Wingman8’s “Galleons! v3.2” Place Review

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By: chess123mate

Link to Place

Galleons! v3.2

Another great place to review, this place has been on the front page (and absolute #1 most popular) for the past few days now. Good effort has been put into this game to make it very enjoyable and addicting with few areas to improve in.

In the place, you first are allowed to decide which team you wish to join. This is both useful, and a flaw. There is nothing in place to enforce even teams, so a server may end up with 6 out of 8 players on one team. Also, you cannot switch teams to even them out, meaning that the only way to make the teams even is to re-enter the place. Next, you are reset (why not auto-teleported?) and then respawn on the ship (or, technically, galleon – I’m using “ship” from now on) of the team you chose. If the round has only just begun, you will find your ship to have four different levels filled with cannons (see picture above) and a captain’s seat on the top.

Once in range of the other ship, you can shoot your cannons once every few seconds and hope to hit the ship, especially their barrels (since they explode and destroy a larger portion of the ship that just hitting the ship’s walls). The objective is simply to destroy enough of the ship to sink it. It appears that every time you hit a brick and it fragments (see below), a script records this; when enough bricks are damaged, the boat sinks. Alternatively, the script might just count how many bricks are left in the ship to determine how far it should sink, as every time the ship is hit, it sinks slightly more.

There is a very nice “fragment” script that, if the cannon ball hits a brick, will “fragment” the one brick hit into a number of parts. These parts generally remain connected to the ship, but anything the explosion touches will fall off. This makes a very pleasant sight when a barrel is hit, as the few bricks around it turn into about 15 or 20. Another good thing about the place is that the rocks are randomly generated.

However, the place isn’t perfect. Most people agree that there should be swords. Although it is conceivable that Wingman8 simply doesn’t want a sword tool in the place (since the game is about destroying the other ship, not about bloxxing), it’s still annoying since if you board the other ship, you can’t do anything unless you get into the captain’s seat or decide to hog a specific, key, cannon (although if it isn’t in use it probably won’t be key, and your time is better suited at one of your own cannons anyway). There are other things that Wingman8 could do to make the game more interesting, ex. make multiple ships per team (with less cannons on each) to increase the element of strategy. However, this does not lower the mark, since that’s Wingman8’s decision to refrain from doing so.

Areas for improvement (in other words, a whole bunch of ideas that could make it better) include: adding swords, adding multiple ships, adding the ability to switch between teams [and ships, if that were implemented], the ability to repair your ship a bit (with limited supplies), the ability to “bail out” the ship (reduce how much its sinking temporarily), the ability to kick out an annoying captain (it would have to be voted on, of course) and/or the ability to help sail the ship by adjusting the sails, the task of actually rolling cannon balls to the desired cannons instead of having an infinite supply at each cannon, the ability of adjusting your ship’s qualities at the beginning of the round, and when a side loses at the end of a round, it would be useful if everyone didn’t have to die to get back onto the ships. The water makes you drown (slowly), but it would be easy to implement a method of keeping everyone above the water at the end of the round. Perhaps that would be a good time to let everyone re-choose what team they’re on.


Scripting: 9/10. Great scripting, but as described above, could use some minor adjustments. Example, it would be of great use if you didn’t have to reset to go back to your ship after the end of each round. However, the scripting is tremendously better than in most places.
Tools: 9/10. The tools are simple and work well enough for the job. However, swords (or something for hand-to-hand combat) would be a very good idea. Apart from cannons, most players do not have the chance to do much.
Building: 10/10. The galleons are well done, and, to my knowledge, not from Free Models. They are well customized.
General Enjoyment: 10/10. A very well done place creating great enjoyment.
Originality: n/a. I do not wish to give it 10, the idea didn’t take any (or much) thought, but it does bring new elements into the place.
Creativity: 5/10. Average creativity. The galleons are okay, but as you can see from the list of possible improvements, there was a lot more that could have been done.
Ease of Use: 4/5. Everything is reasonably easy to use, although there is a glitch that makes getting out of the captain’s seat very difficult if the ship is moving.
Easy to Learn: 1/1. Different concepts are listed on the description.
Deals with Problems: 3/5. Some problems have been dealt with (as is evident in the new versions), but there are still glitches to be fixed and teams to be evened out.
Deals with Lag: 10/10. The galleons have few bricks; the entire place is less than 500. Since there is a fragment script, the number of extra bricks is kept to a minimum! Great job!

Bonus: +0.5. Overall game play is thought out well.

Overall: 8.2/10. Very nice overall!


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