…And I come for my final words.

September 3, 2009 at 8:16 pm | Posted in Blog News | 16 Comments

This blog will either die or be given to someone else. There is a reason for this.

I recently looked at the trailer on the front page again, for the heck of testing the newest flash on the Wii’s Internet Channel. At the release of the video, none really cared about what it said and all that. Now the point is, you think Roblox is becoming too much a social site, amirite? They predicted this way ago… Just, please, look at the trailer, and the words UNDER the logo.

And this means something. Yes, no game updates. “But there are new materials!!! :D” And that’s worthless. What’s with the insane physics? The core was to make it a educational game with PHYSICS. They screwed that up. And anyone though about the insane bugs in the game? No one does, they get blinded by the hats and the SITE updates. Another thing is that they never, NEVER, made a new site based on the poll in 07. Instead, they are lazy and decided to put their site under live support. If your going to make a site, make it the same design on every page, not radical changes on every page.

“But ROBLOX is in Alpha, NOOB.” They could have just released the game publicly in it’s BETA. Wait, they don’t consider the fact it’s still a game in alpha. If you want people to play, especially ONE MILLION players, it must be playable.

Also, the fact everything is in ROBUX is sad, plain sad. Especially, when you mess up entirely the TC. Don’t blame us, Tela. We didn’t screw it up. Okay, maybe like a tiny bit, but there was a modification in TC. Every update is now a builder’s club ONLY feature. MIGHT AS WELL, make it a PAY TO PLAY?

Now, I know some think I’m overexagerating, but it’s somewhat true. For a total of two months TBC, I can buy the Orange Box in my store. (20 Euros). I got it anyway, while for one month, you can get instead, GMod. 6 Months? I’d buy Metroid Prime Trilogy. Lifetime? Buy yourself a TV! Not a Virtual advantage! Or donate to the poor. It’s a game to have FUN. Not to keep spending money to play a game that’s full of glitches and sad over-riched players, or just noobs that make themself look like they have an intelligence of 0.

The , ONLY, thing I’ve seen theses days to fix something… was an exploit hack at SFOTHIV. That’s all. And it’s still being hacked strong. And we don’t get a system to prevent Free Model viruses, just this stupid little help section in Builderman’s help. Valve (still comparing to them) does better in this. Remember the Idle Program in TF2, were a bot would stand still and get you hats? Gonner, everyone who got a hat from that got ALL hats removed, even ligitimate ones. It’s also a PATCH. There even kind enough to give Angel Halo to all thoses who didn’t cheat. That’s what I call great Community Service. Speaking of that, did I mention they do some stuff on community requests, mentioned in the game update log?

It’s quite sad to say, but, I will. This game isn’t more fun than WoW. I absolutly hate WoW, but now ROBLOX looks like garbage. Yeah, I said garbage. I’ve heard this game has been around 5 years in alpha. Sad…

Now, comes my point. To my best friends, and very, very inteligent people that can handle a blog, PM me for details on getting to be the owner. You need a WordPress account, however. You’ll have control over everything. You can delete me, add everyone an admin, I don’t really care about a brick game that cares about money, and dosn’t care about support, community, game in itself, and alot more stuff. SO my final words…



“Don’t like it? Make your own game.” I have this answer. Screw you stupid stalker that imitates every word an admin says like if it was a religious obligation.



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  1. You mean you quit?! No goodbyes? Now that’s what I call FRIENDSHIP FAIL.

  2. Wow.

    I’m touched.

    You may not know me, but I’m an OTer who has seen early 08.

    It was practically paradise, espicially since I had recently quit club penguin. It was a HUGE step up. I didnt have to pay 5 bucks a month just to buy clothes, I can just buy super cheap ones. I didnt have to be a member to put decorations in my place. I can MAKE MY OWN. And I didnt waddle around all day, I played quality games that would keep me in awe for hours.

    And now look. Admins have let newbs and noobs alike take over roblox, and now all I can do is live in a box of text and hope that some spam bot doesnt attack us.

    I remember how happy I was. And then, I was grounded. 7 months. Don’t ask.

    I go back expecting Roblox to be better then ever. Better games, better gameplay in general, and all my close friends would miss me.

    Well guess what?

