Teh SonicBoy is back. Teh faces r here.

January 14, 2009 at 1:27 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

I’m back! So soon? Yes, but with a few restrictions for the Computer.

  • I don’t have my Builder’s Club anymore. Luckily, we cancelled it after the renewal, so I still have a month left.
  • I got parental controls. (Vista is fail.)
  • Limited to a few hours.
  • Only Week-Ends, and sometimes on Wednesdays.

So there. I’m back, so I will post now. (However, this DOSEN’T apply to the Wii. ^^) And now, we shall talk about Heads! No wait, that was the last update. We’re gonna talk about FACES.

Ganon: JOIN ME LINK, AND I’LL MAKE YOUR FACE THE GREATEST IN KORIDAI. (Youtube Poop fans discretion advised.)

No, that’s not the face update. So, this is for the moment only available in the Test Server. A total of 4 faces where uploaded: :P, :/ and a Vampire Face. Telamon uploaded a :O Face, but did not sell it. Speaking of price, very reasonable, around 5 tixs for the :/ face. Bad thing that will make more than one unhappy, is that you cannot create your own face. But, good thing is that it is prefectly implemented into the character. Of course, I was on the Wii when I looked at it, so I cound’t see it in Game. This should be realeased in a few days.

In other words, I had to delete legocat5’s collab with watersurf7 from RD simply because the site cannot have any time of sweaing at all. You can still see the video at LegocatMaster’s Youtube Account. (Search that on Youtube.)



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