle that you’ve made?
A: Probably the proximity mine. Goldeneye 64 RULES!
Q: What’s your favorite place on roblox?
A: I don’t go to places much, and since they are so fickle, it’s hard to say, although I love a good battle at Crossroads.
Q: Robloxia has seemed to be strung in a web of places that aren’t very original. Do you think this is true and if so, what do you think about it?
A: Yes, I do. Every day the Games page is littered with obstacle courses or blatant, but not-as-good ripoffs of other places. Once in a while, though, a truely fun and original place comes up, but is quickly pushed away by the other stupid places. Sad, really.
Q: Was there any main inspiration for your Aircraft Carrier place?
A: Top gun for the NES. For the record, I modeled my carrier after this picture:
Q: Who is your favorite robloxian?
A: I don’t really have one, but I do like Telamon’s sarcastic attitude and Clockwork’s supreme rule over teapots.
Q: What do you think drives people towards your Aircraft Carrier?
A: Your guess is as good as mine. It may be that people are simply curious, or it may be just that there are planes in it at all.
Q: What is your favorite hat and shirt combination or just hat or shirt?
A: My favorite hat is definitely the ‘phones, and I find that my “I’m not listening” shirt goes very well with it. ^_^
-Sonic Boy

Jtec’s 2 Reviews

March 26, 2008 at 7:25 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 4 Comments

And again! Zomg, 3 reviews in a row??? Yes, Jtec has made 2 new reviews. One is on Farm Tycoon by uberubert, and the other is on Destroy the SpaceShip by DrewsomeB. Enjoy.

-Sonic Boy

– Farm Tycoon –

This is honestly one of my favorite games on Roblox. It is scripted SUPERBLY! Also there is that big suspicious tree which has a great tool at the top and is near impossible to reach but is great for the people who like obstacle courses. There isn’t anything for the people who like building or fighting though. It also very friend friendly, by that I mean you can donate money to your friend and vice versa. Another great part is for example when you buy the watering system it adds a watering system above the plants. It doesn’t just say “Watering system installed” It actually shows that it is installed. One of the only problems with it would be sometimes the “Become Owner of this Farm” takes 5 minutes too work especially when place is full, but besides that this Is one of the best scripted games in Roblox. I rate it an 8/10.

Destroy The Spaceship
Review by DrewsomeB

As a reviewer I like the unique games for example this awesome one of a kind game. The idea of the game is to well as the title says destroy the ship. It is very entertaining and an awesome game for role-players and Bloxxers, but nothing for the people who like building. A great idea to add to the game though would be either ranks or a possibility to fly the actual spaceship. This is a game that I recommend to everyone and I would even pay 20 Tix every time to play if I had to and it is a great game for the under and over 13’s. I rate this game a 9/10.


March 26, 2008 at 7:19 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 3 Comments

Welcome back. Today, jediknightkrazy is gonna review for us the game “BE CRUSHED BY A SPEEDING WALL!” that was created by NintendoZACHERY. I hope you guys will enjoy this.


Though the title is “be crushed by a speeding wall”, the creator has placed an emphasis on getting to the secret room at the end.

Other people who use the title of the place as their guide abuse the “Set forth the speeding wall” button, leading to noobs yelling “STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!” and “I REPORT U OMG” (Possibly the reason why the report button is nowhere to be seen in that place… curious.)

This place is fun for a few minutes after you press the button, get crushed, then press it and attempt to survive by going into a Safe Zone, or, more recently, creating a 1-use house to shelter yourself and 2 others. Unfortunately, the latter method causes you to survive, yet go all the way back to the beginning.

After a while of dying/surviving, you will want to reach the end. However, with the ease of setting forth the wall, you will die (or ride in a house) many times before you even reach a Safe Point along the way.

Once (if) you actually reach the end, you will change teams and find several things available to you: Several morphs that are fun for a minute or two, a “funjail” that you can actually access at any time, a few items that can be “bought” with deaths (Which take away deaths, and don’t regen next time you die, which you do frequently in this place. They’re really not worth it.), a few horrendously overpowered weapons (that can even spawnkill, leading to more screaming and reporting noobs)

Another thing: If there are admins in the place, expect it to be hacked beyond recognition. Admins can block The Button, among other things)

Overall: 3/10. Fun for a minute, but noobs and contradictary objectives don’t mix, and overpowered admins and winners kill the fun even faster.

