Winter, Mexican Hats, Chrismas and Halloween don’t mix.

October 22, 2008 at 4:21 pm | Posted in News | 2 Comments

Another bunch of Halloween Hattys are out! Care less, since most of them are for Robux. Har har.
Anyway, the new hats are really Re-colors of hats. Anyway, more hats is better, huh?

We got first of all the Spooky Gift of Halloweeeeeen! ! I believe their was a way to get it for free, by doing something special. I just bought it. I don’t know what was the condition for it. A re-coloration of the Elite Gift of Haxor, if you look well at the textures…

Next up… the Halloween Winter Cap. ‘Nother recolor. ’nuff said. Luckily, it’s not in robux.

Then, we have the *Gasp*… HALLOWEEN SUMBRERO???!? I had laughted so hard when I heard about that. The sad thing is, the recoloration looks almost the same as the original Sumbrero. Around 400 Robux.

Last but not least, a Sapphire Eye. Something more related to halloween, hurray! Next year, I can expect a Ruby Eye. :p

asdasd, that mysterious hat, got deleted. Or did it transform into one of those other hats mentioned above? Oh, and typing on the Wii is annoying. >_>




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  1. No the spooky gift of halloweeeeeeeeeeen was asdasd.

  2. the asdasd hat was deleted, none of the new hats have the same comments the asdasd hat had…

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