Avoiding the Horrible Games: Preview Pictures

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Hello, and welcome to the first of a serie of mini guides of “Avoiding the Horrible Games”. Theses guides will be used to make you know what you should visit, and what you should not visit. In this first part, we tell you all about the Preview Pictures of the places, how to know what’s good, what’s not good, and how to learn to immediatly reconize the worse of the bunch. Are you guys ready? If so, read on!


This is a very tricky part. When browsing the Games page, you will most likely see previews with images that come straight from… something else.

Take for example the game “Second Life”, I saw recently on the Games page, made by the Guy-Everyone-Hates-Even-Though-The-Haters-Are-Stupid-Enought-To-Still-Visit-His-Places-And-They-Hate-Him-OMG-LOL. We have a picture that’s comes straight from the game called Second Life.

It might look like an actual screenshot, but its not! Look at the fuzzyness of the picture!

It might look like an actual screenshot, but it's not! Look at the fuzzyness of the picture!

Now, the game’s image promises you with a game that’s almost like Second Life. Now, this is where you use your Brain. If you think a bit more, you would say either:

  • This game would have been featured moons ago if it was good.
  • Roblox removed meshes. Besides, there are no meshes that are ANYTHING related to this.
  • It is impossible to build all this. The computer would go in flames.

Reading the description might also help you uncover if the game is bad, or not. Let’s check out the description of the place:

Welcome Build a House a store or Go shoping for Swords to kill people with Shop Trees Buy homes Buildings etc like Office buildings drive a car go to Prison Buy the vip to get more wepons and Guns And even Free money Vip at [Hidden Content to Avoid Profit. =) ] This is not bad game just build a house and go and shop or Drive Around or get money to buy Swords!

  • General Spelling: Normally, even if you can’t spell correctly, you can still build good stuff. (Are92…) However, it’s mostly the case that a bad speller also can’t build correctly. It’s logic: when your dumb, your dumb for mostly everything (most of the time…).
  • Go shoping for Swords to kill people with Shop Trees: Look at Wikipedia, do some research! If you search enough, you’ll find out that you don’t go shopping for swords to kill people with SHOP TREES. I really laughed hard at that. SHOP TREES.
  • the vip to get more wepons and Guns And even Free money Vip at [Hidden Content to Avoid Profit. =) ]: Okay… Free Money if you buy VIP? You really supposed to earn it, in Second Life, you don’t get free virtual money by buying something in real life. Wikipedia again for confirmation…….. Unless he’s talking by “Hacking”.
  • is not bad game: When they say that, they are lying 99% of the time. Add one percent because of the spelling and grammar. Now your at 100. Yay.

HARDER: Roblox Acting

Use your brains. This is toughther than you think.

Use your brains. This is toughther than you think.

This just had to come. Roblox Acting. Roblox Acting is a technique used to place Robloxians in a pose to be on the Preview Picture. The hardest thing is to uncover without visiting.

Northern Robloxian Speedway *FINISHED* V1.1.0.3 is a game by Cessnaporsche01 and has a cool looking pose picture. However, deepending of the situation of the pose, you can know immeadiatly if good or no good:

  • Is the pose related to the place? (Yes in this case, because it’s a racing game.)
  • Is the scenery detailed? (Yes in this case.)
  • Does it situate in the real place? (Yes here.)
  • Can you perform this in the game? Almost. But never yes. (Almost here, fully minus the smoke.)

And there. With answering thoses questions, you will know that this game is a good one.



The Nethernet treated with user-made roblox missions!

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The nethernet is a Firefox Add-On that is basically a game. You go on websites, you take missions and go on the demanded websites and you get money, you brake crates to get more money, you get badges for requirements, you get attacked by St. Nicks or bombs, etc…

Even though this game is quite mOLD, it is still growing strong. However, some users start to make ROBLOX-based missions. Well, you can call them tutorials, simply because they made thoses missions as tutorials.

By this method, the ROBLOX community will still grow because of that. Hey, wait a minute! I hope no one though of something I though of. You can be using this to like advertize a Roblox Contest video that requires you visits for the best prizes… Hum…


Roblox Etiquette – Guide

February 1, 2009 at 9:49 am | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 13 Comments


Today, I’d like to post about something that every ROBLOXian must know. This is how to live correctly. By that, you’ll treat others equally, the others will respect you, you won’t be whining, you’ll be… civillized. I got inspired into doing this thanks to this thread on the Roblox Forums. Anyway, you should read this. Continue on!

