Ganondude’s “Θ Stargate Galaxy Θ” Place Review

December 19, 2008 at 5:12 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 1 Comment

By: chess123mate

Link to Place

Wow, I think I’ve found a place worthy of a high mark this time…
I came across this place on the Roblox Home Page. I went in, and was surprised at what I found.

Although this place has no actual objective, it has been set up as an exploration area. Although this may seem boring (and it would be if you tried to stay there for several hours), it has enough features that it is amazing as you try and explore everything. This place features a “Stargate”, allowing you to visit any planet you choose. Some planets have a few surprises, while all have a hidden story to tell. The creativity is outstanding!

The only problems I found is that there is a bit of lag (no snaps remover) and some bricks are not anchored, breaking up some of the planets over time (I hope this wasn’t done on purpose, it wouldn’t be a good effect).

Ways to Improve:
1. Fix up lag and unanchored bricks
2. Add an objective (even if it’s just collecting something on different planets, or rescuing something, or solving a small puzzle) — there could be one that everyone is supposed to race to get done first, or individually assigned.


Scripting: 9/10. I think there could be more scripting done on the planets themselves. Otherwise, it’s amazing.
Tools: 5/5. Instead of a “Reset” tool, there is a very unique “Return” tool. I’ve always tired of reset tools, and here’s something that’s better! There are no other tools.
Building: 10/10. There is detail on every planet.
General Enjoyment: 8/10. More events required on planets; a storyline, random objectives, or something to keep you interested.
Originality: 5/10. I’ve heard of this idea before.
Creativity: 10/10. There is a story to be told on each planet.
Ease of Use: 5/5. I didn’t think you could use click-detectors so effectively… it’s quite well done!
Easy to Learn: 2/2. A very simple dial use.
Deals with Problems: 2/5. One major problem is that if you hang around a dial, you can mess up what someone else is trying to type in. However, I don’t know how this could be fixed, since it’s click detectors that are being used.
Deals with Lag: 2/5. No de-snap script, and 4500 bricks. There isn’t a ton of detail in any one object, but they do add up.

Bonus: Added secrets in some planets, + 0.5.

Overall: 8.6/10. Highest mark yet. For an adventure place, this is amazing. Still, it would be better if it had an objective, since it does get boring once you’ve explored everything…

Put simply, this place is of very good quality, but needs more features. Good job Ganondude!


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  1. Yeah this was a very good game but I agree with this 100%

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