The 2 Job worker…

March 26, 2008 at 7:05 pm | Posted in Roblox Direct News | Leave a comment
jediknightkrazy joins the team with 2 Jobs! It’s unusual. He will be a Place Reviewer along with Jtec, and he will be the first Micellanious Contributor! So expect something in 3 minutes…
-Sonic Boy

Sword Fight on the heights II Tips N’ Tricks

March 26, 2008 at 12:16 pm | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 3 Comments
Sword fight on the Heights II: Great Classic, Great Sequel. The first Sword Fight evar becomes a big battlefield, with power-ups, more swords. Telamon also expanded the place by adding Springs, a bridge, Jetboots, and just lots more. All great games need help, so here is how to be the best at this great game.
1. Power-Ups, Swords, Bonuses
The firebrand. This will deal massive damage. Althought there is a Spawn Point right next to the Firebrand, you can still access it by going by the 3 ropes. Just be careful not to fall in that tiny hole. 😉
The ice dagger. The most powerful weapon in the whole game. Touching someone will be frozen, then lose all of his HP. To get this, you must get trough the Phantom Plates, then avoid the Rotational Lava Bricks.
The MedKit. Running low on HP? Have BattleArmor, but you dont want to go through many obsticals just to heal? Well, this item is for you. Using it will heal your HP fully. You can only use it once, though. To get this, either spawn next to it, or cross the big bridge.
The sheild. Using this item will make you invinsible for 5 seconds. To get this, jumb by the little mountains, or spawn there.
The Battle armor. Grab this to increase your MaxHP to 300! An ideal bonus. To get this, climb the rotational mountain.
The jetboots. This is used either to Dodge enemy attcaks, or to get to high places fast. To get this, use the spring next to the bridge.
2. Fighting Tips
  • Don’t fight if you are very low on HP. Instead, find the HealPad or use a MedKit.
  • If you want to survive, and rack up a big amount of KOs, you should get all bonuses.
  • If you are falling, quickly equip the Jetboots. This could save a WO.
  • Instead of using the mouse to choose a weapon, use the numbers. Example: If Jetboots is Item 2 in your inventory, press the 2 Key.
  • Try avoiding fighting the Ice Daggers owners. Unless they are noobs who can’t slunge their swords, it is hard to blox them without getting a WO.
  • Try fighting in Brawls. If you see many peoples fighting in a little corner, blox them all. Best with Ice Dagger, or FireBrand.
  • Be careful with trampolines: they can sometimes make you bump on the floor, and most of the time, it’s due to the fact that you are holding a sword when you are using the trampoline. Desequip any tool (apart the Jet Boots) to avoid getting a easy WO.
  • Keep your camera zoomed out a bit. This is essential to see all the attacks by behind.

3. Cool, Good Tricks N’ Glitches

  • Sometimes, the rotational lava brick may be glitched. It will stop, so the battle could be a bit more easier.
  • Got a WO by the Pit? Drop your weapons with Backspace, and for some reason, they appear close to the place where you fell.
  • Sometimes (rarely), when you use the HealPad, you will be healed, but it will regen 3 seconds later!
  • When you are bloxxed while holding a sword, if the enemy is low HP, and touches the Sword, he will get a WO, and you will get a KO! (NOTE: Only works for the Basic Sword)

4. Sword Techniques

  • Sword Dance: Pull out a sword, keep using it, and at the same time, perform a combination of pressing Up and Down very quickly. You will love this if you have the Ice Dagger! 😛
  • Showdown: While running on a Rope, if someone is in your way, is equiped with a sword, a charging right at you, just keep running at him, then, when you are close to him, start attacking. If you have a perfect timing, you can do 2 Normal Attacks and a Slung Attack! Result: KO for you, WO for him.

So, if you can get a Bloxxer badge with this guide, then you’re awesome. If not, then you need more training. Oh, and one more thing:

If everyone in the server is being a Noob, change servers.

Well that’s all. See ya later!

-Sonic Boy

Interview with JacobxxDuel – By zap123

March 25, 2008 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Interviews | 5 Comments

Well, the first interview of ROBLOX Direct was made by zap123. Please note that spelling where fix in this edition (I mean the small typos).

-Sonic Boy

Zap123: Was there any main insperation for the “Telamon Temple” place you’ve recently created?
JacobxxDuel: Uh, I don’t know if you could call it “insperation.” I did kinda get the idea from a TV show but Ive changed it so much it doesn’t look any thing like what I started it to be. Its still cool though.

Zap123: What do you think of all these places that arn’t really anything new and have become a clitch’e?
JacobxxDuel: Uh… I don’t think of them. I mean really I don’t have a lot of time to play the game any more. Shane and I are busy making some cool new maps that hopefully will solve the “nubbby place problame.” Roblox needs more good maps, and fast.

Zap123: How much money do you currently have?
JacobxxDuel: Enough.

Zap123: How many contests have you won?
JacobxxDuel: 2… or 3… I don’t really rember.

Zap123: What’s your favorite contest?
JacobxxDuel: Hm… I really enjoy the ones like the Easter and Christmas ones. Their fun but not to competitive.

Zap123: Who is your favorite robloxian besides FFJosh?
JacobxxDuel: Eh, hes not my favorite robloxian. Tottis my favorite. Hes my best friend in real life too.

Zap123: What’s your favorite hat and shirt?
JacobxxDuel: Hat? That one that hasn’t come out yet. Shirt, Sirlions are pretty cool. So are the ninja ones from Robloxanator (or however you spell his name.)

Zap123: Do you have any tips or wise words for the inspired ones walking in your path?
JacobxxDuel: Yeah. Don’t give up. It took me a year of good playing to become a forum mod, so stick with it. Its not like that year wasn’t fun thought 😛 enjoy it.

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