Continue Reading Roblox Etiquette – Guide…

ROtris – The Basics and Stuff

November 29, 2008 at 4:53 pm | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 3 Comments


A new game hit Roblox, and it’s xLEGOx’s ROtris! You know, the awesome scripter who made games such as Vehcile Battle, NXT Combat, Conquest III…

Well, it’s seems that Telamon wanted ROtris, to make it a contest game. So, xLEGOx gave Telamon ROtris, and in exchange, xLEGOx obtained Builder’s Club, allowing him to put all of his awesome places.

Enough with the Story, and back to the game. ROtris is a Roblox version of the Game “Tetris”, and that game started on a Computer, then on a Video Game Console… Continue Reading ROtris – The Basics and Stuff…

The Great Game Page Rescue!

October 30, 2008 at 10:12 am | Posted in News, Tips, Tricks and Help | 8 Comments

Searching on the Forums, I found out this awesome project that SilentSwords was making this project. This project, is to save the Game Page from the Bad Games. (Noob Games, games that use Free Models only, etc…)

The basics is simple: make a great, original, and creative place. The date limit to submit one of your great places is on 30/11/08/ (11/30/08 for Americain Day Format).

On that same day, SilentSwords will attack the Game Page with all thoses good places, and the creators of thoses places will try to invite the most players possible, so that it goes up the Game Page! The goal is to restore the Game Page back to it’s normal state, as of, good games.

What’s the prize? Nothing! But, you can help rescue the game page, and your reward shall be seeing great games on the Game Page. Also, if your place gets alot of visits, thanks to the 1 Visit = 1 tix obtained, you get tixs! You can consider that like a prize, if you want.

But before you rush up to sign up to help, you should get some advices from this awesome post chess123mate made. Trust me, it’s gonna help you alot. And also think that when you help this association, chess123mate is gonna have less stupid and boring places to review! He’ll have more awesome places to review, and he might even give one a 10.

To sign up your place, go here.

Can’t wait to see this event!


Video Making Tips

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Ever since the Funny Video Contest has been announced, my Inbox started filling up with theses types of messages:

  • give mi tips on movy making plzplz.. 1!
  • Can you help me with editing a video?
  • I can I join ur teamplz?

I decided to write this post showing some of my Video Tips. Keep note that this post will conserne most of all Windows Movie Maker. Grab your cameras!

WAIT! We cannot start a movie without a camera! Here’s a short list of good movie recording programs:

  • Debut. (I use this program)
  • Hypercam2
  • Fraps
  • Gamecam

Of course, you can just type this in Google, and select the first site. There all free, but Fraps has a 30 seconds limit for the non-paying edition, HyperCam2 has bad quality and has an annoying logo with the non-paying edition, and Gamecam is pretty much the same as Fraps. Debut is completely free.

Anyway, we are not talking about the Cameras! We’re talking about the movie!

Continue Reading Video Making Tips…

Be secure with trades – Tips

May 14, 2008 at 6:52 am | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 1 Comment

Scamming, probably a big crime that’s on ROBLOX. Scamming was made from place prizes, and trades. Place scamming is not extremely bad, but trade scam is, since you lose money. Here are a few tips to protect yourself from scams. (You can put a Trade Announce on Clockwork’s ROBLOX HQ. Please look at the blogroll.)

Tip 1: New to trading? Start trading with peoples that where reconnized to be “Good traders”. This reduced your chances of being scammed.

Tip 2: Never trade with Non-BC members. They can pay you, but you can’t. That’s bad.

Tip 3: Demand a proof photo if you’re not sure. After all, they can say “I got 5000Tixs. Let’s start.” when they only have 100Tixs.

Tip 4: Make sure you’re accepting a good price. Example: I pay 100Robux for 10Tickets is a bad deal. 100Tixs for 10ROBUX is a good deal, since robux are less owned, so you pay less RS for more tixs.

Tip 5: Trade small. Trading alot at once is useless, you have a bigger chance of being scammed.

That’s all. I did a test with the Trading Post, I placed that i pay 250RS for 5000Tixs, and i already got 2 trades requests from suspecious players. Especially if they have no badge, no visits…
Be careful with trades! (NOTE: Anyone want to trade? :P)

Common misconceptions about lag- by Jediknightkrazy

April 18, 2008 at 2:23 pm | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 5 Comments

Seeing Sonic Boy’s recent blog post, I thought I’d clear up a few things on lag:

All lag is caused by my ancient computer.

