Oh hai, I am NoobName, and you are?

September 6, 2009 at 6:47 pm | Posted in 4238911 | 6 Comments

I am NoobName, and I am now the new owner of Roblox direct!

” What?! Why didn’t Sonicboy give it to me and gave it to some noob?! “

Well let me explain young fellow, I’ve been Sonicboys friend for some time now.
I am experienced in running blogs.
I’ve runned another blog called Roblox Juice from the start to the end.
Roblox Juice was populair for quite a time.
Yet my grammar might be alittle worse than Sonicboy’s.
I am quite famous for my videos, for those who dont know about my video’s here is a link.

I will from now on put all my powers, time and bloxy cola into making this blog live again.
And believe me, that is alot.

N. Red-N. Red



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  1. i wish i was in your video:3

  2. Good Luck.

    I’m a big fan of this blog, from before Telamon said about it. Don’t ruin it >.>.

  3. I wouldn’t say that, OzJB. NoobName’s pretty capable.

  4. Runned. This blog is screwed.


  6. i hated sonicboy enyway so WOOHO!

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