RASA Ressurection?

August 21, 2008 at 12:41 pm | Posted in Mysterys | 3 Comments

HERE, where the world is quiet. 😀

RASA is the Robloxian Aeronautics and Space Administration. They discover everything that happends in Space. Well, they USED to. If you didn’t see their first launch, here is a video made by Cheddly:

Now, 5 days ago, JacobxxDuel realeased on his Youtube Account never-before seen pictures of their first launch.

All this is great, but what does it contribute to the resurrection of RASA? Well, the videos aren’t the only proof. I have 2 more things to say.

First of all, why would some admins/moderators change their uniform into the RASA uniform? Woulden’t THAT be hinting about it doing another launch soon? And second, the RASA account (it’s old their account), just updated the place 2 days ago. And why would they be friends with RASACam? He recently registered.

Finnaly, I have a little idea of what is RASACam:

RASACam, since RASA’s place is friends-only, could be the place where they will put a screen, (or something that shows the activity in RASA’s place). Could it be the linking of 2 different places in one? No one will know… for now.

Well, when we have a mystery, the number 1 thing to say is “Wait and see...”.

By the way, did you guys get the latest version of ROBLOX? They also did ALOT of updates on the site. I played in the test server a few hours before it closed. 😛




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  1. oops wrong post. i ment to post on the mini.

  2. well i really do like the minis i just got the pants today. so i am really a mini four sword toon link and a mini megaman. also a mini robloxian.

  3. my guess… they are trying to bring back the “good old times of roblox”.

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