Awesome Glitch

September 15, 2008 at 12:40 am | Posted in News | 3 Comments

Yes… your thinking “What the crap…”. and yes thats SmileDude. well my friends this is an awesome glitch. this might be old news but i just wanted to let you guys know about this.

heres how to do it!

1 – Frist buy this shirt

2 – List of changes you need to make to your character if you want this glitch to work.

Head – Red

Tosro – Black

Left And Right Arm – White

Legs – White

Hat – Chef Hat

Shirt – Gfornow.jpg

3 – Now look at your profile. you wont look like this ingame or on the forums or anything. just your profile.


ok! there you have it! the glitch is now in your hands! enjoy! =P

And just to let you know… this glitch might not work for you. it works for some people. so dont get mad.




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  1. doesnt work

  2. Nice =P

  3. Impressive glitch!

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