ROtris – The Basics and Stuff

November 29, 2008 at 4:53 pm | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | 3 Comments


A new game hit Roblox, and it’s xLEGOx’s ROtris! You know, the awesome scripter who made games such as Vehcile Battle, NXT Combat, Conquest III…

Well, it’s seems that Telamon wanted ROtris, to make it a contest game. So, xLEGOx gave Telamon ROtris, and in exchange, xLEGOx obtained Builder’s Club, allowing him to put all of his awesome places.

Enough with the Story, and back to the game. ROtris is a Roblox version of the Game “Tetris”, and that game started on a Computer, then on a Video Game Console…

Green Spinach Screen, that’s the Game Boy’s Epiness.

Then, you can read all about Tetris here. After all, this is not called Tetris Direct.

So, it got adapted by xLEGOx, where the concept is the same, and includes three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Difference between the difficultys are the speed that the bricks fall. And, after being famous, alot (and I mean alot) have been complaining about the Difficulty of the Game. No problem, I have my brother to help, so he gave me a few tricks on Tetris.

  • Tetris Line Combo: Use your left as a Parking for I Bricks. Put bricks on the right until the only thing left to put is an I brick on the left. If you do right, then you will get rid of 4 rows of bricks, that is worth 16 points. This technique is good at the beginning.
  • Rescue: O noez! You failed a part because of the wrong brick, and you want to do your Tetris Line Combo! What do you do? Don’t panic, there is still a cahnce of survival. At this point, do NOT think of the points. You’ll have to get rid of Rows one by One. You’ll eventually do combos, when you don’t even want one. Always apply Rescue when the left side parking of I Bricks is blocked. Once it’s freed, get back to doing combos.
  • Music: Listen to Music. It will help in some way. Why? Because Tetris has music. (For the interested ones, I listen to epic Final Boss Battles Music in Hard mode.)
  • Pause n’ think: When you press Escape Button, it will pause the game. Luckily for us, you can still move bricks left and right, rotate. In doubt, always use this. Losing at 149 points in hard is not something awesome. Put, DO NOT PRESS DOWN. It WILL make the brick insta-land, so that’s bad.
  • Ask your Brother/Sister/Other Person! I’m sure at least one of them knows how to play Tetris correctly, and will even Teach you stuff! Why? Cause I’m out of ideas! xD

Easter Egg

Get a score of 150 or more points in Hard Mode. The Bluesteel Egghead of Genius will be granted to you then. It’s a little easter egg, just like in a Real Game or a Computer Program, or even a DVD. Click here to learn what is an Easter Egg (media).

What Next?

I don’t really know, but this could be another easter egg in this game.

For example, the Bluesteel Egg was a joke hat in Easter 2008, but has returned. The Wikipedian Egg of Alien Mind Control appeared in ROBLOX’s Hats, recently. There is a possibility that this hat will be in a event. Or, could it be in ROtris, for all we know…

That’s what I know… So don’t ask me “plz tel my ho u etg 100 pts n rotris”.




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  1. I still suck at Rotris 😦

  2. For the impossible egg of genius: Quote B0BBA:”I know how you get it, and you can’t any more. When the game came out, there was a glitch and a 5 brick line was used to remove 5 lines at once.”

    I’m not sure if this is true but maybe…

  3. What about the impossible egg, nothing about that?

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