Plastic and Wood

March 17, 2009 at 5:54 pm | Posted in News | 8 Comments

plastic-and-woodDurrr. Our Roblox are hit with an update. Before you go paranoid and spam: “OMG OMG THIS SUCKS/::::!!!!”, the update isn’t so bad. I think it’s good, actually. So what do we have in this update? From the picture, I am saying in advance. There will be no waffles related in this post…

  • New Stud Design: My little finger says this is to avoid confusion between LE/GO and Roblox, or to avoid Legal Chases. Beveled Block Studs, lawlwut?
  • Wood: Normal bricks are now called “Plastic” bricks, and there’s another type of brick, called “Wood” bricks. Apart being stylish looking, nothing much about theses bricks. However, a scripter could find an interesting solution with Wood bricks. This also might show the start of Elemental bricks. (Water? Ice? Metal? Marble?)
  • Suggestions: Check out a few pages on ROBLOX, and you’ll see theses “Recommendations”. It basically gives you four suggestions of related items that might interest you.
  • More Skyscraper Ads! It will now appear on the Forums. Some forumers are mad because of that…
  • Free Games????!!!! Is ROBLOX becoming a game based on “fun free game” sites, like thoses who take the flash games? Go on the Home Page or a Game. Now look on the site’s name. Scary.




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  1. Ok, so… aren’t those waffles in front of you? That and yes, the site’s name scary. I’m not kidding. (No reference intended)

    Also, I don’t comply with the update, not saying it was bad, but just didn’t appeal to me. Yet, lag has decreased a good amount, at least that’s ONE thing i’m happy with. More or less, on a scale of one through ten:


    Yeah, kinda harsh, maybe.

    ~Wobb (Yes, the W101 on ROBLOX)

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. now waffles will look better

  4. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  5. I leik waffles!

  6. i like the update

    • How do you use wood???

      • -_-

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