Official: No Egg Hunts

April 13, 2009 at 2:34 pm | Posted in News | 4 Comments

Sad news for veteran players and new players, on an announcement of April 12th, Reese said that there would be no Egg Hunt this year.

And yet: “We have less staff then last year”. So it means they have more work for develloping, and less time for organizing pwnage contests. So, we fall to this conclusion: There’s no Egg hunting this year. And we learn that ROBLOX needs more staff in order to make unique contests.



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  1. What happened to the one post a day promise?

  2. Aww snap, wrong names! lol, your invited anyways.

  3. I hope you read the comments,
    Briguy (And the other people that work at this blog) I want to invite you guy(s) (or girls) to be admin(istrators) on the roblox user wiki I made, if you agree e-mail me. Ill give ya the info!

    P.S.: The e-mail address is attached to this comment, you know?


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