XlegoX Interview

November 8, 2008 at 5:12 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Finally Got it!


What inspired you to play roblox?

XlegoX: I like building with Lego, so I just tried it out. I wouldn’t have stayed if I didn’t discover scripting though.

What helped you learn to build?

XlegoX: I’d already used LDraw, LDD, and several other virtual building programs, and the explorer layout is just like Visual C++, so it was very easy to learn the ropes =P

Did you ever think of becoming one of Roblox’s Best builders?

XlegoX: I’m not one of the best builders, I’m one of the best scripters, there’s a difference 😉

Do you have any favorite people, hats, or places on roblox? If so what?

XlegoX:  I don’t support materialism, thus hats are irrelevant. Places, not really. I pretty much just play because I like being able to test my programming abilities in a competitive environment.

Do you ever get paranoid at your fans?

XlegoX:  No, I’m not one to get agrivated easily.

If you were Roblox’s Ceo, How would you help the community?

XlegoX: Resign, I’m a programmer, not a businessman. The CEO’s job is to make the company financially successful, not manage the community.

As you can see, He doesn’t like to gloat about his fame! What a guy.  Anyways more interviews comming up!


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