Roblox News – 1 Year of Fansite

November 12, 2008 at 3:46 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment

A new milestone (?) has been made! Now, remember, the first post of their site was on November, 10th 2007. Yes, the first Roblox fansite (or should I say… fan”BLOG”) had passed on for one year! It’s not much, but it’s announcing that soon most Roblox Fansites will be 1 Year old!

The first one on the list shall be Roblox Times. (Even though Kanaju is very busy to post very little…) That will be in December! You’ll then expect Briguy’s Roblox (Must-See Guides, you don’t wanna miss thoses, ;D) and Roblox Direct in January.
It’s amazing how fast we did some fansites. Only a month difference! Imagine that! (As I said earlier, this dosen’t give too much on important stuff).

As of other news, (Halloween Haters concerned) the header will be back to normal… Actually, I might just change it!
In the bad news, Roblox Survival shut down! 0h noez! Don’t worry, I know what site I should add to the Blogroll. 😉 (Hint: A certain site linked in Briguy’s Roblox.)


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  1. ._. yesh i got rid of Roblox Survival cas it wasnt doing so well. :<

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