kinglime’s “WPBC [Ice Rafting] {500,000 ft. Drop Now Easier!}” Place Review

December 14, 2008 at 5:23 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | 1 Comment

By: chess123mate

An interesting rafting place, there are a few bonuses to explore in this place. Unfortunately, little scenery and little activity to keep interest high in this place for very long.

Ways to improve, other than fixing the bugs:
-Allow choosing different paths for the rafts
-Add more bonuses to be explored and found
-Add a plane (why is there a plane tool giver if you don’t have a plane?)


Scripting: 5/10. The scripting in this place is unsatisfactory, although there is enough of it. Although it is used to reduce lags by deleting rafts every so often, it will also delete rafts that are in use. Ex. I entered the place, went on River 1, and got my raft deleted half way through. Then I died (through a river glitch) and went to River 2, where half way through the raft was deleted! This should be fixed. There are other flaws as well (see tools).
Tools: 4/10. Many tools, but only as a bonus on a specific platform. Unfortunately, you can receive some tools multiple times (they are tool givers), and on top of this, there are 2 health givers — one is infinite health (or health removed), the other is a forcefield. At least there is a reset tool for when you go flying into the base…
Building: 6/10. Acceptable building quality. It looks okay, although there isn’t much there.
General Enjoyment: 3/10. The flaws make this place difficult to enjoy. The rafting idea itself is fine, and could potentially be fun.
Originality: 5/10. It has some originality in it.
Creativity: 6/10. There is some creativity in this place.
Ease of Use: 0/5. Not easy to use. The rafts often stop working.
Easy to Learn: n/a.
Deals with Problems: 0/10. List of problems: Raft deleting, tool givers, “noobs” with tools can shoot everyone coming up the river to prevent them from getting tools, rafts get stuck.
Deals with Lag: 1/2. Once again, few bricks, no anti-lag script. None needed, either.

Bonus: +1 for theme and effort.

Overall: 4.9/10. This place needs a lot of work to make it more interesting. There isn’t much to remark on it. Unlike the Power Plant Tycoon and despite the low mark, I would suggest giving this place a visit. As for kinglime, I suggest fixing it up, rethinking some of it, and adding a few features.

You have a place you think is really good? PM me and I’ll see if I can review it. I’m still hoping to come across a place worthy of a 10 (or at least a high 9)…


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  1. Thanks for reviewing.

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