RASA Launch 2 – What Happened

September 7, 2008 at 8:53 am | Posted in News | 9 Comments

The Rasa Launch was great! More than 123 viewers where watching the Launch. I was there, alot of famous players where there! Some peoples like briguy, TylerMcBride, NintendoBoy, MrDoomBringer, JacobxxDuel, and alot more!

Alot of you didn’t see the launch. Also, there was alot of spammers and alot of peoples sweared. Yes, alot sweared! Some words got cencored by the site, while other users used techniques in order to get their swearing not cencored.

Ok, but I’ll tell you the full story.

Waiting Chat

To make the time pass, we where treated with some lovely scenes of buildings exploding, MrDoomBringer fighting, random peoples trying to get in every server Doom would go, and much more. We were even treated with a video of him making on a Watery Place he made, little boats! One even did sunk… then everyone on it lost all their HP!

We were chatting, but as I said, noobs were swearing and spamming. Their were alot of advertisers, too!

The Launch

After the countdown that got spammed, they finnaly showed us the pictures of the Rocket. Some didn’t see it, but you had to refresh the page in order to see. Everyone went mad about the Rocket (looks epic). Aftyer the launched, everyone were trying to make everyone silent. No one did, and they continued spmming. Alot of peoples got their Internet Browser frozen for a few seconds, because of the Major Spam, and that sends ALOT of data to your computer. If 123players posted 100 spam messages per minutes, your computer would have go boom!

Otherwise, I enjoyed the launch. I even recorded it! Some parts where edited with a bit of Effects, and also I added music to fit it well.

(And yes, I edited this with Movie Maker. I added effects into the Program Itself. ;D)



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  1. wow that was epic

  2. WOW, I really badly want to go on the third launch. I missed the second launch…

  3. lol yes my names MAH BOI

  4. i saw the launch it was amazing an epic launch.

  5. You know that wouldn’t be that hard just get a rocket and a cool suit and fly really high. Kinda easy.

  6. WOW. I think the best scripter is there!

  7. I wanna make a spaceship that can dock with an orbiting space station.

    Anyways, you spelled “success” wrong twice in the video.

  8. 😀 I watched it. I saw that there were 126 people watching in the middle of the video.

  9. Wow – Very Amazing What RASA can do – LOL

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