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…is the current amount of views on Roblox Direct! Amazing!

It’s been almost a year the site’s up, and where already at 50,000. Thanks to all who visited the site, and special thanks to thoses who actually visited the site on a regular basis.



ROtris – The Basics and Stuff

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A new game hit Roblox, and it’s xLEGOx’s ROtris! You know, the awesome scripter who made games such as Vehcile Battle, NXT Combat, Conquest III…

Well, it’s seems that Telamon wanted ROtris, to make it a contest game. So, xLEGOx gave Telamon ROtris, and in exchange, xLEGOx obtained Builder’s Club, allowing him to put all of his awesome places.

Enough with the Story, and back to the game. ROtris is a Roblox version of the Game “Tetris”, and that game started on a Computer, then on a Video Game Console… Continue Reading ROtris – The Basics and Stuff…

Insanity Roblox Bloopers

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Roblox Direct Forums! (The Re-Made Edition)

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rdforumsjokeClick Here to visit!

Remember the old forums? They failed. At least legocat5 did somethin’ about it! Well, he MADE theses ones. Netherless, it’s in it’s beginning, so don’t say “u mak tis forum?”, cause I DIDN’T make this one.

Netherless, I’ll be moderating it. ;D (Just wait till I get meh powers…)

And I just went on the computer today because of the fact I knew they are gonna remove the Thanksgiving hats, so I went to grab them… >_> There’s still not removed, so GET THEM!


Robloxian Madness Episode 6 (Re-Done)

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Thanksgiving 2008

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Its almost time to hunt for some turkeys…. cas its geting close to Thanksgiving! A time to together with your family and enjoy a big yummy meal. Today two hats went on sale.


 Say hello to Mr.Gold Buckle Capotain. Hes the new hat for Thanksgiving. You thought roblox wouldnt atleast upload a hat for thanksgiving? you were wrong! This cool hat is like the Pilgrim Hat only with a gold buckle. Cool huh? This hat is on sale for 165 robux.


This is the Pilgrim Hat. It went on sale last thanksgiving in 2007. It went back on sale for about 150 robux. Nothing much to say about it… but its pretty cool.


Well what else will roblox do for thanksgiving? We will have to find out later on.



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I didn’t mention myself correctly on the Two Week Absence post.

Two Week-Days Absence.

I just though I would clarify that. Also, Roblox just got updated! But since there is no heads in this update, no game update will be required.


New Advertising may result in bad places still getting popular…

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I know this is off topic to writing place reviews, and I’m sure one of our news reporters will elaborate.

I just wonder, will this let the “rich get richer”? It wouldn’t be easy to get your place popular if you are new, and this advertising system won’t help. People with thousands of tickets will be able to afford heavy advertising, while people who just joined will never be able to compete unless they are amazing.

Anyway, if anyone sees a good place (I mean, really good), feel free to PM me and I’ll give it a review. It’s been awhile, I know; I’ve been busy lately (like everyone else). Hopefully we’ll find a place worthy of a 9 or the never-yet-awarded 10…


Roblox Music Video Hell Contest (Hosted By Legocat5 And JJ5x5)

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~Hosted By Legocat5 And JJ5x5~
Welcome to Roblox Music Video Hell Contest! An unofficial roblox video contest. Please watch the video on details and how to enter. The new deadline is December 1st. So enter now before its too late! If theres anything you would like to ask then comment down below and ill reply with an anwser.
~Side Rules And Side Notes~
-You can use windows movie maker or anything to use to edit your music video
-No hard rock or rick rolls.
-Yes JJ5x5 said he would help out and host this contest.
-If JJ isnt on or picks a good video, ill be the one to do it.
-This is an unofficial. its not a main roblox video contest

Click here to enter


Robloxian Madness Episode 6

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Heres robloxian madness episode 6! Enjoy.


PS: if the video doesnt load, click here!

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