Crazeh RoblEX

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Yesterday afternoon, the RoblEX server got jammed packed. Since alot of Transactions where performed at almost the same time, the server got litteraly slowed down. If you did a Transaction, you would have to wait 5 minutes in order to get the money. Alot of Users though it stole their money, but Telamon reassured that the transactions would be given once they fixed it.

After using the “Pink Information Bar” (or PIB, it dosen’t have a name…), Users continued doing Transactions. The admins had to take advanced measures and Disabling the RoblEX until it was fixed.

After Matt.Dusek’s Hard work, they managed to fix it. And now, you can do transactions again!

In other news, they opened the Test Server for an Update. Dunno what it is, since I’m on the Wii…


Hi. I’m Roblox Direct’s newest Staff member, Sonicfan6.

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Yes, It is me. Your worst nightmare. Sonicfan6. I’m not here to haunt you though. I’m here as an Idea person. Contests, places, etc. Feel free to welcome me with insults. No, NOT YOU LEGOCAT. Kthx. Anyway, Nice to meet you all. I look forward to the future. NOW SCRAM. Ololol.

Robloxian Madness Episode 10

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Here it is!


Ps: YAY! Roblox Direct is one year old! Read Sonicboy’s post below!
Pss: I gotta start working on some real news posts. ._.


Roblox Direct: 1 Year of Blogging

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We hit exactly one year! Man, ’08 flew so fast! (Glad it did, alot of bad stuff hapened for me in that year… don’t forget teh street with a wall that did an EPIC FAIL…) Today, it’s exactly one year! Roblox Direct was created one year ago, but it was the 19th of January. Well, not much to say, I just though I’d tell you. In other news, I’m planning on doing the Interviews. Maybe beginning Febuary or End January.

Roblox players love Nintendo Stuff

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Sure, you know thoses come from the Roblog. But if you look closely, and I mean really closely, hey! Nintendo stuff in masses! Ok, so it may NOT be in masses, but there’s alot in the feature. I’d list all of them I can see!

  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
  • Wiimote (Wii)
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)
  • Mario 8-Bit Lego Assembling (Dedicated to Nintendo’s mascot, Mario)
  • Nintendo DS (Original Grey)
  • Black Nintendo DS Lite
  • Another Nintendo DS (Original Grey)
  • ANOTHER Black Nintendo DS Lite
  • Nintendo Wii

Wow, that’s alot. Actually, most of this are related to Video Games. There’s the PSP, the Xbox 360 Controller, the game Rock band for PS2…

So, what did I submit? Hmmm. Willing to see it? I can’t, because… I don’t want to! xD But I just took Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii, so it’s ANOTHER Nintendo Related Thing. W00T, Nintendo sure did hit the Roblox Players.


Roblox brings you faces

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A new roblox update has hit! Not much is new, but a new thing for fashion. Remember the post where I talked about the Faces in the Test Server. They are now published, and they go well! Other than that, there’s another minor update, and it’s the parent login. With this… err… … oh I see. Your not concerned, but it’s just for the parents. ;P

One bad thing is that some faces have an crazy price. One of them -believe it or not-, costs 5,000 Robux! You can get a Purple Banded Top Hat with that! Anyway, most of them look cool, but you’ll have to pay in Robux. Maybe it’s time you’d use the Currency Converter?

In other news, … well, do I have to say something here?


I Love Roblox Contest

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GENIUS TEH HAT IDEA!!!1!!111!one!

It’s another contest. W00T! It’s even a new type of contest! Well, you should better do this, or you’ll never ever get to do a contest like this ever. Why? It’s that type of contest that for like doing “suggestions”. Or you can think of somerthing like, this.

Too lazy to write some stuff today, I’ll just give you a link to the original source: Link.


Teh SonicBoy is back. Teh faces r here.

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I’m back! So soon? Yes, but with a few restrictions for the Computer.

  • I don’t have my Builder’s Club anymore. Luckily, we cancelled it after the renewal, so I still have a month left.
  • I got parental controls. (Vista is fail.)
  • Limited to a few hours.
  • Only Week-Ends, and sometimes on Wednesdays.

So there. I’m back, so I will post now. (However, this DOSEN’T apply to the Wii. ^^) And now, we shall talk about Heads! No wait, that was the last update. We’re gonna talk about FACES.

Ganon: JOIN ME LINK, AND I’LL MAKE YOUR FACE THE GREATEST IN KORIDAI. (Youtube Poop fans discretion advised.)

No, that’s not the face update. So, this is for the moment only available in the Test Server. A total of 4 faces where uploaded: :P, :/ and a Vampire Face. Telamon uploaded a :O Face, but did not sell it. Speaking of price, very reasonable, around 5 tixs for the :/ face. Bad thing that will make more than one unhappy, is that you cannot create your own face. But, good thing is that it is prefectly implemented into the character. Of course, I was on the Wii when I looked at it, so I cound’t see it in Game. This should be realeased in a few days.

In other words, I had to delete legocat5’s collab with watersurf7 from RD simply because the site cannot have any time of sweaing at all. You can still see the video at LegocatMaster’s Youtube Account. (Search that on Youtube.)


TylerMcBride’s “■ Roblox Adventure II ■ Four worlds, 21 missions!” Place Review

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By: chess123mate

Link to Place
■ Roblox Adventure II ■ Four worlds, 21 missions!

I don’t believe I’d ever find a place like this. A place with ingenuity, original design, tons of creativity, and amazing features. Wow…

You begin the place, and everything is self explanatory. Figures are included that tell you what to do, who they are, and what you’re supposed to do in a very amazing fashion. Your adventure begins! Find tokens and coins (which give you tokens), or even objects that a character “Mr. Loseit” has lost (to get more tokens). Finding tokens unlocks more worlds.

There is a delicate balance between mild thinking and ‘obstacle course’ design, but

Only drawbacks I see is that


Scripting: 10/10. The evidence of outstanding scripting is obvious. Congratulations! Although I’m sure some could be improved, ex. some are bugged, it is still amazing.
Tools: 3/3. There is a “Reset” and a “Give Up” tool. The reset is normal, and the Give Up tool does the same thing. However, dying on a world does not send you back to the main town (you respawn on the same level!); the Give Up tool does.
Building: 10/10. There is detail everywhere. The town looks like a good town, and yet nothing uses too many bricks.
General Enjoyment: 10/10. Who can’t enjoy this place?
Originality: 10/10. Unless you count his former place which this is based on, I know of no other places like this. Yes there are adventures, but none like this. I am not penalizing the fact that many ideas are indirectly linked to other video games, since they are so general.
Creativity: 10/10. Ingenius creativity is seen everywhere.
Ease of Use: 2/2. Not much to use, but it’s all very simple.
Easy to Learn: 5/5. A “tutorial”, which should take about a minute or less to go through, is in one of the first buildings in the central ‘town’. /2. A very simple dial use.
Deals with Problems: 4/5. There are a few glitches, but they are being dealth with according to the description. You can’t even jump off the main platform to get to the other worlds…
Deals with Lag: 5/5. There are very few snaps compared to the number of bricks, and considering the number of existing bricks, I am led to believe that a de-snap script is used. For the magnitude of the scripting that was involved, there is practically no lag to be seen!

Overall: 9.9/10. Consider it a 10/10 place since there is only one bug that I could find! (Occasional Mr. Loseit not responding bug). Give the place a visit!!!

Roblox – Little Tortilla Boy Trailer

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