Sweezy’s “Grand City: Beach Liner” Place Review

August 25, 2008 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Place Reviews | Leave a comment

By: chess123mate

Link to Place
Beach Liner

This’ll be the last place I’m reviewing for Sweezy… 😉

This is one of those bloxxing arenas that is themed with police/gangsters. However, there are also prisoner’s and robbers…. I have no idea what is supposed to happen. It’s kind of confusing.

There are motorcycles, a boat, a bridge, and a lot of weapons apparently from another place. However, it’s a nice effect when combined. Not the best, but not bad either.


Scripting: 6/10. Not too much scripting. More would be better; regen, anti-lag script, etc. Perhaps a way to capture people or something like that… However, there is a lot of button-work to make life interesting XD. Also, there is a day+night script.
Tools: 6/10. The tools are kind of deadly… there is no way to defend yourself, either. However, there is no shortage of different tools to choose from. On the down side, the first 7 are numbered… no names to help you remember which one does what.
Building: 10/10. The building is fine.
General Enjoyment: 2/10. The place is laggy, there is a lack of purpose, etc. On the other hand, it’s a bloxxing area, so enjoy that 🙂 On the downside of that, you can kill people really easily, very quickly.
Originality: 2/10. It’s a variation on gangster places. This one has a bridge and a luxury boat.
Creativity: 5/10. Some creativity shown.
Ease of Use: 3/10. The motorcycles are difficult to use, and the bridge is difficult to traverse.
Easy to Learn: n/a.
Deals with Problems: 0/5: 1. Regens break on shoot. 2. You can lock yourself into the jail cells. 3. Team killing 4. lag, 5. You can destroy random rooms with guns. Problems I can see fixed/prevented: …none at the moment of this review.
Deals with Lag: 2/10. Nearly 8000 bricks, no anti-lag script. Less joints than perhaps usual, but still very laggy in places it needn’t be.
Bonus: +0.5 I’ve been informed this place had an anti-lag script after all. It may not have been used to full efficiency, but hey, the point was it was used :).
Bonus: +0.5 A lot of hard work should not go unnoticed.

Overall: 5.1/10. Not a wonderful place, for it needs new ideas and a bit of improvement, but still a nice one to be at for awhile.


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