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Today, I’d like to post about something that every ROBLOXian must know. This is how to live correctly. By that, you’ll treat others equally, the others will respect you, you won’t be whining, you’ll be… civillized. I got inspired into doing this thanks to this thread on the Roblox Forums. Anyway, you should read this. Continue on!

In game

There are a few things to know when you are in game. First of all, you shouldn’t say noob to any random person. You know, you might have just called noob to someone who will become well-known. Also, if any famous person is in the server, you should not scream out: “OMG ITS TELAMONNN!!!!!!!!!!!”. No, instead, you should say “Hello”. You’ll be considered as a normal person to the famous person, and if you help him, you might become his good friend. Second, do NOT try to annoy ANYONE. Why? If you do, YOU will make him become a Noob. The thrid thing to know is that you should treat everyone equally. If a famous person presses the nuke button, you’ll say nothing. But if someone else presses the nuke button, you’ll shout out Noob. No, your just creating *again* a noob.

Also, if you respected all theses facts, then you should start visiting more Excellent Places. Why? Because not only you’ll get a image of yourself as a “Connaiseur” of the great ROBLOX places, but you’ll be restoring a bit the Games Page! Well, you need to be a big amount in order to do so… :/

In comments

The comment box is always full of spam. But that means you should not contribute to that spam. The first thing to do to be a saver of the box is, well, report ALL spam you see. If you see multiple spam from one person, just report one of his comments, and he’ll get banned anyway.

The problem is that all the kids that see this type of spam that says to comments a certain number of times to get a certain number of money. And they obey without thinking. However, kids do not look at page 2. So, if your a good person, what will you do? Simple. Comment something correct and related to the Hat. Begging is a no-no. Here’s some examples:

This hat goes great with the =O face.

I love the texture of the Horns.

Oh no! I was so close of having the amount necessairy to get it, but I just had to buy the New Year hats. Noes!

Also, do not ask to lower the price. They set the price, and they won’t change it. If you think well, did you know that they increase the price later? If they take it off and then re-sell it.

In a PM

You shouldn’t pm theses type of subjects to someone:

  • Come to my place please!
  • Donate to me please.
  • Be my friend please!
  • You noob.
  • Gimme your password please.
  • y did u delet mi?
  • [Empty] (It’s a PM with nothing in the content)
  • y did u ban mi fom ur place?
  • Chain Spam.

If you do, they’ll think of you as a noob. Actually, they will completely IGNORE you, as in no reply. And do not act as a Bully also, because you’ll be nobifing yourself.

On the forums

The forum is currently a Polite and Mature area at night. But this might be ruined if we don’t act. Being equal is essential, and this thread perfectly tells it.

On the other hand, read all the Subjects on top. Thoses are the Announcements. Also, read the rules.

Alot of the comment etiquette is applyied over here, so I will tell you to look a bit back up.


You’ll help alot. here’s a list of what your helping by doing this.

  1. You’ll make ROBLOX a more user-friendly place.
  2. Players will become more nicer.
  3. Noob extinction?
  4. You’ll actually help the devellopers. Why? Less things to report, nicer players, and also the fact that more good games on the front page will help them. Less things to report and nicer players means more time to do correctly an update, and they won’t have to rush because the players are asking to fix this or that. Good games on the front page means more admins playing there, and this also, if the admins loved a feature in that place but dosen’t work anymore, who knows, he might work an entire day just to fix it!
  5. You’ll be treated like everyone and you’ll be nice.
  6. You’ll get help. lawl

However, one game has, probably the best community in Online Gaming. That game is called La Tale. Play it and you’ll see what I mean. I mean look, the devs even put like “Be nice to everyone to be helped out” or “Don’t do this or that”everytime there’s a loading screen.

Still, I got inspired because of that topic, linked a bit up the post. I am counting on you on spreading that thread’s word and this word. Actually, if any admin is reading this, please post it in the News. That’ll be a huge impact to the community. Many thanks if you do.




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  1. I think they should make all people that have been banned at least 1 time to make them read this or they would be banned forever. They would be like “ZOMG HAX0RZ NOOBY FAT NOOB I DUNT LIKE U!!!!!!” All over the comments section if they were noobs.

  2. I was like this all my life. And I think people should also use proper grammar because if they don’t do that they sound like a newbie.

  3. Man, I wish people would FOLLOW this guide! I wish all of ROBLOX would be forced to read it or they get banned. But if they say, “OMG I DUN WANA DO DIS YU NOBY NOBZ I JUS GO MI ON WEY”, I would scream. NOOBS ARE TERRIBLE.

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