You guys want the TC fixed?

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You guys want that fixed? It’s not broken, and you shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken. And besides, that looks pretty awesome to me.


Buying hats and some other st00f

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Before I get into this, I’d like to say that I was right; Hat trading/buying is being released. LOLWUTNAO (I was actually one of the guys who thought they wouldn’t do it, not because of Telamon’s tweet, mind you, but let’s pretend I was, ‘kay?).


As you can(not) see by the picture, hat trading turned out a bit different than we thought it would. Instead, you buy hats from other players. Not much of a difference, really. You can still choose who to buy it from, and you can just have them buy a hat from you for the same price later so it’s basically a trade. There’s a bit of danger in your hat getting bought by someone else, but whatever, right?

So, something rather old now: hats have bevels. Not really that important. And something’s that a bit old but has been updated is that hats now have legends. The little limited sign means that… actually, I’ll just post a picture of the legend key. I mean, who can explain a feature better than its creator?


So, yeah, that’s more or less everything that’s been going on in the Test Server lately. I’ve probably missed some things, but I’ll get that in a later post, since it’s getting rather late. Just one thing more for today…


Oh, look, it’s my old Top 100 Poster badge. I haven’t seen that in over a year…

There’s forums on the Test Server! Yeah, this is pretty old too, but I just wanted to point that out in case you didn’t know. I’ll also provide a link, because I’m nice.


Hat trading — Is it finally coming?

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If you take a gander at the ROBLOX Talk section of the forums, you’ll see tons of threads about hat trades and such. Obviously, people really believe that a hat trading feature is going to be released soon.

This is totally possible, since a long time ago in June 2007, Telamon had mentioned that the Domino Crown was going to be worth a lot later on when an item-trading feature was made.

Of course, that was over two years ago, so you’ll have to forgive me for being a bit skeptical. I mean, sure, the devs have released a lot of features “behind schedule,” but two years?

Well, to each his own. Leave a comment on whether you think this will be released some time in the near future or not.


Roblox finally saves the whales.

September 10, 2009 at 6:06 am | Posted in Robloxian News | 1 Comment

Roblox recently released a couple of new hats from the circus, however the Phantasmagorical Band Hat doesn’t seem that populair the Happy Monkey Friend is really worth your robux. (If you could afford it.)

Roblox also brought us a new red top hat with bunny ears. Or “The Red Bunny”  as Roblox calls it.

It look completely awesome.

However, to bad for 95% of the population of Roblox, the hat costs you 4500 R$. (Thats 40500 tix for you.)
So you can’t get this hat from just your daily login reward, and it will only appeal the rich.

The save the whales sign also looks completely epic.
However.. do NOT buy it.

It will cost you 150 R$ (1350 tix) but all it does is make a sound.
So its a complete waste of your money.
Unless you got a addiction to whales, you love the sound of people yelling out of protest or got to mutch money, this is gear to say “No!” to.

In local news…

In order to reanimate Roblox Direct, I am picking up the team together again.
Give a nice welcome to Arrowbic and Legocat5!

This means the team page would be restored again soon.

Oh hai, I am NoobName, and you are?

September 6, 2009 at 6:47 pm | Posted in 4238911 | 6 Comments

I am NoobName, and I am now the new owner of Roblox direct!

” What?! Why didn’t Sonicboy give it to me and gave it to some noob?! “

Well let me explain young fellow, I’ve been Sonicboys friend for some time now.
I am experienced in running blogs.
I’ve runned another blog called Roblox Juice from the start to the end.
Roblox Juice was populair for quite a time.
Yet my grammar might be alittle worse than Sonicboy’s.
I am quite famous for my videos, for those who dont know about my video’s here is a link.

I will from now on put all my powers, time and bloxy cola into making this blog live again.
And believe me, that is alot.

N. Red-N. Red

…And I come for my final words.

September 3, 2009 at 8:16 pm | Posted in Blog News | 16 Comments

This blog will either die or be given to someone else. There is a reason for this.

I recently looked at the trailer on the front page again, for the heck of testing the newest flash on the Wii’s Internet Channel. At the release of the video, none really cared about what it said and all that. Now the point is, you think Roblox is becoming too much a social site, amirite? They predicted this way ago… Just, please, look at the trailer, and the words UNDER the logo.

And this means something. Yes, no game updates. “But there are new materials!!! :D” And that’s worthless. What’s with the insane physics? The core was to make it a educational game with PHYSICS. They screwed that up. And anyone though about the insane bugs in the game? No one does, they get blinded by the hats and the SITE updates. Another thing is that they never, NEVER, made a new site based on the poll in 07. Instead, they are lazy and decided to put their site under live support. If your going to make a site, make it the same design on every page, not radical changes on every page.

