Ningamer’s “Pokemon – The Gameboy & Gameboy Colour era – obby” Place Review

December 9, 2008 at 9:27 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | Leave a comment

By: chess123mate

First, I congratulate dragonflame900’s (first?) reviews. I’d also like to point out the major difference between our reviews that should be considered when comparing place marks — mine are very harsh, and dragonflame900’s are much more generous. I believe mine are reasonable when compared to “excellent” places. Still, I don’t dispute that I’m usually very harsh. I bet if we both reviewed the same place, we’d come up with a mark about 5/10 different 🙂

Anyway, back to the review at hand, this is an obstacle course, with a theme. The only problem here is that I dislike both obstacle courses and the theme, pokemon. The reason for disliking obstacle courses is simple: I’m horrible at them, and can rarely get past the first few checkpoints (if that). Anyway, I will not mark biased, so here are my remarks:

1. It still uses the standard “death on touch” instead of a more intelligent “teleport on touch”, therefore the scripts are standard (and below my expectation of “excellence”)

2. Everything else is reasonable; good. Apparently a good theme, checkpoints are not labelled “Checkpoint 1”, etc, but are themed, and many decals also display this theme.


Scripting: 2/5. No real scripting used, except for the copied scripts, which are bad.
Tools: n/a. No tools needed or used.
Building: 8/10. I hope Free Models weren’t used, but if they were, I wouldn’t be surprised… however, they are very good. More detail could’ve helped, but the effort is there.
General Enjoyment: n/a. Sorry, I’m not commenting on this one 😉
Originality: 1/10. Originality? Not really…
Creativity: 7/10. Other than being an obstacle course, there are many unique elements in this place.
Ease of Use: n/a. It’s an obstacle course…
Easy to Learn: n/a
Deals with Problems: n/a. I am unaware of problems that would be of influence here.
Deals with Lag: 2/5. No lag detected (less than 1500 bricks), but no anti-lag script in place.

Bonus: +0.5 for excellently themed

Overall: 7.6/10. There’s nothing really wrong with this place, just isn’t very unique. Further improvements could be made in more variety, I suppose, however more would contribute to lag.


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