Buying hats and some other st00f

September 30, 2009 at 5:05 am | Posted in Previews | 2 Comments
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Before I get into this, I’d like to say that I was right; Hat trading/buying is being released. LOLWUTNAO (I was actually one of the guys who thought they wouldn’t do it, not because of Telamon’s tweet, mind you, but let’s pretend I was, ‘kay?).


As you can(not) see by the picture, hat trading turned out a bit different than we thought it would. Instead, you buy hats from other players. Not much of a difference, really. You can still choose who to buy it from, and you can just have them buy a hat from you for the same price later so it’s basically a trade. There’s a bit of danger in your hat getting bought by someone else, but whatever, right?

So, something rather old now: hats have bevels. Not really that important. And something’s that a bit old but has been updated is that hats now have legends. The little limited sign means that… actually, I’ll just post a picture of the legend key. I mean, who can explain a feature better than its creator?


So, yeah, that’s more or less everything that’s been going on in the Test Server lately. I’ve probably missed some things, but I’ll get that in a later post, since it’s getting rather late. Just one thing more for today…


Oh, look, it’s my old Top 100 Poster badge. I haven’t seen that in over a year…

There’s forums on the Test Server! Yeah, this is pretty old too, but I just wanted to point that out in case you didn’t know. I’ll also provide a link, because I’m nice.



Hat trading — Is it finally coming?

September 11, 2009 at 2:38 am | Posted in Other (Not Classified), Previews | 4 Comments
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If you take a gander at the ROBLOX Talk section of the forums, you’ll see tons of threads about hat trades and such. Obviously, people really believe that a hat trading feature is going to be released soon.

This is totally possible, since a long time ago in June 2007, Telamon had mentioned that the Domino Crown was going to be worth a lot later on when an item-trading feature was made.

Of course, that was over two years ago, so you’ll have to forgive me for being a bit skeptical. I mean, sure, the devs have released a lot of features “behind schedule,” but two years?

Well, to each his own. Leave a comment on whether you think this will be released some time in the near future or not.


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