What Roblox REALLY learns you.

September 3, 2008 at 6:57 pm | Posted in News | 9 Comments

Heya. Me again. Well, you guys know that we are all starting school now, do you? (Some started way before.) It’s a good time to post about what Roblox really makes you learn. Well, it’s not 100% Correct, but it’s what I think.

Each thing Roblox learns you has a description. Click the (more…) button to look at the full article.


The first thing that Roblox learns you is all about fasion. If the roblox site was a big bunch of questions, then it would mean:

“How would YOU look to get to be a fashion star?”

If you were intelligent, you would get matching clothes, and eventually, match them with the season (winter with a fur coat, summer with Shorts and a T-Shirt…). Some players like to play for not learning, so that they make funny things. (Like the Minis, for example). But if you knew, who on earth would walk around school, or at work, with a camouflage shirt and a little drawing that’s stuck close to your neck?

In this section, designing is included. What would YOU design to reach top sales, and become famous? Also, would you give alot of details, or do it in less than 3 minutes? That’s all up to you. At the end, you’ll see that more effort you do will bring you back more good stuff to you. This also goes for places. Give alot of details to your place, and you shall be granted lotsa visitors.


(This is mostly for Builders Club. In fact, you can’t sell anything without Builders Club) Ahhh, the best subject that I like. Well, in learning. How would YOU get alot of money, so that you get at least 30000/50000 Tixs? Asking for donations is stupid. A bit is OK. But getting ALL your money from donations is just plain stupid and boring. Now… who on earth would beg in the supermarket for lotsa money? No one. (well, apart the…. err… you know..)

So, you would do shirt/pants/T-Shirt requests to get a bit of money. Depending on how you design (see the first part of this article), you get more paied (well, unless you put it at 1 tix, you’ll get nothing. It’s like giving it for free!) The fastest way of getting money by selling items is by selling VIP Shirts of a very popular place. Do you have a friend that’s got an awesome place, it’s on the Front Page, but he sadly dosen’t have Builder’s Club, and wants a VIP Room? No problem, YOU can help him, and YOU will get ALL the money from the VIP Shirts! Remember. From what I remember, the best VIP Shirt sold around 13000 T-Shirts. If the VIP Shirt was 50 Tixs, then, calculate. 13000×45= (since the Market Fee… >_>)Wait, that’s gonna be a HUUUGE number.

I think I said enouth about this. šŸ˜›

Building the Impossible

Roblox gives you alot to build. Build… but you can do WAY more then just building. If you know how to script, build like a Architecture, know all about Roblox Studio, test, etc… then you can do things that will probably will never exist in reality (or in ROBLOX).

Building the Impossible will require you to first know that Roblox Studio is made for building. If you do Build instead of Edit, then your doing it all wrong. Then, you should know that something called A WIKI exists. Go to the Help Section of the Roblox Site. Their site has EVERYTHING you need to know about Building, Scripting, Tips, and more! For the fun, some players even share their creations!

Building will also need you to know how to make a Model. Once you did that Model, you don’t have to re-build it anymore. Just use it, and it’s in your place! Of course, your NOT getting anywhere if your gonna build all your place with ONLY models that you find in the Free Models.

If you start learning all this, “including” scripting, then you can make an awesome place just like the Image above!

And then… the rest…

Seriously, I cannot say everything about all what ROBLOX learns you. That’s a bit mad, and plus, your gonna get bored if you read 1000 lines. šŸ˜‰ So I’ll just do a few little ones, that are less important.

First is Movie Making, a proffesion that a few master. (I consider myself as Intermediate, not Pro.) You need to know what is the perfect place adapted for your movie, and also will need to command your actors to do as what your script is planned. Then, your gonna need to know how you edit it. And then, once you publish the Movie somewhere, your gonna have to show it to the Public, so you can get Viewers, and, eventually, get a B.I.G. bunch of Stalkers, asking you “can i plz bi i 1 of yur muvie?;?”. Eventually, you’ll get some awesome fans.

Then comes the News Guy. WHAT?!? Ok, it may sound a bit weird the name, so I’ll explain. It’s really making a Blog, writting alot of articles like a Newspaper, and of course, put in the News of what’s happening in Roblox. Eventually, you may get into the Blogroll, and when your getting tired of posting alot in one day, you can, eventually, hire some writters that can access the site with Author powers, and start writting more articles!

The last thing I’ll mention is getting good with the community. As in, not ask nooby questions on the forum in the wrong topic, know what annoys the others, becomming friends in a not nooby way with famous players, being friendlywith others, fighting for your friends, etc…

There, and happy learning school. xP I hate all the School Stuff you need to buy, though. ;_;




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  1. oh think it tought me how to survive a bit and escape stuff roblox is an awsome web y did someone say u would hate roblox when u see block land ehhhh wrong i still think roblox is a top site and block land well not to me awsome

  2. um, hi. I like roblox. I’m using ur picture as a decal. see it in orangeapple’s place It’ll be in the airport promoting my blog (strangly enough). +_+ DUHHHH!!!

  3. Why cant we make donation shirts without roblox

  4. Roblox rockS*Truns on roblox music*Com on lets rock ‘n’ roll

  5. wat is the thing that has powers like omangasu\aur but u dont morph?

  6. awww yes the learning experience
    now what would happen if you added mindless stuff like a texture switches thing that makes it look like a hypnosis circle. . . .

  7. err umm i cans walk ons walls!

  8. epic music!=D

  9. D: I would be the best movie maker ever if I could make movies, but my computer won’t let me download anything.
    I also can’t get to youtube, which ruins my chances of makeing movies. I also dunno how to make a site D:

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