    1.Roblox is horrible.
    2.The games are all obbys and tycoons.
    3.Theres still the problem with 3000+ bricks causing lag, which I was expecting to be bumped up to AT LEAST 5000+.
    4.My closest friend is now a high ranking x-101st who has forgotten all about me and all his other friends, and is now acting like a big shot. Oh joy.

    Sorry for the wordwall. Hopefully people wont throw a tl;dr in my face like a five year old who cant read a word with more then 4 letters in it.

  3. Do not care and tl;dr

  4. Well Sapphire is right Roblox is starting to Suck… Like it ever Rocked… The only reason im staying is because I like SB and scripting. Stupid Roblox Lua got me hooked! >=0

  5. Remember the hat glitch on Roblox? They felt that “every player would feel sorry and just delete the hats”. Seriously, what the hell were they thinking? Yes, I said hell, go sue me or whatever. I don’t care. 1% of the new updates are for free players. EVERY LITTLE THING is for robux. It’s all about the money. They get ENOUGH money from having people visit the website? Game updates? WHAT game updates? They fix the game every three months to make the physics WORSE. And the community? Don’t even get me started. The community is CRAP. TOTAL CRAP. They follow people around for no reason whatsoever but to be on youtube. They break every single rule and don’t even get a reminder, you remind them not to break the rules, you get a THREE DAY BAN. It’s more like facebook now. “What are you doing right now?” Like anybody even GIVES A CRAP. The new user homepage designs look horrible. The user made advertisements consist of an MS paint drawing of shoop da whoop. Those advertisements get over a million clicks. Good advertisements get only one or two clicks. Your place is ONLY visited if it consists of free models, or you’re famous. If you don’t do either of those, you get NO visitors. People have HORRIBLE tastes in games for the front page as well. “TYCOON #23415437254215745137!!!!! OMG VIP FREE LUL!!!!!” WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD VISIT THAT CRAP? “BUILD 2 SURVIV LOL VIP!!!!! 10 BADGES!!!!” WHO CARES IF YOU HAVE A FRIGGIN’ BADGE IN YOUR PLACE? NOT ME, CERTAINLY. THE 3 YEAR OLDS IN THE COMMUNITY? YES. SIMPLY HORRIBLE. And it’s sad how you cannot mention the name of Blockland or Lego on the website, even though BOTH are advertised on the website. The actually good places are absolutely astounding though. My places are no masterpieces, but they’re WAY better than that crap called “games” on the games page. The developers don’t really even CARE about the free players. Only the ones who pay. They’re only focusing on how to earn more money, not on the game itself. Roblox was meant to be a fun physics game for players imaginations to build whatever they desired. Instead, players copy one others ideas and claim them as their own for the virtual money, tickets, which are now USELESS in RobloEX. Roblox has really been downgraded than what it could have been.

    • Supermario… of course the Roblox company will be caring only about money. The economy’s in the dumps and the only way for a business to survive is to find more ways to get the money they need. However, they really should make the game a WHOLE LOT better before they start converting it all to buying your own stuff… like a better forum, stronger graphics engine, more brick choices, heck! just make the site look better! All they are doing is generating a whole lot of complainers right now. Who in the world would buy $300 of BC on a site like that?

      • Exactly.

        If a game like Roblox needs more money and is going to try to make people buy BC/TBC, it needs to go through a huge transformation that will make it epiccally epic, thus making people want to buy BC and TBC.

        Sadly, the admins are apparently clueless, thus, they must learn the hard way.

        By making about 5,000 people quit, making them loose the money they wanted to earn. Hopefully making them come to their senses.

  6. That last comment hit the nail on the head. Way to say like it is. If only Roblox stayed the way it was in 2007/early 2008… barely any hackers, only original places made the front page, and MANY more mature people. Then Roblox screws it up with things like the “ambassador program,” a lame excuse for advertising.


  8. I have another answer for “Don’t like it? Make your own game”. I just happen to be a programmer. Maybe I will!

  9. I would like it. I think I PMed you on Roblox. I read every one of your posts.


    • I cant belive your quitting. That leaves only Lemurboy, who only quit to get away from fans,then rejoined. Goodbye, people who make ROBLOX fun.



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