Brown Cowboy Hat glitch…

April 29, 2008 at 11:06 am | Posted in News | 1 Comment

Recently, I went to the ROBLOX Catalog to buy the Brown Cowboy Hat.

But then, I noticed something… Look at this picture! You can clearly see me with a White Cowboy Hat, but in reality… it’s a brown cowboy hat. Even the Black Stripe is included! This has 2 possibilitys:

  1. It’s a texture problem.
  2. The new lighting model causes this effect.

Basically, if this glitch is not going to be fix, then expect to buy a Brown Cowboy Hat instead of a White one. You’ll actually get a white one for cheaper! 😛 Keep in note that this only works if you go in-game. On the site, you will still see a brown one.

-Sonic Boy

Spring Block Party – Reminder

April 26, 2008 at 11:57 am | Posted in Contests | 1 Comment

Did you forget to vote the Sping Block Entries? There is still time, but not alot of time! You better vote the good entrys first, then interrest yourself in the other entrys. Don’t forget you can vote for my entry here: SonicBoy’s Entry.

But here is some great news about the gallery: the order of entrys in now randomized. So, if your entry was in the first published, you may get a bit more votes! 😉

-Sonic Boy

Another major ROBLOX update?

April 24, 2008 at 5:27 pm | Posted in Quick News | Leave a comment

You do realize that ROBLOX is updating… right? So what’s gonna be this time? Wanna know? Go to Briguy’s ROBLOX, they feature a video (made by: Telamon) that shows you. Be warned, it has spoilers.
Hint for Spoiler-Free players: A new way to customize your character…

Spring Block Party: Parade Results

April 23, 2008 at 7:20 am | Posted in Contests | 1 Comment

The first two parades have already passed. Looking at theses parades at 100% is annoying, and the first thing you actually think is: “Where’s my entry???” I’m gonna do a list here of all the entrys who appeared in a parade. When the 3rd one appears, I will modify it.

Blogs Mentioned:

  • ROBLOX News
  • ROBLOX Juice

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The Veteran Newsite…

April 23, 2008 at 6:52 am | Posted in News | 2 Comments

…is BACK! ROBLOX News made a come-back after it dissapearing from the Blogroll… And concerning the parade, they announced ROBLOX Juice on parade 2. I have a feeling they are going to add ROBLOX Juice to their Blogroll…

-Sonic Boy

The 3 current glitches on ROBLOX

April 21, 2008 at 8:59 am | Posted in Quick News | 21 Comments

Guess what? ROBLOXians in all the community have discovered 3 glitches: 1 good; 2 bad.

The 2/3 Hat Glitch

The player here is Wirodeu. Most of you already know about the 2-Hat Glitch. It dissapeared, but now it’s back, and this time it’s a bit better. The bad point is that it is now harder to perform. The good point is that if you’re lucky enough, you might just have 3 hats! The forum has lots of guides on getting 2/3 hats, so take a look at the forum.

Leg + Arm = Gone

This is extremely rare. Some players think that it has a relationship with the 2/3 hat gltich. Not much about it, apart losing your leg and your arm on your picture…

Place Upload Glitch

This is recent. For SOME reason, you can’t upload a place for now… The admins NEED to fix this. Just look at my place: I updated it with swords, wall, working rocket launcher, and then… NOTHING!

That’s all for now. Oh yes, the first parade has started. And… I’M IN THE FIRST PARADE! And also, I made a new place, but sadly cannot put the right weapons, due to the upload glitch.

-Sonic Boy

Common misconceptions about lag- by Jediknightkrazy

April 18, 2008 at 2:23 pm | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 5 Comments

Seeing Sonic Boy’s recent blog post, I thought I’d clear up a few things on lag:

All lag is caused by my ancient computer.

WRONG! There are two types of lag: client and server. Let me explain:

The “client” is your computer, and every other player’s computer. The server is a computer at ROBLOX HQ which you all connect to while playing an online place.

