The Great Game Page Rescue!

October 30, 2008 at 10:12 am | Posted in News, Tips, Tricks and Help | 8 Comments

Searching on the Forums, I found out this awesome project that SilentSwords was making this project. This project, is to save the Game Page from the Bad Games. (Noob Games, games that use Free Models only, etc…)

The basics is simple: make a great, original, and creative place. The date limit to submit one of your great places is on 30/11/08/ (11/30/08 for Americain Day Format).

On that same day, SilentSwords will attack the Game Page with all thoses good places, and the creators of thoses places will try to invite the most players possible, so that it goes up the Game Page! The goal is to restore the Game Page back to it’s normal state, as of, good games.

What’s the prize? Nothing! But, you can help rescue the game page, and your reward shall be seeing great games on the Game Page. Also, if your place gets alot of visits, thanks to the 1 Visit = 1 tix obtained, you get tixs! You can consider that like a prize, if you want.

But before you rush up to sign up to help, you should get some advices from this awesome post chess123mate made. Trust me, it’s gonna help you alot. And also think that when you help this association, chess123mate is gonna have less stupid and boring places to review! He’ll have more awesome places to review, and he might even give one a 10.

To sign up your place, go here.

Can’t wait to see this event!




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  1. My profile game is Go Camping! which is made 98% by me and it has a ad I bided 1000 tix for the ad and it pops up alot.

  2. Hey the forum doesn’t work anymore but i want to join! My roblox account is thegroundbeforeyou.

  3. Best plan I’ve ever heard on ROBLOX it’s time to fight back, fight back for freedom, good game, 0% of noobish time to fight back! But gotta fix the guns on the my cars thought, it always fall =P

    Can I enter the contest with custom cars? (Custom means from free model, but reset scripts or shape it or fix the stuff/scripts ETC.)

  4. Thanks! Glad you liked that post 🙂

  5. I know. But your working as a team for it.

  6. We already have about 15 places/sign-ins! Keep ’em coming!

  7. It’s not me who’s leading. It’s SilentSwords.

  8. Sweet! Have fun and i hope you succeed!

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