Bruinwalker’s Egg? (And Alittle Game)

September 13, 2008 at 10:47 pm | Posted in News | 5 Comments

People saw Telamon’s profile. it said “bruinwalker’s last day. can you find his easter egg?”. this must mean that there’s a new hat in town. or maybe its a prize. who knows. some people found out about this “egg”. some people don’t. even i don’t know what the heck it means. well looks like only time will tell…


SonicBoy’s Edit: I recently discovered that he hid a fun little game. How can you play this game?
-Open the Jobs Page.
-Find Builderman, and click on him.
-Find the “GAME” button.
-Press the Button to start the game.

You’ll discover it is a DDR Like game. Telamon got one big amount of points, while I FAILED. xD

SonicBoy Edit 2: This is a pointless edit, but I redid this, and got this score:

Can you beat me? (I bet alot can).

Legocat5 Edit: I kicked your butt Sonicboy!

PWNED (Click on this image for a better view)



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  1. When I clicked Builderman I didn’t see the Games. I saw mail.

  2. I got 50826, 113 hits, 49 misses. ;D

  3. i got you i beat ya i got 31636
    98 hits 90 noes

  4. I’m wondering what that means. If it’s a hunt, my face would be: 8D

  5. Sounds awesome!

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