WRONG! There are two types of lag: client and server. Let me explain:

The “client” is your computer, and every other player’s computer. The server is a computer at ROBLOX HQ which you all connect to while playing an online place.

These “servers” aren’t supercomputers, though… heavy physics simulations, lots of bricks/snaps to manage, can make EVERYONE connected to the server lag.

Okay… but the rest of the lag is caused by my computer!

Not necessarily. Sometimes your internet connection will be slow, and delay the time that your computer and the server can communicate. Here’s some tips to determine the type of lag:

  1. Move the camera around a bit. If the camera moves smoothly, then the lag is on the server or your internet.
  2. If your character is moving painfully slowly, then your server is bogged down. Try a different server.
  3. If your character takes a couple of seconds to respond to your input (i.e. controls, keypresses), then the lag is probably your ISP. Go to http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ to determine your current speed.

If my place lags, I need to nuke some bricks and snaps.

Not always. Many times, a server will be hosting more than one place, and maybe the other places have too many bricks/snaps/physics, and your place is fine. Try another server (that is, leave, shutdown, Visit Online) and see if the problem persists.

Basically, there are three kinds of lag:

  1. Render lag. ROBLOX is drawing more bricks than your computer can handle. Camera movement is choppy. Character is moving at normal speed, but movement is very choppy.
  2. Connection lag. Your internet connection is slow. Camera movement is smooth, and things are moving at normal speed, but character takes a few seconds to respond to your commands.
  3. Server lag. This is what most of us think of when we think of lag. There is too much going on on the server. Camera movement is smooth, but things are moving at a snails pace, one… step… at a… time.

Lag Survival Guide

April 17, 2008 at 3:53 pm | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 8 Comments

We all know: Lag is a very big problem on ROBLOX. The admins are working very hard to remove as much lag as possible. But you do know you can do simple steps to reduce lag? Also learn techniques of surviving in a Lag fest.

-The first thing you must know is the control lag. This lag makes your actions occure later than the time you pressed a button.
To start, move to the closest wall, but don’t go to the wall. Stop holding the movement key before touching the wall. If your still moving, just wait a bit and then retry.

-Then comes the Brick/Snap lag, this is THE lag that’s the most common. First, you must know that it gets laggy ONLY if you look at lots of bricks. So, the action that should be done first is to change your camera angle to look down. You will (most of the time) see only the baseplate and yourself. Just note that looking UP is not recommended. Why? Simple! You don’t know WHERE you’re going.

-Making a Reduced-Lag place: first of all, add in the Snap Remover script (Aeacus made it), this will remove all the un-nessesary snaps. The next thing is kinda important. Don’t make a wall with many Small bricks (unless you want to make it destroyable), prefer making it with 5-6 Big bricks. Already, that’s ALOT of brick saving, since you lose like 100 Small bricks! That’s looks kinda small, but believe me, you’re gonna get less lag.

-(The following was suggested by briguy9876) Houses can be really laggy if there is alot of furniture. Stealth Pilot has created an Anti Lag house, and I’ll explain you how.
The first thing you will think is: “I put furniture, and POOF! No lag!”. Well that’s uber-wrong. Start placing the furniture INSIDE the house. Once that’s done, move all the furniture to the empty model inside the house. Test it. You will see a empty house, and -once you enter-, the furniture magically appear. And when you get out, POOF! Gone.

___This guide is not complete yet, I’m working on it! ^_^___

Short: Getting the Verified Sign

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Hello, fellow ROBLOXians,

You guys do remember the Verified Sign, right? I’m gonna tell you very quickly how to get it. Note that if you want to avoid spoilers, do not look.

Ok, so… First, go on My ROBLOX -> Edit Profile. Under your E-Mail, they will be a link saying:
“Verify your E-Mail”. After you clicked it, open your e-mail inbox (Not the ROBLOX PM Inbox). Click on that ROBLOX E-Mail. Once there, follow the instructions indicated. If done right, you will get the sign. Have fun!
NOTE: Try getting a shirt that goes with the Verified Sign if you’re gonna wear it. At least peoples will know that you’re 200% Verified! *Laughs*

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