These “servers” aren’t supercomputers, though… heavy physics simulations, lots of bricks/snaps to manage, can make EVERYONE connected to the server lag.

Okay… but the rest of the lag is caused by my computer!

Not necessarily. Sometimes your internet connection will be slow, and delay the time that your computer and the server can communicate. Here’s some tips to determine the type of lag:

  1. Move the camera around a bit. If the camera moves smoothly, then the lag is on the server or your internet.
  2. If your character is moving painfully slowly, then your server is bogged down. Try a different server.
  3. If your character takes a couple of seconds to respond to your input (i.e. controls, keypresses), then the lag is probably your ISP. Go to to determine your current speed.

If my place lags, I need to nuke some bricks and snaps.

Not always. Many times, a server will be hosting more than one place, and maybe the other places have too many bricks/snaps/physics, and your place is fine. Try another server (that is, leave, shutdown, Visit Online) and see if the problem persists.

Basically, there are three kinds of lag:

  1. Render lag. ROBLOX is drawing more bricks than your computer can handle. Camera movement is choppy. Character is moving at normal speed, but movement is very choppy.
  2. Connection lag. Your internet connection is slow. Camera movement is smooth, and things are moving at normal speed, but character takes a few seconds to respond to your commands.
  3. Server lag. This is what most of us think of when we think of lag. There is too much going on on the server. Camera movement is smooth, but things are moving at a snails pace, one… step… at a… time.

Lag Survival Guide

April 17, 2008 at 3:53 pm | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 8 Comments

We all know: Lag is a very big problem on ROBLOX. The admins are working very hard to remove as much lag as possible. But you do know you can do simple steps to reduce lag? Also learn techniques of surviving in a Lag fest.

-The first thing you must know is the control lag. This lag makes your actions occure later than the time you pressed a button.
To start, move to the closest wall, but don’t go to the wall. Stop holding the movement key before touching the wall. If your still moving, just wait a bit and then retry.

-Then comes the Brick/Snap lag, this is THE lag that’s the most common. First, you must know that it gets laggy ONLY if you look at lots of bricks. So, the action that should be done first is to change your camera angle to look down. You will (most of the time) see only the baseplate and yourself. Just note that looking UP is not recommended. Why? Simple! You don’t know WHERE you’re going.

-Making a Reduced-Lag place: first of all, add in the Snap Remover script (Aeacus made it), this will remove all the un-nessesary snaps. The next thing is kinda important. Don’t make a wall with many Small bricks (unless you want to make it destroyable), prefer making it with 5-6 Big bricks. Already, that’s ALOT of brick saving, since you lose like 100 Small bricks! That’s looks kinda small, but believe me, you’re gonna get less lag.

-(The following was suggested by briguy9876) Houses can be really laggy if there is alot of furniture. Stealth Pilot has created an Anti Lag house, and I’ll explain you how.
The first thing you will think is: “I put furniture, and POOF! No lag!”. Well that’s uber-wrong. Start placing the furniture INSIDE the house. Once that’s done, move all the furniture to the empty model inside the house. Test it. You will see a empty house, and -once you enter-, the furniture magically appear. And when you get out, POOF! Gone.

___This guide is not complete yet, I’m working on it! ^_^___

ROBLOX update?

April 17, 2008 at 2:11 pm | Posted in News | 12 Comments

Currently, the ROBLOX Site is updating. Is it a major update, or just a short update of barely anything? Nobody knows for now…


April 16, 2008 at 8:08 pm | Posted in News | 6 Comments

(This is very quickly written, since I’m on the Wii)
ROBLOX Juice is a ROBLOX News blog made by Wirodeu. It contains very active news, so just RSS Feed it if you’re having trouble reading every single news. It’s well-known in the ROBLOX Community, so we decided to add it to the Blogroll. Go check this great site! —>
NOTE: I really have to organize the ROBLOX Links, it’s starting to be a mess… -_-

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