Uberubert returns, showcases his next work.

May 22, 2009 at 4:35 pm | Posted in Quick News | 4 Comments

Just two days ago, scripting legend uberubert came back from the dead. (Litterally). The reason, was to update quickly his Grow-A-Brick place, with a very minor update. However, what we are going to talk about, is the blog where he showcases his next major(?) work: http://uberubertsblog.blogspot.com/

However, it’s interresting to know what will “uber do next”. For information, uberubert was the original creator of all theses tycoons games. If he never made thoses and never let it un-copy-locked, then there wouldn’t be so many spammy tycoon games. Playing the original games are way more fun than playing games copied from the original author, and not giving a credit to the original author. Anyway, that concludes on this.

  • SonicBoy


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  1. Hmm, he is just another simple scripter…with great ideas nothing big there. First tycoon “*idea*”. It’s simple to make those.

  2. i witch i have 3400R$

  3. Eh, Meelo’s better.

  4. He’s not really a scripting legend. He is just one of the most influential due to his simple work.

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