Best Selling Hats – November 4th 2008

November 4, 2008 at 11:04 am | Posted in Charts / Buisness News | 3 Comments

besthatsNovember 4th 2008

As you can see, there is still no robux only hat in the top ten. So, if you look at the picture, you’ll see the situation: only the astronaut helmet has also a robux price. Not much to say, apart that the Roblox Visor reached more than 100,000 Copys sold. In january, compare the first roblox visor to the 2008 Visor, and your gonna see a huge difference. I’m also quite amazed that a Halloween item appeared in the top ten. In October 2007, not that much bought it. But this year… oh, you can see a big increasement in Users.

All Halloween Hats are off-sale, and they brought back the Crimson Cateye into the Celebration-Only item. Yes, that means you gotta wait next year before purchasing it! Before, it was still on sale until now…

The mushroom hat got back on sale, and the description still hasen’t changed: a reference to the Red Plumber who pwns.




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  1. well… the blue visor seems to be selling crazy. since it is on the top of the list every time!

  2. You Guys Forgot The American Baseball Cap Is On Sale For 15 Tix I Think

  3. Red Plumber who pwns. =D
    Oh yeah, it should be copies, not copys.

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