Gift-Giving Month!

December 5, 2008 at 12:41 am | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Two new gifts and a hat just came out!! They’re called the Crimson Gift of Good Citizenship, Chancy Gist of Roshambo, and the Cool Snow man Head!! You can get the Crimson Gift for 50 Robux, or the other reason, which you must have done these 2:

  1. Have logged in since December 1st, AND
  2. Didn’t have any moderation actions taken against them in the last month (reminders, warnings, bans, etc).crimsongiftofgoodcitizenship

To get the Gift of Roshambo, You have to beat Telamon at Rock Paper Scissors to win this gift. How to play: put ONE of the words “rock”, “paper”, or “scissors” in your profile. If your choice beats Telamon’s choice when the gift is awarded, you win. Profiles with more than one of these words will win nothing.


To have gotten the Cool Snowman Head, you must have put WPBC (Winter Playground Building Contest) in one of the names of your place by Dec. 5th.

cool snowman head

It’ll be a fun gift-giving time this month! And I also wanted to say hello! I’m the new News reporter, Lukeaaa1! Well, you’ll be seeing more news reports from me soon!



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