popl43’s “tower wars! shirt!!! mega admin!!! update 9!!” Place Review

October 25, 2008 at 5:01 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | Leave a comment

By: chess123mate

Link to place

This place: good intentions and bad effects. Very bad.

This place appears to have a good idea; destroy your opponent’s tower. A bloxxing arena.

This place, however, has “mega admin” — so now you can kill everyone by buying the admin shirt. It has tons of lag, destructable everything, and you go flying off the thin platform very frequently. There are regens for every object, so what’s the point, anyway? I don’t know. So — why is it so popular? It’s Roblox community, clearly…


Scripting: 2/10. A lot of scripting for admin stuff and regens. However, this made it ruin the game.
Tools: 5/10. Arrow tool, move tool, reset tool. Tool givers for admins. It’s okay, but not great. A ‘teleport to spawn’ wouldn’t have hurt…
Building: 6/10. Building is OK, but not great.
General Enjoyment: 1/10. Great fun if you buy the shirt, I’m sure — you can destroy everyone and everything in sight without a problem. Nearly impossible to die! –> That’s not a good thing.
Originality: 0/10. No originality.
Creativity: 2/10. Creative…?
Ease of Use: n/a
Easy to Learn: n/a. Nothing to learn
Deals with Problems: Problems..? It must, it’s update 9… 4/10, because it has a few more, but it looks like it has many more. You can’t catapult yourself, done on purpose (without dying) — but it takes almost forever to get across on foot.
Deals with Lag: 2/10. Regens help… kind of…

Overall: 2.6/10. It’s not like this place has had no work done on it, it’s more that it’s really bad. It’s a bloxxing arena with lots of lag and the whole place might as well feature adminship. I discourage attending this place; save your money and go elsewhere. This place needs a ton of improvement before you can enjoy it without buying stuff. It also lacks a purpose… destroying a tower that can be regened whenever? I don’t think so.



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