Some New Hats!

October 28, 2008 at 11:49 pm | Posted in Contests, Mysterys, News | 1 Comment

There are some new hats in town! some of them are weird. some are pure pwnage!

This is the Hockey Mask! this was inside the gift of HAALLLOOOOWWWWEEEEN!! most of the time these hats that are in the gift hats are not for sale… but its up for 40,000 tickets.

This is the Happy Time Magic Flower Hat! (sorry for the small image. it didnt show up when i clicked on it.) alot of people are saying this is for christmas. it cant be for the halloween contest. its not… halloweenish. but anyways its like a tophat only with a flower on it. abit silly but funny. looks cool to wear.

This is the Darkseed the Fallen! this is for halloween contest. well atleast thats what i think… its like the Eerie Pumpkin Head hat… only with the purple color inside. its a cool pumpkin color… hat thing.


So anyways these hats are pretty awesome. halloween and christmas is gonna be great.



The Riddling Skull And The Puzzle

October 10, 2008 at 8:33 pm | Posted in Mysterys, News | 6 Comments

Theres this hat called the riddling skull. it was for alittle treasure hunt . people asked how to get it. well telamon was at a “meeting” or something… and players had to wait for the riddling treasure hunt place to be done. there was BETA testers. they got the hat before anyone. which made players mad. but today the ridling treasure hunt was going on at Yorick’s Resting Place. it was to find the skull and win the hat. it was easy as pie for some players. others are having a hard time. but it was fun! me and some friends went out to find the skull… toke us an hour to find it. but im not gonna tell you how to find it. your gonna have to find it out on your own. like the rest of us. nothing super cool about the skull hat but it looks great. but soon it will just become a plan old hat.

to play the puzzle treasure hunt … go here!

good luck and happy hunting!


oh and Roblox Direct has OVER 40,000!!!!!! views!


RASA Ressurection?

August 21, 2008 at 12:41 pm | Posted in Mysterys | 3 Comments

HERE, where the world is quiet. 😀

RASA is the Robloxian Aeronautics and Space Administration. They discover everything that happends in Space. Well, they USED to. If you didn’t see their first launch, here is a video made by Cheddly:

Now, 5 days ago, JacobxxDuel realeased on his Youtube Account never-before seen pictures of their first launch.

All this is great, but what does it contribute to the resurrection of RASA? Well, the videos aren’t the only proof. I have 2 more things to say.

First of all, why would some admins/moderators change their uniform into the RASA uniform? Woulden’t THAT be hinting about it doing another launch soon? And second, the RASA account (it’s old their account), just updated the place 2 days ago. And why would they be friends with RASACam? He recently registered.

Finnaly, I have a little idea of what is RASACam:

RASACam, since RASA’s place is friends-only, could be the place where they will put a screen, (or something that shows the activity in RASA’s place). Could it be the linking of 2 different places in one? No one will know… for now.

Well, when we have a mystery, the number 1 thing to say is “Wait and see...”.

By the way, did you guys get the latest version of ROBLOX? They also did ALOT of updates on the site. I played in the test server a few hours before it closed. 😛


Roblox and hunters

July 3, 2008 at 7:02 am | Posted in Mysterys | 4 Comments

Nothing is better than a nice game of Ultimate Paintball CTF by miked. But when the noobs come, you wanna avoid them. Yesterday, some crazy stuff happened there. Well… The team name has been changed to lolololololol in a certain server!

Now, (here comes the good stuff) Telamon wanted YOU to send an E-Mail to, with the informations on how to do that exploit. of course, there is no hunt without without prize. So what does he give?

The nethack man pages and 1000Tixs.

So only a few players got the book. But was this done on purpose? Did they just know that miked inserted a Name Team Changer from the 4 Tower game? I don’t know, maybe someone here will comment and tell me how it happened.

So in the end, the book was used for something.

In other words… the action adventure contest has finished! We still don’t know the end (like who won…), rumors say that ReeseMcBlox is taking 2 days of rest. I think she really deserves it, after all, managing the community is a very hard task.


The Nethack Man pages will NOT be given out.

June 29, 2008 at 3:54 pm | Posted in Mysterys | 7 Comments

Nethack picture

It’s amazing how alot of players got fooled by some trick. I’ll simply say it: This hat is NOT for anyone. This hat was created by Telamon for DocStrange. Missed the craziness? Read on:

A user was pretending to give the hat if you visited his lace, favorited him and sended him a Friend Request. Of course, at a certain moment, he demanded you to wear a certain color code, to look like teh hacker. Then, a guy called H4xx3r came to the place saying that you solved the mystery, and you will claim the prize if you visit HIS place.

Of course, after, we discovered that H4xx3r was a fake. Then, the other user was going into different places! Untill… We met him at Matt.Dusek’s Balance. His account gets deleted. That proves he was a fake too.

