Roblox brings back user-made books.

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With this new book being based on the famous Mr. Tentacles hat.
If they continue, then it would brake the chain. It seems like it will be on thurdays/wednesdays, the release of a new Book.

Also, finnegan’s wake seems discontinued. Well, it did get an update. What? I don’t know…
However, if you want to see better news, go a bit up the page…


Bad Strategy from Roblox News.

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During thoses eight months, the daily viewers got eventually tired and though the site was dead 6 months ago.
Now, not only you CANNOT post off-site links on the Roblox Site, but you also return when the daily visitors gave up long ago.
The rest had no logic behind. For me, I was lazy, but I had machinimas. About that very long break you had, I haven’t see much explanation.

In conclusion, the joining back to the blog at such time was really badly planned. ’nuff said.
P.S: I, however, praise the new site theme.

The Teddy is a Reference to the Tails Doll.

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This doll is the most scariest thing if you search it on Youtube. (Or any sort of Sonic Fanfic)

This "doll" is the most scariest thing if you search it on Youtube. (Or any sort of Sonic Fanfic)

Don’t ask me why. The Teddy in roblox oddly enought classifies itself in the SCIENCE-FICTION category AND the HORROR Category. This teddy bear, is absolutly an abomination. For paying the exact amount of one hundred robux (it’s quite expensive in a time like this), you can get a bear that tells you a few of the following:

  • I wuw yu.
  • I wanna bee yur fwiend.

Now there, the doll, in a second though, might ressemble to Pedobear. Pedobear acts as a Pedophile, saying “HI KIDS.”. You know what comes next, the stealing.

Or, if you like such stuff, you will still hate it. As ridiculous as the Sparkler. However, there’s still spamming options with this. The sparkler is absolutly useless, but at LEAST it was 100 Tixs.

The Pheed Network

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The Pheed Network is an awesome website/ROBLOX fan-site. Check it out.


Download Page – Updated!

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What’s new!

  • Added “2D Sword Fight – Mission Street”
  • Added “2D Sword Fight – Latest”
  • Added “Portal Zone”

Basically, 2D Sword Fight has been given all away. All the stages that were made were given. Portal Zone is a copy of VALVe’s game Portal. (Where comes the “cake is a lie”) It dosn’t work correctly in the newest version of ROBLOX, however. Neverless, still a great piece of work… not complete. ^^’

Head over the download section to access the downloads!

Response to Briguy’s ROBLOX. (Fansites are Dead)

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View the post I am repliying to:

I’d agree with that. Also, another reason why the blogs don’t post anymore is the fact that the only news that’s up is the fact there’s only new hats. For the past two months, the game was only about new items. (Such as Faces, Hats, and Gear). A contest popped out in the middle of it, but wasn’t very appreciated. (No Cash Prize! Seriously! For all that crazy work!) A maximum from getting Top 10 is getting more Youtube Subscribers, but who cares, though?

A faily odd thing is that they still maintain the Fan Site Develloping Kit, yet they have this “no offsite rule”. They conflict each other right? Yet, both made by the admins.

Because of the fact I haz crisis, like everyone, I have difficulties posting in the end of school year. Now it’s the end, I can re-post. The problem is, what is there to post? Interviews are abused, almost every known player has been interviewed, news is too common the past two months, all based on Catalog Releases, and of course, there’s no user activity to our site.

However, I was thinking ’bout this the time the Roblog vanished. At the time, you planned for us to do a Newspaper, so that the Admins would feature. In it, would feature the link to our blogs. It never saw the light of day, though. My idea was to fusion the four major blogs into one,  because competition dosn’t help. (ESPCIALLY with no income of visitors.) Because of this, we might post faster, fusion ALL the visitors into ONE site.

The result of this could be something like a site called TSSZ News. (See it.) I was really amazed at the speed of posting, so fast they would even do “breaking news”.

Another idea I though of (not so great, though. Or maybe better?) is that we organize a monthly Fan Site Conference. We could always ask permission to the admins. The conference would be an “award” like place, every month, nominees would be elected to then have the “best of” site. Admins would then post in the results on the Roblog, under the form of a TRAVELOGUE! (I know! We need thoses BADLY!) If this, however, make through, fansites, may still get traffic.

Let’s hope the sites can still live. Roblox News and The Roblox Times are dead from a long time. We are zombies, though, waitin’ for a rocket to hit us so we can respawn. ’nuff said.


PS: I would also blame my birthday coming soon, and the fact I’m building Mt. Zeta, for the GRSH.

ROBLOX Trailer Video Contest

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ROBLOX is having a new video contest! The 10 top winning video’s will be on the front page on and shall get fame! Here’s the link to the rule’s, prize’s and more info:


One Robux for Six Tickets – End of a Crisis?

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Today, a slight change in the marketplace makes that for one robux you get six tickets, just yesterday and the past week we were at one robux for seven tickets. Is this the announcement of the end of the Trade Currency crisis?

On other news, still writing that review. You know, the one I promised. Oh, and my.. tummy… hurts badly… Urgh… (off-topic…)

  • SonicBoy

Uberubert returns, showcases his next work.

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Just two days ago, scripting legend uberubert came back from the dead. (Litterally). The reason, was to update quickly his Grow-A-Brick place, with a very minor update. However, what we are going to talk about, is the blog where he showcases his next major(?) work:

However, it’s interresting to know what will “uber do next”. For information, uberubert was the original creator of all theses tycoons games. If he never made thoses and never let it un-copy-locked, then there wouldn’t be so many spammy tycoon games. Playing the original games are way more fun than playing games copied from the original author, and not giving a credit to the original author. Anyway, that concludes on this.

  • SonicBoy

The Twin Updates

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There have been a total of TWO major updates. And you know what’s the best part? 3/4 of them are dedicated to builders. =) (Even the Slate and Truss update was mostly for builders!).

Now, I did not have the time to “try it out”. However, the Roblox Direct will post shortly (MAXIMUM one day…) a review of the updates. Expect a few more posts.

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