The Dark Bloxxed Saga starts…

February 10, 2009 at 6:20 pm | Posted in Videos | 1 Comment

dark-bloxxed-dvdFor thoses who AREN’T up to date, Dark Bloxxed is my adventure serie based on ROBLOX. I am really fond of this project, simply because it’s my last adventure serie. Also, this will be the first that will be actually completed, since the other two were not finished. Just yesterday, the Prologue of Dark Bloxxed has been uploaded to Youtube, reaveling a Past Event. Now, this dosen’t mess up the story, but when a few episodes are released, you’ll eventually discover that past events are related to the Present. Oh yes, you can always check out the Dark Bloxxed wiki (situated in the Links Section) for cool info and secrets, and alot of spoilers.

Here’s the Youtube Video. I suggest you go see it on Youtube itself, because watching it in High Quality makes the Black Text readable.



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  1. Cool,When i saw Sappire Ice he was in a video game and I love the music to the video game.Please continue this legend. P.S.This is like a roblox version of The Legend of Zelda mixed with Super Mario Bros. you did a very very very good job. P.P.S.I’m the first one to comment. P.P.P.S.Can we be friends at the original roblox site?

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