“But ROBLOX is in Alpha, NOOB.” They could have just released the game publicly in it’s BETA. Wait, they don’t consider the fact it’s still a game in alpha. If you want people to play, especially ONE MILLION players, it must be playable.

Also, the fact everything is in ROBUX is sad, plain sad. Especially, when you mess up entirely the TC. Don’t blame us, Tela. We didn’t screw it up. Okay, maybe like a tiny bit, but there was a modification in TC. Every update is now a builder’s club ONLY feature. MIGHT AS WELL, make it a PAY TO PLAY?

Now, I know some think I’m overexagerating, but it’s somewhat true. For a total of two months TBC, I can buy the Orange Box in my store. (20 Euros). I got it anyway, while for one month, you can get instead, GMod. 6 Months? I’d buy Metroid Prime Trilogy. Lifetime? Buy yourself a TV! Not a Virtual advantage! Or donate to the poor. It’s a game to have FUN. Not to keep spending money to play a game that’s full of glitches and sad over-riched players, or just noobs that make themself look like they have an intelligence of 0.

The , ONLY, thing I’ve seen theses days to fix something… was an exploit hack at SFOTHIV. That’s all. And it’s still being hacked strong. And we don’t get a system to prevent Free Model viruses, just this stupid little help section in Builderman’s help. Valve (still comparing to them) does better in this. Remember the Idle Program in TF2, were a bot would stand still and get you hats? Gonner, everyone who got a hat from that got ALL hats removed, even ligitimate ones. It’s also a PATCH. There even kind enough to give Angel Halo to all thoses who didn’t cheat. That’s what I call great Community Service. Speaking of that, did I mention they do some stuff on community requests, mentioned in the game update log?

It’s quite sad to say, but, I will. This game isn’t more fun than WoW. I absolutly hate WoW, but now ROBLOX looks like garbage. Yeah, I said garbage. I’ve heard this game has been around 5 years in alpha. Sad…

Now, comes my point. To my best friends, and very, very inteligent people that can handle a blog, PM me for details on getting to be the owner. You need a WordPress account, however. You’ll have control over everything. You can delete me, add everyone an admin, I don’t really care about a brick game that cares about money, and dosn’t care about support, community, game in itself, and alot more stuff. SO my final words…



Continue Reading …And I come for my final words….

100k Visits, Telamon reacts.

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BAThe number of views on the left is the 25th of August. However, on the right, it’s the 26th of August. Today, were August 27th. The reason behind this over-powered view count? Well…

TelamonOMGrespecthisopinionlikeyoualwaysdoMaybe we are going to start posting again. I was waiting for September to start, but I guess it’ll be earlier. Oh, expect a theme change soon.

Let’s Redo the Blog!

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Old posts will be moved into a category called: “Old Archive”, that will contain all the usual categories inside. Site may be remodeled. And other stuff. BRB.

Test Site Preview: Twitterblox!

July 24, 2009 at 9:21 pm | Posted in News | 2 Comments

TestServer1Alright, this update seems to be all about refurbishing the “My ROBLOX” page. Allow me to explain.

Home Page

(See image on the top) This will show you your avatar, your money, a little bar where you can say what you are doing right now, receive news of your best friends (look further for details), and if your best friends are online or not. The ? is a bug in the test server, it shouldn’t happend on the real game, well, I hope. The bottom image displays it when there is best friends selected.

TestServer5Account is the standard “edit profile” from the original site. No changes.


Displays the original “My ROBLOX” page. It will this time, however, show your current activity AND what groups you are in. > Also note that the player’s name is outside the blue box. <


Oh boy. In this part, they added “Best Friends”. Basically, you can nominate up to ten best friends (Ten? I SMELL MONEY IN THIS.), and also, once you’ve done that, you receive on your Home Page all their updates, if they are online or not.

TestServer3Characters, Money, Abassador and Advertizing remain the same. However, Non-BC go to your ranting tanks…


That’s right, groups. Not much can be explained, since it’s BC Only. Oh wait, I AM in BC. However, Test Server dosn’t allow to create for now. I guess it will have a similar thing with Best Friends.

This seems good. However, why don’t they focus on some gameplay, like the physics that badly need it, for example? 😉


1 ROBUX for 6 Tickets, WE ARE SAVED.

July 23, 2009 at 12:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

…Well, this was unexpected.
Non-BC, rejoice: go change thoses tixs you’ve been saving.
TBC/BC, don’t rejoice: your robux is worth less.

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