So there you go, the story of how alot of us robloxians got fooled by this user. But he really planned well, we should be careful, this person MIGHT attack again… Let’s hope not…

If you wanna know what’s the image on this post, it’s the image of Nethack, the game.

-Sonic Boy


June 25, 2008 at 7:05 am | Posted in Mysterys | 2 Comments

Nethack Man Pages

I recently found this in the Catalog (about time something new comes…). Uploaded by Telamon, this is called the Nethack Man Pages. What actually very weird (from Wikipedia), is that Nethack is a video game! No joke! Here’s the article in Wikipedia!

Anyway. I have a bad feeling this needs a certain requirement in order to get it. And the description is also weird:

Printed out in easy-to-read 4 point font. 1200 pages.

Man, all this thinking is driving me crazy! D: Well, maybe time will tell…


The Easter Mystery of Eggs

March 18, 2008 at 5:45 pm | Posted in Mysterys | Leave a comment
The most unexpected mystery… are eggs… First of all, go and look in the ROBLOX Catalog. You will see a total of 2 Eggs in there, whith the most common name of all time: “?” and “??”. This prouves that it’s a mystery that must be solved.
Let’s start first… Do you remember Telamon’s Bunny ears made by him? Well it seems, from some rumours, that he diposes Eggs every where he goes! Something like the Teapot Turret, huh
The next BIG mystery is thoses eggs that SUDDENLY appeared in the catalog. They appear as 2 eggs: ? and ??. It’s very easy to know that it’s basically not available… for now!
I cannot solve anything for now, but the Forum has lots of “Good Stuff”. Take a look! =D

A present mystery solved?

March 3, 2008 at 7:02 pm | Posted in Mysterys | Leave a comment

Well, yeah. Basically, In order to get the present, you had to connect yourself on Febuary 29th. The developers say that it will open very soon. It’s seems like the present has been given out to alot of peoples… I think 65% of the robloxians has this gift. If you don’t have it, why not but it? It’s currently on sale for 95 Robux. But it’s still weird having a present in Febuary… mind you, we are in March…

And the admins were so nice, they gave us a little Puzzle to play with while waiting for the present to open. Finishing the puzzle shows you the hat in the present… You can play it at the official Blog. And concerning ROBLOX Direct, we plan on something special… We can’t tell you right now…

A gift in Febuary?!?!?

February 29, 2008 at 12:52 pm | Posted in Mysterys | Leave a comment
Yes, a new gift just appeared in the ROBLOX Catalog. It’s the Bluesteel Gift of Long years…
Now, when you read the name of the present, you will find 2 clues:
-How to get: Have Veteran’s Badge
-Inside: Bluesteel Bathelm
Well, let’s just say: Your wrong. First of all, the Veteran’s DON’T have this present. And second, Bluesteel Bathelm is a CONTEST EXCLUSIVE hat.
The future will give us anwsers, but there is currently no info on how to get it… Stay tune for more info!

The Mystery of the Cake Hat

February 5, 2008 at 1:39 pm | Posted in Mysterys | Leave a comment

So, you all remember that Cake hat, right? It’s a cake hat, that could probably be for your birthday. But no. It’s more complicated then you think. This is the first Roblox Mystery of ROBLOX Direct. In order to understand, I will list the events of the mystery. if you do everything, you may get the hat! =D (Don’t forget that clockwork made the hat itself).

[31/01/08] The cake hat came to the ROBLOX Catalog, with the mysterious description: “The cake is a lie”. This has a little reference to the game “Portal”.

[01/02/08] The cake got updated. I have no idea why, nothing changed. ROBLOX Published the shirt “The cake is a lie”. The text “The cake is a lie” was repeated like if it was spam. Some users discovered a hidden phrase in that “sorta Spam like” description: “The bot is a lie.” A bot is hidding in ROBLOX… who is it?

[03/02/08] The cake shirt was not on sale anymore. (I have it). This meant this was a mystery in the cake.

[04/02/08] The user ELIZA posted a post in the General Forums, saying that she is a “Computer build to chat with humans”. Now what do we know… a BOT!!! Let’s check the profile. The description says: Operated by Telamon. Send her a PM. (Say like a math operation, for example). You will get an automatic reply. Things like: Hi! Are you a boy or a girl? or: Okay, Whatever. Depending on what you say, the answer will be COMPLETLY out of the subject.

[06/02/08] After all the research, the cake hat became for sale… (Along with the Chef Hat). It’s currently on sale for 25 Robux….. Only peoples with Robux can buy this, I got mine! =P

[07/02/08] …but gets off sale. After reading the “Very Useful” ROBLOX Forums, I discover that the hat was made for Telamon’s birthday! Happy birthday, Telamon! And so ends the mystery of the cake hat… but don’t worry if you didn’t get the cake hat! Telamon posted on the same topic: “We may put it on sale again”.

(>’.’)> —Sonic Boy— <(‘.'<)

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