Winter Playland Building Contest!

November 15, 2008 at 4:03 pm | Posted in Contests, News | 7 Comments


Hey! a new roblox building contest is up! its called the Winter Playland Building Contest! its where you have to make a winter place with snow and fun and more! ok heres some more info about the contest!

What is a Winter Playland?

First off it’s a place on your account with “WPBC” in the title.
Example: WPBC Snow Park and Slolam!

It could include some of the following possibilities…

  • A Turkey Dinner at Home
  • Skating pond
  • A snow fort
  • Ski lift
  • Ice sculptures
  • Sleds
  • A snowball fight
  • Gifts under trees
  • … and more! Be creative.

Use existing models and anything published to the Toolbox in your creation. Or, make new models and creations. Entries will be judged according to:

  • Originality (show us something new and exciting)
  • Winteryness (it is a Winter Playland, you know)
  • Fun (is your level fun?)
  • Awesomeness (The “Wow! How did he do that?!” effect)

Ways to win?

1. Win the COOL Hat (not yet created) – This way is easy. Build your WPBC place on your account. Be sure “WPBC” is in the place title because we will be searching by that. Make sure your place is Wintery. Then just wait. Twice during the contest we will deliver a COOL hat to everyone with a Winter Playland place on their account. Once you have the hat, you can change your place.

2. Win The Ice Crown and 200 R$ – This way is harder! To enter to win the Ice Crown you must build an awesome Winter Playland until it is completely finished. Then you can be nominated to be judged. You can nominate other users and ask them to nominate you.

How to nominate? Go to this form and enter the username of your friend with the awesome Winter Playland place. THEIR PLACE MUST BE FINISHED BEFORE YOU ENTER. Tell us why their place is so great. Then the staff will visit the nominated places and judge them.

The staff will visit nominated places every couple days and give out hats ONLY to the best places they see. Once a place has been visited a comment will be left on the event site explaining the result. You can search the site to see if you have been nominated.

How long will this go on?

The contest starts now and goes until the end of December. It’s a really long contest! The first round of COOL hats won’t be delivered until 3 weeks from now. The second round a few weeks after that. So if you only have one place to build on you may want to wait to change it. Don’t get bored of your place! We will announce when the time is coming.

The judging of the nominated places will start on Monday Nov 17, but you do not have to rush. Please take your time to make awesome places for the staff to visit.”

Well this is gonna be epic! ill be entering the contest as well. ill name it “WPBC: Ice Kingdom”. wish me luck and i wish all of you luck for the contest. good luck!




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  1. I want to nominate the place “WPBC Climb Mt. Frost Obby l No Lag! l”by LegoGuyExtreme
    It’s so fun!!! The reason I like it is because of self made mountain. That looked really hard to do!
    The snowman made it cool too. I also liked the trees.

  2. My place is pretty cool i have a star wars snow fort!

  3. i aready entered but working on the place for it

  4. Must enter

  5. My place is sweet yall should come check it out

  6. Make a awesome place with the name of “WPBC” with the title.

  7. hello 1st comment yay i rly think im gonna win i really do! i just need to build a cool place and get my friends to nominate me right?

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