Halloween Frenzy!

October 3, 2008 at 9:15 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment

Halloween is approching fast! The admins already put on sale a few Halloween Hats, as of this list:

  • Halloween Lampshade – 25 Tickets
  • Halloween Baseball Cap – 45 Tickets
  • Witch Hat – 75 ROBUX
  • Pumpkin Hat – 250 ROBUX

(Thanks to patrickl10132 for telling me about the Lampshade). Players who bought ROBUX, or are in Builders Club can get all the hats, while people with only Tickets get, of course, a baseball cap, and a Lampshade!

Of course, I am preety sure, that there’s probably gonna be a Halloween Contest anytime now…

Also, a bunch of Halloween Places made their appearance in the Games! Most of them aren’t really to be visited (noob places, I suppose). I suggest you start making up a place, or at least, think on what you can build, for this (most probably) building contest to come.

There’s also a possiblity of the return of the Costume Contest. But, within this short amount of time, one contest is enough. :/

In other news, briguy9876 is Forum Moderator, ROBUX Hat got on sale, Guest Players and Robux Buying is created, and I got a totally pwnzor halloween suit!

Start dressing up, filling up your room with pumpkins, cause it’s halloween!



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  1. Ill be Michael Jackson for halloween on roblox x3

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