A “new” comment system! Yay!

February 25, 2009 at 8:57 pm | Posted in Roblox Direct News | 8 Comments

A new comment system has reached Roblox Direct! As of today, you will now be able to reply to a comment. What does that mean? It means once you’ve commented as a reply, your comment will appear right under the comment you’ve replied to. Now isn’t that just cool?

Like the new comment system? Discuss this in the comments and put in a vote. Of course, we thank WordPress for the Pwnage updates they do for us bloggers.




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  1. 😀 now everyone is going to start comenting about coments on a news post commenting about comments. so basically, everyone is going to be commenting on commenting on commenting on comments? I don’t even know if I’m right…

    • Lol. I commented. Rofl.

      • WE are the VLOXXERs My freindzz

      • Cool. Lol….. I PWN YOU BECAUSE I BELOW YOU!

  2. Iv decided to give you 1’000 tix and let you become a moderat

  3. awsome

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